Face-Off – [TMN Blue PPV] – Show Review

Face-Off PPV, 2018
by BrazillDazzle
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Taskmaster vs. Android 17 vs. The Flash vs. Black Panther (C)
(TMN Blue Atom-Weight Championship)


17 and Taskmaster take the fighting to the entrance ramp while Flash and Black Panther go at it in the ring. 17 hits an early Piledriver onto Taskmaster. Panther hits a Springboard Phoenix Splash onto Flash. Taskmaster then turns his attention to Flash. 17 and Panther brawl outside the ring. 17 whips Panther back into the ring. He climbs up to the middle rope but Taskmaster is there to punch him down. Flash and Panther both unleash their signatures on Taskmaster and 17 respectively. Panther hits the Coup de Grace on 17 and goes for the cover. The android kicks out at two. Taskmaster then hits the Master Blaster on Flash. Panther beats him up before he could go for the cover.

Panther takes Taskmaster outside to rough him up while Flash and 17 exchange blows in the ring. 17 busts Flash open with a Bulldog. Taskmaster locks in a submission on Panther. The King of Wakanda easily kicks out. 17 then covers Taskmaster. It’s only a one-count. 17 whips Taskmaster over the top rope. Taskmaster finds Panther and takes their brawl back into the ring. Taskmaster hits another Master Blaster, this time it was on the Champion, Black Panther. The resulting cover was only a two-count. While this was happening, Flash connected on a Springboard Moonsault to the outside. Taskmaster then clotheslines Panther over the top rope. 17 hits a nasty-looking Powerbomb to Panther. Taskmaster then hits his third Master Blaster. This time it was onto Flash. One… two… three… Ring the bell! Flash is the first one eliminated. Panther then hits the Wakandan Death Drop on 17. He barely kicks out of the following cover. Panther then forces Taskmaster out of the ring. 17 covers Panther. The Champion is eliminated! 17 hits the 17 Stunner on Taskmaster. He covers Taskmaster and earns another reign as the TMN Blue Atom-Weight Champion!


There were a lot of really good spots throughout this match. My only complaint is that once Flash got eliminated everyone else tumbled down, too. 17 reclaims his title from Panther and looked strong doing so. Every wrestler put up a heck of a showing, so I don’t think this will affect anyone’s momentum too harshly.

Super Buu vs. Dale Jr.
(MitB Qualifying Match)


Dale slams Buu down to the ground. Buu responds with a Suplex. Dale hits a Bulldog on a taunting Buu. Dale hits a Snap Suplex and follows it up with an Elbow Drop. Buu manages to respond with an offense of his own, which includes a Frog Splash. Buu climbs back up and goes for a Dropkick. Dale slides out of the way. The NASCAR Legend then hits a Float-Over DDT and goes for a cover. It’s only a two-count. Buu responds with a huge Haymaker Clothesline Combo. Dale then hits his own clothesline that sends Buu over the top rope. Dale continues the onslaught by dropping Buu face-first on the apron and whipping numerous times into the ring post. Dale then takes the fighting back into the ring. Buu responds with another Haymaker Clothesline. Dale regains momentum with a Twisting Neckbreaker. Dale wins with authority!


This upcoming MitB Match is looking like it’ll be a really good one! A lot of Blue’s big-name wrestlers are going to be in it.


Booster Gold vs. Green Goblin vs. Lobo vs. Shadow Wolf vs. Reptile vs. Ezio vs. Pennywise vs. Trunks
(Hardcore Championship Ladder Match)


Pennywise goes after Lobo while Booster Gold and Shadow Wolf square off. Trunks goes after Green Goblin while Reptile fights Ezio. Green Goblin grabs a ladder but Shadow Wolf is there to knock it out of his hands. Trunks climbs up and connects a Splash on Booster Gold. Reptile lands a Neckbreaker on Ezio. He then connects on a Dropkick off the middle rope. Trunks again climbs up but Pennywise is there to knock him down. Reptile hits an Elbow Drop from the top rope onto Ezio who is laying down outside the ring! Reptile now grabs a ladder and tosses it inside the ring. Trunks grabs it and attacks Lobo with it. Pennywise and Shadow Wolf both run into the ring to stop Trunks from grabbing the belt. Green Goblin pulls Trunks down and then hits him with a Piledriver. Shadow Wolf then scurries up the ladder. Booster Gold and Green Goblin push the ladder aside. Pennywise grabs the ladder and beats Booster Gold with it. He hits Booster with a Skull-Crushing Finale! Shadow Wolf grabs the ladder but is pummeled by Booster Gold. Lobo gets busted open by Trunks.

Reptile sets the ladder up. Booster runs up to attack him. Booster knocks Reptile off but Lobo quickly takes his place atop the ladder. Shadow Wolf and Pennywise work together to shove the ladder aside. Trunks grabs the second ladder and bashes Reptile and Booster Gold with it. Green Goblin grabs the ladder and tosses it aside. Lobo hits him with a Suplex and then slams the ladder into his gut. Lobo tries to climb up but Reptile makes him pay. Reptile climbs up. Green Goblin punches him from behind and then works with Pennywise to shove the ladder aside. Booster Gold catches Reptile and Powerbombs him on Nicholas Cage’s nose.  Booster Gold climbs up the ladder but is pulled off by Reptile. Booster Gold retaliates with a Suplex. He climbs up and tries to unlock the belt. Green Goblin gets shoved off by Booster Gold. Lobo and Pennywise shove the ladder aside. Lobo Powerbombs Booster Gold. Lobo now grabs the ladder.

Trunks grabs the second ladder. Reptile grabs one of the ladders but Shadow Wolf pries it out of his hands. He then smacks Reptile with it. Pennywise grabs the ladder but Shadow Wolf is there to knock it out of his hands, too. Shadow Wolf now sets the ladder up. He climbs up and tries to unlock the belt. Booster Gold tries to shove the ladder aside. Ezio helps him. Pennywise and Shadow Wolf both come crashing down. Lobo grabs the ladder and sets it up. Reptile closes it and hits Shadow Wolf with it. Booster Gold grabs the ladder. He beats both Shadow Wolf and Reptile with it. Reptile grabs it form him and bashes him with it. Pennywise Chokeslams a distracted Reptile. He then grabs the ladder and hits Ezio with it. Pennywise grabs the ladder and tosses it down repeatedly.

Reptile finally punches him. Trunks and Green Goblin exchange blows by the announcer’s table. Booster Gold busts Shadow Wolf open. He then sets the ladder up. Trunks interferes. Shadow Wolf climbs up and punches Booster Gold. Shadow Wolf gets thrown off though. Ezio and Reptile push the ladder aside. Reptile catches Booster Gold and Powerbombs him. Ezio now sets the ladder up but closes it. He beats a taunting Booster Gold with it and then sets it up again. Ezio then hits a nasty Suplex on Booster. Reptile climbs up and connects on a Neckbreaker off the ladder. Both him and Ezio land on a downed Booster Gold. Pennywise now climbs up. Green Goblin tries to shove the ladder aside. He succeeds and lands an Electric Chair Drop on Pennywise. Goblin sets up the ladder and scurries up. He unlocks the belt!


There was a lot of action in this match! That being said, there were multiple spots that could have made the highlight reel. However, there were a lot of weird things going on, too. I’m not sure how to rate it since there were high-action moments but also moments where the wrestling and ladders didn’t mesh well.


Full-Blooded Russians vs. X-Force (C)
(TMN Purple Tag Team Championship [Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag])


Rogue immediately goes after Cammy and hits her with a Float-Over DDT. Mother Russia hits an aptly named Side Russian Leg Sweep on X-23. Mother Russia misses a Knee Drop, while Cammy hits a Chokeslam and follows it up with a Suplex. X-23 uses the miss to gain momentum. Mother Russia quickly takes it back. Rogue also takes control of her partner. She then turns her attention to Mother Russia. X-23 goes after Cammy. Rogue holds Mother Russia in a Bow and Arrow and then locks in an Armbar. Mother Russia fights out of it. X-23 hits a Twist of Fate on Cammy and goes for the cover. X-Force retains the belt!


I can see why X-Force are the champions. They completely dismantled Full-Blooded Russians in a matter of minutes. It’ll be interesting to see who becomes the new number-one contenders for the Purple Tag Team Championship and how they’ll fare against the juggernauts known as X-Force. I respect Blue for changing up the matches, but both teams kind of underperformed in this setting.

Frieza vs. Subzero vs. Spiderman (C)
(Galactic Championship)


Subzero clubs Spiderman in the back and then taunts. Frieza takes advantage by hitting him with a Float-Over DDT. Spiderman then gains momentum with a clothesline. Subzero and Frieza then work together to hit a Gutbuster on Spiderman. The match made in Heaven doesn’t last as Subzero then hits Frieza with a Leg DDT. Spiderman forces Subzero to take a breather and then attacks Frieza. Frieza holds his own against the champion. Subzero and Frieza again team up against Spiderman, and again Subzero turns on Frieza. Subzero flips Frieza over the top rope. He then hits a Neckbreaker onto Spiderman. He goes for the cover. Spiderman kicks out at two. Spiderman again forces Subzero out of the ring. He quickly reenters and hits a Facebuster on Frieza. Frieza hits a Middle Rope Bulldog on Subzero. He then turns his attention to Spiderman and covers the Champion. It’s only a two-count. Spiderman hits a devastating DDT on Subzero and taunts while both opponents are downed. Spiderman then hits a Piledriver on Subzero. Frieza attacks Spiderman and covers him again. Like before, it’s only a near-fall. Subzero wraps up Spidey. Spiderman kicks out at two. Spiderman forces Subzero out again. He tries to lock in a submission on Frieza, who immediately grabs the ropes. Spiderman then tries to cover him in the center of the ring. Frieza kicks out at two. He goes for another cover. Subzero runs interference. He Clotheslines Spiderman into the turnbuckle, forcing him to take a breather. Subzero then connects on the Deep Freeze Neckbreaker. He covers Frieza and wins the belt!


Subzero definitely came out swinging against the other two. He also took the most bumps compared to the other two competitors. I don’t think Spiderman loses any momentum since he wasn’t involved in the pinfall. It was a pretty standard Triple Threat. There weren’t too many amazing spots in this match.

Blind Justice (C) vs. Tiger Wolves
(TMN Blue Tag Team Championship [Tornado Tag Ladder Match])


Punisher rolls outside and grabs a table. Jon Snow runs after him. The White ranger and Daredevil go at it. Daredevil manages to gain momentum against White Ranger by forcing him to roll out. White Ranger immediately hits a Snap Suplex on Daredevil when he returns. Punisher hits a Gutbuster on Jon Snow. Daredevil whips White Ranger into a table set up in the corner of the ring. White Ranger retaliates by whipping him into the table and then DDTing him through the table. Jon Snow hits a Piledriver onto Punisher which busts him open. Jon Snow sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring. White Ranger grabs a chair and continues his attack on Daredevil. He then introduces the chair to Punisher’s face. Jon Snow hits a devastating Guillotine onto Daredevil.

White Ranger hits a Tiger Zord onto Punisher. Daredevil manages to gain momentum against Jon Snow. He grabs a table. Punisher hits a nice German Suplex onto White Ranger. Daredevil proceeds to beat the White Ranger with a table. Jon Snow watches Punisher grab the belt up top. He comes to his senses and knocks the ladder over. Daredevil forces White Ranger to roll out to catch his breath. Jon Snow catches a dangling Punisher and Powerbombs him. Daredevil grabs the ladder and hits Jon Snow with it numerous times. Daredevil sets the ladder up but doesn’t climb up it. He instead sets up a table. All three downed wrestlers get back into the ring. Punisher again climbs the ladder. This time, White Ranger pulls him down. Jon Snow busts Daredevil open and then ices the cake with a DDT. Punisher again climbs up the ladder. Again, Jon Snow watches. Daredevil blocks him from attempting to run interference. Punisher unlocks the belt and wins it for Blind Justice!


This was such an intense match! Both teams wrestled their hearts out. There were so many good spots and momentum changes. I’m not sure why Jon couldn’t climb a ladder. Maybe he’s afraid of ladders because Bran fell off of one in like season one of GoT. What does this fear of ladders mean for Tiger Wolves?

Mileena vs. Batgirl vs. Hela (C)
(TMN Purple Championship)


Mileena ducks under the ropes. Batgirl follows, reenters the ring, and then hits a Crucifix onto Hela. Mileena joins the fray and gets Suplexed by Hela. Hela then hits a Powerslam onto Batgirl. Mileena forces Batgirl out with a Hurricanranna. Mileena then climbs up and hits a Flying Crossbody on Hela. Batgirl responds by dropkicking Mileena. She misses a Springboard Moonsault. Mileena then attacks Hela. Hela forces Mileena out and then goes one-on-one against Batgirl. Momentum sways between the two. Mileena reenters and takes both Batgirl out and then hits a devastating slam onto Hela. She goes for the cover but Hela kicks out at two. Mileena goes for a clothesline on Hela but gets reversed. Hela tries to steal a pin on Batgirl. The former champion kicks out. She then clotheslines Hela into the turnbuckle. Mileena hits another T-Bone Suplex on Batgirl. She goes for the cover on Batgirl. Mileena becomes your new TMN Purple Champion!


This was a fast-paced Triple Threat Match. The women had amazing spots and each had some time to showcase their moves. I wish they had more time to wrestle because it was a pretty good match.

Dante vs. Superman (C)
(TMN Blue Championship)


Dante hits an early Falcon Arrow onto Superman. Dante then hits a huge knee. Superman responds with a clothesline and a Splash off the top rope. Dante regains momentum. He goes for a quick cover. It’s barely a one-count. Superman reverses Dante with a Reverse DDT. He goes for a cover but Dante kicks out easily. Superman hits a Superslam on a distracted Dante. He goes for the cover. Dante kicks out at two. It was just a near-fall. Dante responds with a Rolling Blaze. He goes for the pin. It’s just a two-count. Dante hits a Rolling Blaze off the second rope. He goes for another cover. Again, Superman kicks out at two. Dante hits a third Rolling Blaze. It still isn’t enough to put away the Kryptonian. Superman responds with an Inseguri. Superman hits the Super Shuffle.

Dante sweeps his legs out and goes for a cover. Surprisingly, it’s another near-fall. Superman blocks a Suplex and responds with a Suplex of his own. He then hits a Leg Drop off the top rope. He hits another Superslam. He goes for the cover, but the Undertaker comes out. Dante wraps up Superman. Superman barely kicks out in time. Superman regains momentum after the roll-up. Superman hits another Superslam on Dante. Superman still can’t put him away. Dante clotheslines Superman over the top rope. Superman whips him back into the ring. Dante hits a Superslam of his own. He holds Superman’s leg up for a pin. Superman kicks out at two. Dante hits a Rolling Blaze off the top rope! He taunts instead of going for a pin. He goes for another Rolling Blaze but Superman dodges it! Superman hits a Sunset Flip and hits the Deal. Dante kicks out of the Deal! This visibly upsets Superman because he begins wailing on Dante. Dante connects on a Roundhouse Kick. Superman retaliates with a Hurricanranna. Superman hits a Tornado DDT off the middle rope. He then hits another Super Shuffle. He goes for the cover and retains his title!


Both men put up a great match! I thought Dante was going to reclaim his belt, but the Man of Steel proved me wrong. Superman showed why he’s the TMN Blue Champion. He’s currently the best wrestler on the show. I don’t think anyone can really touch him right now.


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