TMN Wrestling Draft Lottery

Every year, starting in 2016, the M4G-Nation rosters of Blue and Green will be shaken up. 5 Super Stars from each roster will be drafted to the other show, with no contention. If their name is chosen, they are to switch shows. However, if they are a current Champion, they are immune from being drafted.

2017 TMN Draft Lottery


2016 TMN Draft Lottery

Jesus vs One Punch Man [2016 Free Agent Match #1]

Kylo Ren vs Nightwing [2016 Free Agent Match #2]

Paul Phoenix vs Link [2016 Free Agent Match #3]

Vegeta vs Trunks [2016 Free Agent Match #4]

Green Arrow vs Winter Soldier [2016 Free Agent Match #5]

[Strange Bedfellows Tag Match [2016 Free Agent Match #6]