TMN Wrestling Tournaments

Below are links to all of the M4G-Nation Wrestling Tournaments, as they happened on the channel.


2012 Atom Weight Championship Tournament  – Winner: Trunks

2012 Tag Team No. 1 Contender Tournament – Winner: [Kratos/Leonidas]

2013 Harlot #1 Contender Tournament – Winner: Taylor Swift

2013 Internet Championship Tournament – Winner: Deadpool

2014 Zack Ryder Open – Winner:

March Sadness Tournament Page

2016 Öndör Amaar Khaan [King of the High-Fliers] – Winner: Green Goblin

2016 Galaxy-Weight Tournament

King of Trios Tournament Page

The God Dammed Tournament, 2014 – Winner: Reptile

Dark Matter Tournament, 2017 – Winner: The Hulk

2018 National Treasure Tournament  –