Winter Women’s Classic

The Winter Women’s Classic is a tournament that debuted in 2018 and featured 32 women in a single elimination, bracket style tournament! You can view the bracket BY CLICKING HERE.

The tournament starts on November 25th, 2018, and predictions close at 11:59pm on November 24th, so be sure to make a prediction! The winning prediction will win a $15 amazon gift card!


Round 1 Matches

Dark Magician Girl vs Storm
Gamora vs Jessie
Mercy vs Android 21
Poison Ivy vs Jinx
Nina Williams vs Android 18
Hawkgirl vs Tracer
Captain Marvel vs Raven
Chun Li vs Misty
Jyn Erso vs DVa
Wonder Woman vs Psylocke
Juliet Starling vs Emma Frost
Candy Cane vs Kitana
Sailor Moon vs Sombra
Tifa Lockart vs Morrigan Aensland
Harley Quinn vs Mileena
Cammy vs Black Widow

Sweet 16 Matches

Gamora vs Storm
Mercy vs Jinx
Nina Williams vs Tracer
Captain Marvel vs Misty
DVa vs Psylocke
Candy Cane vs Emma Frost
Harley Quinn vs Sombra
Black Widow vs Tifa Lockhart

Elite 8 Matches

Mercy vs Gamora
Captain Marvel vs Nina Williams
Psylocke vs Candy Cane
Harley Quinn vs Black Widow

Final 4 Matches

Gamora vs Nina Williams
Harley Quinn vs Psylocke


Psylocke vs Nina Williams
Winner: Psylocke