Galactic Throwdown 7 – [Aug 5th, 2018] – Show Review

Galactic Throwdown 7
by BrazillDazzle
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Saitama vs. Joey Wheeler (C)
(Green Atom-Weight Championship)


Saitama hits an early Sidewalk Slam. Joey quickly reverses his momentum by locking in a headlock. Saitama retaliates with a Superkick and a DDT. He climbs up and misses a Splash. Joey rolled out of the way. Joey responds with a Dropkick. Joey climbs up and he, too, misses a Splash. Saitama takes advantage and hits a Snap Suplex. One-Punch Man hits a Standing Moonsault. Joey responds with a Russian Leg Sweep. He then hits his own Snap Suplex. Joey then lands a Twisting Neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but it’s only a one-count. Saitama punches Joey off the apron. Saitama takes Wheeler down with a Double-Knee Takedown. He then drives Joey spine-first into the barricade. Saitama whips his opponent back in the ring. He goes for a cover. That, too, was just a one-count. Saitama hits a Frankensteiner and then a Leg DDT. He goes for the cover. Joey kicks out at two – it was just a near-fall. Saitama hits a Superman Punch! He goes for the cover. This time, Joey just barely kicks out.

Saitama misses a Springboard Splash. Joey takes advantage of the momentum swing by hitting a Jawbreaker. Joey lands a DDT off the top rope. He goes for the cover. It’s not enough to put Saitama away. Momentum now swings into Saitama’s favor. He covers Joey but the champion kicks out with relative ease at two. Saitama misses a 450. Joey then hits the Skull Dice! He goes for the cover but it is not successful. Saitama hits another Frankensteiner and follows it up with a pin. It’s not enough to earn him the title. Saitama sets Joey up, but Joey counters and hits a Flying Dropkick. Joey goes for the cover. Saitama barely kicks out in time. Joey hits the Black Skull Dragon. Hook of the leg, and it is still not enough to put Saitama away. Wheeler locks in another headlock. Joey hits a Snap Suplex and then covers Saitama. One-Punch Man kicks out at two-and-a-half. Saitama hits the One-Punch. He covers Wheeler. The champ kicks out at two! Saitama starts to pummel Joey by elbowing him repeatedly in the head. Joey retaliates with a Back Suplex.

He covers Saitama but is unsuccessful. Saitama hits the C4. He then drags Joey away from the ropes. He covers Wheeler but cannot put him away. Saitama hits an acrobatic DDT off the second rope. He then busts Joey’s forehead open with an elbow drop. Joey spikes Saitama with a DDT. Joey misses a Splash. It surprisingly does not affect momentum. Joey hits another DDT off the second rope. Joey hits his third Gearfried the Iron Knight. This time, the champion retains his belt!


This might be one of Joey’s best matches. The same also goes for Saitama. Great matches like this also help improve the prestige of the Green Atom-Weight Championship. Both wrestlers put it all on the line, and in the end, the champion retains his title.

Black Panther (C) vs. Dale Jr. vs. Super Android 17
(Blue Atom-Weight Championship)


Super 17 rolls out of the ring and lets Panther DDT Dale. 17 then hits his own DDT on Panther. Dale hits a Russian Leg Sweep onto 17. Dale forces Panther to roll out and take a breather. Dale chops 17. 17 doesn’t even flinch. He then hits a Double Axehandle. Panther and Dale team up to hit 17 with a Gutbuster. Panther then turns on Dale. Panther whips Dale into 17. Dale takes control over Panther. Super 17 rolls out. Panther hits a Facebuster on Super 17. Super 17 locks in a Sharpshooter. Panther kicks out. 17 and Dale hit a team Gutbuster on Panther. Dale covers Panther. It’s not even a one-count. Dale rolls up 17 but is unsuccessful. 17 the counters the roll-up with a roll-up of his own. Dale kicks out at two. 17 rolls out while Panther takes it to Dale. Panther covers Dale. Dale kicks out at two. 17 forces Panther out with a Russian Leg Sweep. He then covers a downed Dale. It’s only a near-fall. 17 covers Dale again.

Again, Dale kicks out at two. Panther comes back and hits 17 with a Gutbuster. He then hits a Brainbuster on Dale. Panther forces Dale out by slamming his spine into the turnbuckle. Panther covers 17 after hitting a Wakandan Death Drop. It’s only a near-fall. 17 hits the 17 Stunner. He covers Panther. Panther kicks out at two, but it did take the referee a few moments to start the count. Dale takes this moment to hit 17 with a Side Russian Legsweep. He covers 17 but the android kicks out easily at one. Panther hits the Coup de Grace on Dale. Dale barely kicks out. Panther then continues his assault by turning his attention to 17. He forces Super 17 out with a Back Superplex. Dale hits a Splash and goes for the cover. It’s just a one-count. Dale clotheslines Panther over the top rope. 17 hits a Gutbuster on Dale. 17 and Panther duke it out in the ring. Panther hits another Wakandan Death Drop on 17. He goes for the cover. 17 kicks out with mere fractions of a second left. 17 is forced out. Dale busts Panther open with a DDT. It still isn’t enough to put the King of Wakanda away. 17 reenters the ring.

Black Panther hits a Neckbreaker on 17. Dale then hits an Electric Chair Drop on Panther. He wraps up 17 with a Sunset Flip. It’s another near-fall. 17 hits a 17 Stunner out of nowhere! 17 eliminates Dale. Panther hits another Wakandan Death Drop on 17. It still isn’t enough to earn him the W. 17 hits yet another 17 Stunner. He covers Panther after catching his breath. Panther kicks out! Panther hits a Double Stomp. Panther climbs back up to the top rope. He connects on another Coup de Grace. He goes for the cover and ring the bell! Panther retains!


There were so many good spots throughout this match! I would not be disappointed if this marked the end of the Panther/17 rivalry. They’ve put on a ton of good shows. 17 managed to merge with his future counterpart to have near-limitless energy and it still wasn’t enough to put the King of Wakanda away.

Jinx vs. Hawkgirl (C) (Supernova Championship) 4.5/5


Jinx starts with a Standing Leg Drop on Hawkgirl. Jinx then connects on a Hurricanranna. Hawkgirl counters with an Armbreaker. She then hits a Flapjack. Jinx rolls out to catch her breath. Jinx hits a Swinging Neckbreaker outside the ring. She then hits a Float-over DDT. She then whips Hawkgirl back in the ring and hits a Guillotine. Hawkgirl responds with a Backbreaker. Jinx sets Hawkgirl up on the top turnbuckle, but Hawkgirl instead hits her with a Dropkick. Jinx retaliates with a Reverse DDT. She then hits a Neckbreaker. Hawkgirl goes for a quick pin. It’s barely a one-count. The champ then hits a DDT of her own. Jinx covers Hawkgirl. Again, it’s barely a one-count. Hawkgirl reclaims momentum. Hawkgirl hits a huge kick. She climbs up but misses a Springboard Plancha. Hawkgirl rolls out with Jinx in pursuit.

Jinx takes advantage outside by slamming her repeatedly into the steel sets. Hawkgirl then tosses Jinx into the steps. Hawkgirl hits a Step-Up Dropkick. Hawkgirl whips Jinx back into the ring. She then takes Jinx on a ride to Suplex City. Hawkgirl climbs up and misses a Frog Splash. Jinx rolled out of the way. Jinx connects on a Superkick. She covers the current champion. It’s a near-fall. Hawkgirl barely kicks out in time. Hawkgirl hits a Tornado Headscissors. Jinx gets set up on the top rope but fights out of it. She goes for a Cutter but is countered. Jinx is able to keep momentum, though. She covers Hawkgirl. Again, it’s only a two-count. Jinx sets Hawkgirl up in a Tree of Woe. She then climbs up to the top rope and plants her heels in Hawkgirl’s chest. Jinx then drives her knees into the Justice League member’s chest. She goes for the pin. Hawkgirl just kicks out. She then covers Jinx. It’s a surprising near-fall. Jinx locks in a submission but Hawkgirl fights out of it. Jinx the Spears Hawkgirl out of nowhere. She then connects on an Inseguri. Hawkgirl takes Jinx on another vacation to Suplex City. Hawkgirl then Powerbombs Jinx. Jinx quickly responds with a Neckbreaker. Hawkgirl then hits a Pumphandle Backbreaker.

She then locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Jinx outlasts it. Jinx reclaims momentum by hitting another Superkick. She goes for the pin. Hawkgirl just kicks out! Hawkgirl responds with a Dropkick and a Springboard Plancha. She covers Jinx but cannot put her away. Hawkgirl then locks in an Armbar. Jinx again is able to survive it. Hawkgirl then covers Jinx. It’s only a near-fall. Hawkgirl lands a Brainbuster on Jinx and follows it up with a Dropkick and a Gorybomb. Hawkgirl isn’t done and climbs up top. She lands the Frog Splash. She covers Jinx. Jinx kicks out in a moment of desperation! Jinx lands a Baby Spear. Hawkgirl responds with a Headscissors. That earns her the W!


I didn’t realize Hawkgirl was so good! I assumed since she won by a cash-in that she would only be a transitional champion, but I think I was proved wrong! She definitely has proven that she deserves her Supernova Championship reign. I don’t want to take anything away from Jinx, who looked like she could have pulled off the upset at any time.

Mileena (C) vs. Hela
(TMN Purple Championship)


Hela kicks things off with an offense against Mileena by wrenching at her stomach. Mileena fights out of it and slaps Hela down. Mileena hits a Hurricanranna off the middle rope. She goes for the cover. Hela kicks out easily at one. Mileena connects on a Headscissors off a rope rebound. Hela responds with a Back Body Drop. She goes for a Cutter but is denied. Hela lands a huge Suplex. She follows it up with a devastating Leg Drop. She covers Mileena but is unsuccessful. The champ kicks out easily. Mileena regains momentum after the cover. Mileena goes for another cover. It’s a near-fall! Mileena then connects on a Reverse DDT and then lands a Suplex. Hela hits a Reverse Pop-Up DDT. She covers the champion. Mileena kicks out at one. Mileena covers Hela. Again, the Goddess of Death barely kicks out. Mileena hits a Powerbomb and holds it for a cover. Hela kicks out at two. She then reverses it for a Boston Crab submission. Hela kicks out of that, too. Hela rolls out of the ring to catch her breath. Mileena takes this as an opportunity to climb up to the turn buckle and hit a huge Elbow Drop. She climbs back up and hits a Splash. Hela manages to survive and gain momentum. She takes the action back in the ring. She hits a Running Knee and then covers Mileena. It’s only a near-fall. Hela then lands a Chokeslam. She pins Mileena and reclaims the belt!


This was another great match! This Pay-Per-View has not disappointed. Both women fought their hardest and put on an awesome spectacle. Mileena had some jaw-dropping spots, with the highlights being those leaps off the top rope to the outside of the ring. Hela looked powerful, too, and was able to keep the potency of her Chokeslam.

Symbiosis vs. Android 13 and Scorpion(c)
(Green Tag Team Championship)


Carnage and Scorpion kick things off. Carnage hits a couple of Suplexes on Scorpion. Scorpion responds with a Flapjack. Carnage climbs up to the middle rope and lands a 450 Splash. He tags in Venom. Scorpion tags in 13. Venom unleashes a flurry of clubbing blows to 13. 13 counters with a Pumphandle Overhead Slam. Venom then hits a running DDT. 13 tags Scorpion back in. Venom tries to crawl over to Carnage for tag but is prevented by Scorpion. Venom hits a Samoan Drop. Venom tags in Carnage. He climbs to the top rope but misses a Flying Splash! Scorpion takes advantage of this and tags in 13. Carnage immediately connects on a Fisherman’s Package Suplex. Carnage then connects on a Springboard Knee. 13 reclaims momentum with a Suplex. 13 tags in Scorpion, who immediately hits a Guillotine. Carnage responds with a Slingshot. He then tags in Venom. Venom lands a Sidewalk Slam. Scorpion tags in 13. 13 hits a Spear and goes for the cover. It’s just a two-count. He then punches Carnage off the apron. Android 13 hits the Jackhammer. He again covers Venom. The antihero kicks out again at two. Venom regains momentum. Venom hits the Tombstone Piledriver. He opts out of going for the cover and instead tags in Carnage. Carnage drops 13 on the top rope. Carnage then busts him open. 13 tags in Scorpion. Scorpion lands a Swinging Neckbreaker. He then busts open Carnage with an elbow. Carnage hot tags in Venom. Venom locks in a Sharpshooter. Scorpion taps out!


There were some amazing spots in this match! The final confrontation between Carnage and Scorpion was phenomenal. They went blow-for-blow. 13 seemed to give it his all. I wonder how that will affect his performance later on in the evening.

Shazam vs. Star Lord vs. Green Goblin (C)
(Blue Hardcore Championship)


Shazam immediately goes after Star Lord and hits him with a Backbreaker. He then turns his attention to a taunting Green Goblin. He hits him with a German. Shazam and Star Lord hit a double Gut Buster on Green Goblin. Star Lord turns on Shazam. He lands a Powerbomb. Green Goblin takes out Star Lord and then forces Shazam to take a breather. Green Goblin then connects on a DDT on Star Lord. Shazam runs in and rips Green Goblin off the middle rope. He then hits a Samoan Drop on Green Goblin. Star Lord slaps Shazam down. Star Lord then hits a Running Bulldog on Green Goblin. He forces Shazam over the top rope and attacks him on the outside. Star Lord whips him back into the ring and goes for a cover. Green Goblin breaks it up as soon as Rami Malak gets in position for the count. Green Goblin lands a Snake Eyes on Star Lord that forces him to take a breather. Green Goblin then unleashes a furious offense on Shazam. He hits a Piledriver and follows it up with a Pumpkin Bomb. He goes for the cover but Star Lord denies it. Star Lord then locks in the Walls of Jericho on Green Goblin. Shazam breaks it up but pays for it by taking a Running Bulldog from Star Lord. Green Goblin then gains momentum. Shazam takes out Star Lord. He goes for the cover. Star Lord kicks out at two. Green Goblin then lands a Stun Gun on Shazam. He goes for the pin but it only results in a near-fall. Shazam then hits a nasty Powerbomb on Green Goblin. Star Lord takes out Shazam and tries to steal a pin on Green Goblin. Star Lord wins!


Shazam paved the way for Star Lord’s victory! He looked really good in his debut match. I don’t think this will affect his momentum at all because he didn’t eat the pin. Star Lord looked really strong, too. This was a textbook triple-threat match – each wrestler showcased what they bring to the table in multiple spots.

Ryu vs. Zamasu (C)
(Solar Flare Championship)


Zamasu starts with a Crucifix and follows it up with a DDT. Ryu counters with a Jawbreaker and a Suplex. Ryu then pummels a downed Zamasu and then hits him with another Suplex. Ryu connects on a huge Superkick off a rebounding Zamasu. He climbs up top and misses a Moonsault Double Stomp. Zamasu capitalizes by landing an Atomic Drop. Ryu regains momentum. Ryu goes for a cover. The current champion kicks out easily at one. Zamasu connects on a Springboard Plancha. Ryu responds with a knee to the gut. Ryu covers him again. It still results in a one-count. Ryu lands a Running Knee. He then picks up Zamasu and connects on a Snake Eyes. This busts Zamasu open. Ryu pins Zamasu by using his legs. This time it’s a near-fall. Zamasu retaliates with a Flying Elbow off the top turnbuckle. Zamasu connects on a Sweet Chin Music. He goes for the cover but Ryu kicks out with fractions of a second left! Ryu responds with a huge Uppercut. Zamasu counters with a Float-Over Neckbreaker. Ryu counters with a Reverse DDT. He then hits the Hadouken! He goes for the cover. Zamasu barely kicks out in time! Zamasu hits a Crucifix and holds it for a cover. He almost got the cheeky pin; Ryu kicked out at two-and-a-half. Zamasu climbs to the middle rope but misses a Double Knees. Ryu hits a Running Sit-down Powerbomb! He then lands another Uppercut. He goes for the pin. Ryu walks away with the belt!


Zamasu dug his own grave by not practicing or wrestling in weeks. He had such high momentum walking into Galactic Throwdown and I think he wasted it all. Ryu came in with a chip on his shoulder and proved why it’s never a good idea to underestimate a seasoned veteran. Ryu has written such a great comeback story!

Spiderman vs. Jason Voorhees vs. Pennywise vs. Sub-Zero (C)
(Galactic Championship Ladder Match)


Spidey and Pennywise go at while Jason and Sub-Zero duke it out. Pennywise whips Spidey over the top rope and brawl outside the ring. Spidey whips Pennywise up the entrance ramp and then slides a table into the ring. Sub-Zero bashes Jason with it before he sets it up in a corner. Sub-Zero whips him into the table and then Dropkicks him through it. Spiderman continues his onslaught on Pennywise. Spiderman then grabs the ladder and tosses it into the ring. Pennywise grabs another ladder but Spiderman interferes. Sub-Zero then connects on a Stun-Gun. He climbs up and grabs the belt. Jason tries to knock him off the ladder. Pennywise climbs up the other side and punches Sub-Zero down. Jason the tips the ladder over. Sub-Zero and Jason both takes a breather outside. Pennywise hits a Running Chop on Spiderman. He sets up the ladder and climbs up. Sub-Zero is hot on the pursuit.

They exchange blows on the top of the ladder before Pennywise throws him down. Jason was busy working on Spiderman. Pennywise chops Jason down, too. Spiderman jumps up and works with Sub-Zero to push the ladder over. They toss the ladder aside causing Pennywise to fall done. Jason sets up another table in the middle of the ring while Spiderman and Sub-Zero exchange blows. Spiderman grabs a ladder and tries to set it up but Jason is there to beat it out of his hands. Sub-Zero grabs it and bashes Jason with it. Pennywise grabs a table but Sub-Zero beats that out of his hands, too. Sub-Zero sets the ladder up while Pennywise works on Jason. Pennywise and Jason momentarily set aside their differences and work together to tip the ladder over. Jason catches a dangling Sub-Zero and hits a Bac-Body Drop. This forces him to roll out to catch his breath. Jason then returns his focus on Pennywise. Jason lands a second-rope DDT onto Pennywise. Spiderman grabs the ladder. He puts it down and grabs the table. Pennywise grabs it out of his hands. Spidey pummels Pennywise and then attacks a downed Jason. Spiderman sets up the ladder and goes after the belt. Sub-Zero jumps up and punches Spidey while Jason climbs up and attacks him from the front. Jason tries to grab the belt but Sub-Zero is there to jump up and punch him. Sub-Zero pulls him down. Jason clubs Pennywise and then leaves the ring to grab another ladder. Pennywise hits a Reverse DDT that concluded in the back of Jason’s head landing on the ladder.  The clown then lands a Reverse Chokeslam on Sub-Zero.

Spidey forces Pennywise out. Jason climbs up and grabs the belt. Sub-Zero makes him pay by hitting a Neckbreaker off the top of the ladder. Both men are incapacitated in the ring. Spiderman does not capitalize. Jason and Pennywise brawl outside while Spiderman connects on a Sweet Chin Music onto Sub-Zero.  Sub-Zero lands a Springboard Plancha. Sub-Zero is left alone in the ring and takes advantage of it by unlocking the belt!


This was one of the better ladder matches I’ve seen. There were multiple spots that could have made the highlight reel. That Neckbreaker off the ladder was awesome. Multi-man matches are harder for me to critique and review, so make sure you definitely watch this match.


Captain America vs. Undertaker vs. Dante vs. Bane vs. Thanos vs. Superman (C)
(TMN Blue Championship Elimination Chamber)


Bane and Thanos are the first two. The two heavyweights exchange blows until Bane connects on a Snake Eyes. Thanos responds with a gigantic Suplex. Bane retaliates with a dropkick. Taker is the first to enter. Taker lands a Stun Gun on Bane. Thanos whips Taker to the outside. He hits a Chokebomb onto the Undertaker. Thanos switches back and forth between Taker and Bane. Captain America enters next. Thanos and Captain America go at it, who’s probably still upset about Infinity War. Bane and Taker exchange blows on the outside. Taker hits a Sidewalk Slam onto Bane. Dante is the third to enter the ring. He attacks Bane. Thanos works on Captain America’s shoulder. Taker goes for a cover on Bane. It’s a near-fall. Superman enters. Taker hits a huge Suplex onto him. Captain America then attacks Taker. Thanos lands a Shoulder Block onto Dante. Bane lands a devastating Uppercut to Taker.

He covers the deadman but it’s only a two-count. Bane locks in a submission on Taker but cannot get him to tap. Thanos covers Captain America, who is the first one eliminated. Taker Chokeslams Bane but Thanos steals the cover. Dante lands a Float-Over DDT on Superman. Taker hits a Tombstone Piledriver onto Thanos. He takes out the Mad Titan. Dante unleashes a punishing offense on Superman but Taker is there to almost decapitate Dante. Dante counters Taker with a Russian Leg Sweep. He then lands an Inside-Out Suplex. Superman goes for the cover on Undertaker but is unsuccessful. Dante then connects on a Rolling Blaze. It still isn’t enough to put the dead man away. Taker Chokeslams Superman. Dante tries to steal the cover. The Man of Steel kicks out in the nick of time. Taker then hits a Piledriver on Superman. It still isn’t enough to put the Kryptonian away. Taker then lays out Dante. Superman reverses Taker and hits a DDT. Superman then connects on a Liger Bomb onto Dante. He then hits a Superslam but cannot put Dante away. Taker then lays out Superman with a Stun Gun. It’s not enough to put him away. Taker than clubs Dante off the top turnbuckle. He Chokeslams Dante. He goes for the cover and eliminates Dante. Taker then locks in the Hell’s Gate onto Superman. He forces Superman to tap.


I really have no words for this. Taker came out of retirement to take the TMN Blue Championship. Why, I don’t know. But it’s 2018 and here we are. It was a good Elimination Chamber, though. The ending was full of near-falls and huge hits.

Android 13 vs. Moon Knight (C)
(TMN Green Championship)


Moon Knight knees 13 and punches him down. Moon Knight climbs up to the middle rope but misses the Elbow Drop. He sets up 13 in between the middle and top rope and drives his knee into the back of the android’s skull. Moon Knight then hits a Leg Drop and a Jawbreaker. Moon Knight lands an impressive Suplex, too. 13 gains momentum off a Fireman’s Carry. Moon Knight responds with a Pull-back Sit-down Powerbomb. Moon Knight clubs 13 off the apron. 13 plays opossum on the outside and tosses Moon Knight into the ring post repeatedly. Moon Knight introduces 13 into the same pole. Moon Knight then lands a Luthesz Press. He whips 13 across the width of the ring. He then whips him into the ring. Moon Knight climbs up to the middle rope and connects on the Knee Drop.

He goes for the cover but 13 kicks out with authority at two. 13 sets Moon Knight on the top turnbuckle and hits a middle rope Throwaway Slam. He goes for the cover but the champ kicks out at two. Moon Knight fights back and goes for a cover. It’s not even a one-count. He goes for the Cutter but is thrown away. Moon Knight then hits a Running Neckbreaker. He then lands a Knee/Clothesline combo. 13 responds with a Jawbreaker but misses the Jackhammer. Moon Knight hits a Piledriver! He goes for the cover. It’s as near as a fall as you can get! He then hits a Snapmare and locks in a Headlock. 13 quickly fights out of it. Moon Knight sets 13 on the top rope but kicks out of it. He can’t gain momentum off of it. Moon Knight instead covers 13 and again it’s a two-count. Moon Knight climbs up again to the top rope. He hits a Flying Crossbody. He covers 13. He still cannot put the android away. 13 counters with a Fireman’s Carry. He drives Moon Knight’s neck into the top turnbuckle. He goes for the cover but it’s just a one-count. 13 sets up for the Spear. Moon Knight counters with a DDT!

He covers 13 again but still cannot put him away. He busts open 13 with some elbow strikes. Moon Knight again sets 13 on the top rope. He connects and goes for the cover. It still isn’t enough! What does Moon Knight gotta do?! Moon Knight then lands a Jawbreaker. Moon Knight connects on another Piledriver. He covers 13. It still isn’t enough! Moon Knight hits another Jawbreaker. 13 rolls out of the ring. Both men need to catch their breath. 13 connects on a Spear as soon as he reenters the ring! 13 covers Moon Knight. It’s only a two-count. 13 sets up the Jackhammer. It hits! Hook of the leg. 13 wins!


This was weird booking. Moon Knight put up what would appear to be an unstoppable offense. Instead, 13 showed his stamina and pain tolerance by continually kicking out of whatever Moon Knight threw at him. 13 looks really strong coming out of this, since it basically took him two moves to put away the top star on Green. I really want to see how this feud progresses. I think both men can put on an even greater rematch.


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