TMN Green [July 28th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 106
by BrazillDazzle
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Kazuya vs. Darth Malak


Kazuya starts with some chops, punches, slaps, and a Side Russian Legsweep. He goes for a quick pin. Malak kicks out at one but has to roll out to catch his breath. That break was needed as he delivers a punishing offense to Kazuya. He connects on a Flying Elbow. Kazuya retaliates with a Fireman’s Carry. It isn’t enough to sway momentum in his favor as Darth Malak regains composure. Kazuya hits a huge dropkick. He again covers Malak. Again, it’s just a one-count. Malak retaliates with a huge punch. He covers Kazuya. It’s only a one-count. Kazuya got countered while trying to set up a Powerbomb. Malak takes this as an opportunity to sneak in a pin. It’s only a one-count. Malak hits the Rock Bottom. He goes for the cover and ring the bell.


Kazuya had some good moves, but Malak had better moves. As lame as that sounds, Malak put up a much better offense than Kazuya. It’s no surprise that he won. Kazuya is in desperate need of a win. The former champion has seen much better days.

Kratos Promo


Kratos asks Jin Kazama to be his representative for the main event tonight. Kratos sweetens the deal for Jin, for he says that if Jin wins tonight, he’ll be crowned the Number One Contender for the belt when Kratos takes it from Moon Knight. Jin shrugs it off and says he wants “a bigger prize.” He agrees to wrestle on his behalf.

Jyn Erso vs. Satsuki Kiryuin 4.5/5


Jyn hits a Spinebuster to start the match. Satsuki retaliates with a Fireman’s Carry. Jyn regains momentum. She slaps Satsuki down and slams her head repeatedly into the mat. She goes for a Springboard Shooting Star Press, but Satsuki rolls out of the way. She takes advantage of the miss and unleashes a furious offense. Satsuki climbs to the second rope but misses an Elbow Drop. Jyn goes for a pin attempt. It results in a one-count. Jyn lands a nasty Frankensteiner and follows it up with a Flying Crossbody. Satsuki counters with a DDT and then works on the hands and arms of Jyn Erso. Jyn counters a shoulder block. Satsuki hits another Spike DDT. Stasuki locks in a submission but Jyn fights out of it. Jyn goes for another cover. Again, it’s only a one-count. Jyn hits a Springboard Shooting Star Press. Satsuki hits a Luthesz Press and locks in another submission. Jyn again fights out of it by hitting a stunner. Jyn plants Satsuki. It’s not enough to put her away, though.

Jyn forces Satsuki out after hitting a dropkick to her knees. Jyn then lands another Springboard Shooting Star Press. This time; however, it’s to the outside of the ring. Jyn then tosses Satsuki into the barricade. The fighting resumes in the ring with Jyn hitting a Snap Suplex. She attempts another cover. This time, it’s a near-fall. Satuski hits a devastating uppercut and follows it up with the Kill La Kill. It’s not enough to put the Rebel away. Jyn barely kicks out. Jyn climbs up to the top rope and hits a Flying Dropkick. Jyn then taunts to get the crowd into it. Jyn lands a Guillotine and hits a Springboard Knee. She goes for another cover. It still isn’t enough to put her rival away. Jyn then lands another Star Killer. Hook of the leg: one… two… three. Ring the bell!


Jyn has been on a roll since she came back from injury. It was also nice to see this small rivalry reignited. Satsuki put up a heck of a good fight against Jyn. However, the Rebel Leader put up a devastating high-flying offense. One has to wonder how or if Jyn Erso and Jin Kazama will get a title shot since they couldn’t use their rematch clause due to injury.

Raven Promo


She calls out Nina Williams for injuring, and costing her a potential title opportunity, a few weeks ago. Raven challenges her for a match later tonight. Nina reluctantly accepts.

Ironman vs. V


V starts with a Double Underhook Suplex. He follows it up with a Sidewalk Backbreaker. Ironman retaliates with a DDT and then misses an Axehandle off the top rope. V lands a Powerslam onto the Avenger. He cannot maintain momentum, as they are both evenly matched. Ironman hits another DDT. He continues the onslaught, hitting a Suplex and a Snap Suplex. V lands a Backstabber that plants Ironman. V hits an impressive Suplex of his own. Ironman counters a Suplex attempt. He sets V on the top rope and lands a Superplex. He also hits a Guillotine. He goes for the cover but it’s only a one-count. V hist a Snap Suplex of his own. He uses the rope to help him cover Ironman. The Avenger still kicks out at one. Ironman retaliates with a huge Suplex of his own. He pins V. V kicks out at two. V lands a Spinebuster and follows it up with an Elbow Drop and the Overture of 1812. Hook of the leg and ring the bell!


Ironman and V both looked good. Ironman always puts up a good match when he’s in the ring. I think his record doesn’t represent his true skill level. The former Atom Weight Champion also earned a much-needed win.

Android 13 Promo 4/5


Android 13 asks Hulk to represent him in the Main Event tonight. Hulk agrees but says that Android 13 will be in his debt.

Raven vs. Nina Williams


Nina immediately whips Raven into the turnbuckle. Raven responds with a Back Suplex. Nina quickly regains momentum. Nina misses a Flying Crossbody which gives Raven an opening. Raven hits a Flying Splash. Nina returns the favor with a Sit-down Spinebuster. Raven takes the fighting to the outside. Nina quickly whips Raven back into the ring. Raven hits an impressive DDT but cannot capitalize on it for Nina shoulder blocks her to the outside. Raven lands a Snap Suplex and runs back into the ring at seven. Nina gets back into the ring at 9.5, literally just in time to avoid a count-out. Nina hits a Hurricanranna from the top rope and holds it for a cover. The Teen Titan kicks out at one. Nina covers Raven again. This time Raven kicks out in the nick of time. Nina climbs back up to the middle rope and hits another Hurricanranna. She then connects on a Sidewalk Backbreaker. Raven responds with a Wheel Kick off the top rope. Raven then hits a Rearview. She misses an Inseguri. Nina capitalizes by hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that puts Raven away.


Raven couldn’t get revenge or justice against Nina for taking her out of the number one contender’s match. She put up a good match against the former champion. Nina showed why she’s not just a former champion, but a former two-time champion. Double the championships equal double the skill. It’s just math.

Jin Kazama vs. Hulk
(TMN Green Number One Contender’s Match)


Hulk immediately starts with an aptly-named Hulk Smash. Hulk lands a Deadlift Slam onto his opponent. Jin; however, responds with a Zig-Zag. Hulk lands a huge slam and follows it with an Overhead Suplex. Hulk goes for the first cover. Jin kicks out before Raditz can even get into position to begin the count. Jin lands a Codebreaker. Jin then connects on an Inseguri. He pins Hulk, but the big man kicks out easily at one. Jin hits another Zig-Zag after getting Slammed back down. He then hits a Cradle DDT. Hulk covers Jin again. This time it’s a near-fall. Jin responds with another Codebreaker. Jin hits a huge Dropkick onto his opponent. He covers Hulk. The count only gets to two. Jin then hits a Flying Elbow and a Frog Splash. Hulk busts Jin open after hitting a Snake Eyes. Hulk then tells Jin to keep the change after taking him to Suplex City. Hulk hits an F5 that puts Jin away!


Hulk won against Jin, which means that Android 13 will wrestle Moon Knight at Galactic Throwdown 7 this Sunday! I’m surprised this match was so quick. There were great spots in this high-octane throwdown. Jin then gets on the microphone and says that the time for his “posse” to move is now. Who knows what will happen at the upcoming Pay-Per-View?

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