TMN Green [June 16th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 100
by BrazillDazzle
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30 Man Royal Rumble


Doomfist (3:42-10:43) Fourth eliminated; One elimination – Master Chief

Jack-6 (3:42-14:36) Seventh eliminated; Three eliminations – Carnage, Mr. Meseeks, Captain           Planet

Carnage (4:49-8:57) First eliminated; No eliminations

Captain Planet (5:55-11:48) Fifth eliminated; No eliminations

Mr. Meseeks (7:02-9:40) Third eliminated; No eliminations

Master Chief (8:08-9:09) Second eliminated; No eliminations

Leonidas (9:15-13:39) Sixth eliminated; One elimination – Doomfist

Tien (10:21-17:39) Tenth eliminated; One elimination – Kazuya

Kazuya Mishima (11:29-16:28) Eighth eliminated; No eliminations

Jesus (12:37-22:44) Thirteenth eliminated; One elimination – Leonidas

Hulk (13:43-23:24) Fifteenth eliminated; Two eliminations – Jack-6, Cooler

Ironman (14:49-17:35) Ninth eliminated; No eliminations

Cooler (15:57-22:51) Fourteenth eliminated; One elimination – Tien

Jack Sparrow (17:06-20:56) Eleventh eliminated; One elimination – Ironman

Darth Maul (18:12-22:12) Twelfth eliminated; No eliminations

Darth Malak (19:20-27:11) Sixteenth eliminated; No eliminations

Captain Falcon (20:28-36:28) Twenty-seventh eliminated; Four eliminations – Jack Sparrow,         Darth Maul, Space Ghost, Cell

Spawn (21:33-29:07) Nineteenth eliminated; Three eliminations – Jesus, Hulk, Scorpion

Space Ghost (23:12-27:59) Seventeenth eliminated; No eliminations

Skeeter Valentine (24:56-29:25) Twentieth eliminated; No eliminations

Scorpion (26:03-28:10) Eighteenth eliminated; One elimination – Darth Malak

Saitama (27:16-32:10) Twenty-second eliminated; One elimination – Spawn

Ryu (28:22-36:03) Twenty-sixth eliminated; One elimination – Skeeter

Rick Sanchez (29:33-32:01) Twenty-first eliminated; No eliminations

Raiden (30:40-32:40) Twenty-third eliminated; One elimination – Saitama

Optimus Prime (31:46-35:12) Twenty-fourth eliminated; Two eliminations – Rick, Raiden

Cell (32:53-36:00) Twenty-fifth eliminated; One elimination – Optimus Prime

Captain Ginyu (34:07-41:54) Twenty-ninth eliminated; One elimination – Ryu

Super Android 13 (35:14-) Three eliminations – Captain Falcon, Ash, Captain Ginyu

Ash Ketchum (36:20-40:54) Twenty-eighth eliminated; No eliminations




Longest time – Captain Falcon (16:00)

Shortest time – Master Chief (1:01)

Most eliminations – Captain Falcon (4)

Least eliminations – Too many to list

Biggest surprise – How poorly most of the members of the TMN Green Elimination Chamber         match did; Mid-card and Thunder wrestlers going through the roster (Captain Falcon          and Spawn)

Biggest disappointment – Ash Ketchum’s performance

Breakout star of the night – Captain Falcon and Spawn


There were really good spots throughout the match. Most of Tien’s bouts were really well-paced, as was Captain Falcon’s. One of the biggest takeaways from this Royal Rumble is how poorly the members from the TMN Green Elimination Chamber title match did. Ash and Raiden performed terrible, and Hulk and Jack-6 had super unlucky draws. I’m surprised Yusuke, Jin, and Zamasu weren’t participants. It’ll be interesting to see why those three huge draws were absent. Overall, it was a surprising Royal Rumble. A lot of wrestlers who aren’t normal main-eventers carried the action. Hopefully there will be some pushes soon for these guys.

I don’t think there’s a chance Android 13 can beat Moon Knight, but it could pose as an interesting cash-in for the Money in the Bank contract holder.


One of the bigger takeaways from this Royal Rumble is the apparent stable formed among Jin, Cooler, and Static Shock. Jin and his posse gave Android 13 the stare-down after the Royal Rumble ended. Could we see a reunion, or at least a truce, among the members of Civil War to take down this new threat?


Nina Williams and Jinx vs. Slaughter Sisters
Inaugural Women’s Tag Team Championship


Jinx and Candy Cane kick things off. Candy Cane hits a gnarly elbow and follows it with a leg DDT. Candy Cane tags in Harley Quinn. Harley briefly continues her partner’s offense. However, Jinx lands a Suplex and tags in Nina Williams. Nina connects on a devastating top-rope dropkick. Harley tries to get in the hot tag, but Nina prevents it. Harley “tags” in Candy Cane. Raditz must be biased against Jinx and Nina Williams. Nina tags in Jinx. Jinx hits a Flying Cutter. Jinx then tags in Nina. Nina and Jinx preform a Springboard Spike Piledriver onto Candy Cane. Candy Cane tags in Harley. Nina then tags in Jinx. Harley goes for the cover, but it’s just a one-count. Jinx lands a DDT and then tags Nina back in. Nina locks in another Surfboard submission. Harley kicks out of it.

Nina then goes for the cover. It’s just a near-fall. Harley retaliates with a series of kicks to the side and back and includes a Spinning Hurricanranna. Jinx and Candy Cane both get tagged in. Jinx goes for a quick cover on Candy Cane. It’s only a one-count. Jinx Spears Candy Cane and again goes for the pin. This time it results in a two-count. Jinx then lands a Superkick. Nina runs interference and takes out Harley Quinn. One, two, three! Ring the bell!


The Slaughter Sisters looked surprisingly strong in their championship match. I thought their trickery and teamwork could prove too much for Jinx and Nina Williams. The best part of the match was then ending, when the newly crowned champions used the belts to attack the Slaughter Sisters.


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