TMN Green [June 9th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 99
by BrazillDazzle
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Skeeter Valentine vs. Tien vs. Ryu Hayabusa
(Atom Weight Triple Threat Number One Contender)


Tien kicks things off with an early running elbow drop against a downed Skeeter. He also reverses a Suplex attempt by Ryu. Skeeter Suplexes Ryu, but Tien is there to break it up. Skeeter is the first one to have to roll out of the ring to take a breather. Skeeter reenters the fray, only to watch Ryu get DDTed through the middle rope by a vicious Tien. Ryu is forced to out of the ring. Ryu runs back in and immediately hits a Facebuster on Tien. Skeeter is forced out yet again. Ryu lands a jumping DDT on Tien. Hook of the leg, just a near-fall.

Ryu hits a Spear on Skeeter and a Suplex on Tien. Hook of the leg again on Tien. It’s still a near-fall. Ryu forces Skeeter to take yet another break outside. Ryu hits yet another Facebuster on Tien. He goes for the cover but he still cannot put away the Z-Fighter. Skeeter unleashes a Luthesz Press on Ryu. Skeeter forces Tien out after a powerful slam. Ryu goes for the cover on Skeeter. It’s just a two-count. Skeeter connects on a Falcon Arrow on Ryu. The resulting pin is just a two-count. Tien hits a Powerbomb on Skeeter. Ryu is there to break it up. He morphs it into a Boston Crab, and again it’s broken up by Ryu. Skeeter rolls out. Ryu busts Tien’s face open and follows it with another jumping DDT. The ensuing cover is still just a two-count. Skeeter forces Ryu out with a Neckbreaker.

Skeeter lands a Flapjack on Tien. He still cannot seal the win. Skeeter locks in a Camel Clutch. Ryu breaks it up. Skeeter again rolls out of the ring. Ryu yet again covers Tien. The Z-Fighter kicks out with mere fractions of a second left. Tien covers Ryu, but it still results in a near-fall. Skeeter then covers Tien. Tien kicks out at two. Skeeter lands a Wheelbarrow Slam on Ryu. Tien elbows Skeeter’s face, resulting in a crimson mask for him. Ryu lands a Flapjack on Tien. He goes for another cover. It’s still a two-count. Tien hits a jumping Neckbreaker. Ryu retaliates with another jumping DDT. He still cannot get the W. Ryu Spears Skeeter. Ring the bell!


Ryu unleashed a furious offense that no one could counter or match. I’m not sure where this display came from, but let’s hope he can continue this in the coming weeks. Skeeter has really fallen from grace since the Five-Knuckle Shufflers broke up.

Moon Knight Promo


Moon Knight, arguably the biggest face of the company, announces that next week will feature a 40-man Royal Rumble to determine the number one contender for the TMN Green Championship.

Raven vs. Sailor Moon
(Super Nova Title Number One Contender Qualifying Match)


Sailor Moon overpowers Raven into the corner. She then Hurricanrannas Raven, following it up with a furious offense. She goes for an early cover, but it’s just a one-count. She then lands a jumping Hurricanranna. Raven finally retaliates with a clubbing blow, but it is not enough to sway momentum in her favor. Sailor Moon unleashes a devastating German Suplex from the middle rope. She follows it with a pair of Moonsaults. She goes for a Frog Splash, but Raven rolls out of the way. Raven hits a couple of moves and goes for a pin, but it’s just a two-count. Raven this an acrobatic Bulldog, but it still results in a two-count. Raven lands a Missile Dropkick from the second rope.

The Teen Titan then hits a Flying Rearview off the apron! Sailor Moon again sets up a Piledriver. Raven reverses out of it. Raven covers the Sailor Scout, but it’s just a near-fall. Raven locks in a Cross-Arm Breaker. Serena (using the dub name because I’m trash) fights out of it. Sailor Moon then connects on a DDT and follows it with a Superkick and Rolling Thunder. Raven goes for the cover, but it is still just a two-count. Raven again hits the Bulldog. It still isn’t enough to put the Sailor Scout away. Sailor Moon hits a Springboard Moonsault onto the Teen Titan. Raven counters with a dropkick. Sailor Moon climbs up to the top rope and lands a Frog Splash. It isn’t enough to earn her the W. Raven retaliates with a Flying Forearm. She hits the Bulldog. Hook of the leg, and it’s finally a three-count!


I didn’t expect such a high-flying match out of these two! This match had so much character and drama that I can’t justify it by my play-by-play. Both women fought their hearts out, but in the end, Raven wanted this number one contender shot more than Sailor Moon.

Civil War (Darth Malak and Jack Sparrow) vs. Iron Man and Captain Ginyu


Ginyu and Malak lead things off. Ginyu locks in an early submission move, but Malak fights out of it. Malak lands an awesome Axehandle from the middle rope. Ginyu then hits an Atomic Drop. Ginyu tags in Ironman, who preform a tag Dropkick. Sparrow gets tagged in. Ironman Suplexes Jack Sparrow. Sparrow retaliates with a German of his own. Ironman then takes Jack Sparrow for a ride. Malak sucker punches Ironman in the back of the head, which allows Sparrow to land a DDT. Sparrow then locks in a submission hold. Ironman fights out and retaliates with a huge uppercut. He goes for the cover. Malak tries to run interference, but Ginyu is there to prevent that. One, two, three, ring the bell!


Ironman and Ginyu took it to a depleted Civil War. A group who started out with such momentum has 100% fallen from the spotlight. Not to take anything away from the victors, but c’mon guys. Thunder is calling all three of your names.

Darth Malak Promo


Malak disbands Civil War. He called it a “failed experiment,” which the shoe fits. He’s apparently moving on to more singles matches.

Harley Quinn vs. Misty
(Super Nova Title Number One Contender Qualifying Match)


Misty kicks things off with a Neckbreaker. She follows it up with a DDT. Harley rolls out of the way of a Flying Elbowdrop. Harley Quinn uses this to gain momentum. Misty connects on a Luthesz Press. Misty goes for an early cover, but it’s just a one-count. Harley counters with a Flying Clothesline. Misty drops her knee right across Harley’s throat. She follows it with a Snake Eyes. Harley counters with a Suplex. It also results in a one-count. Harley lands a Missile Dropkick from the second rope. She continues the onslaught with a Hurricanranna.

Misty counters and tries to nab a cover. It’s still a one-count. Harley hits a Huricanranna from the top rope. She goes for the cover, but it’s still just a one-count. Harley lands a Roundhouse kick. Now it results in a near-fall. Misty interrupts Harley’s second onslaught of the match. Harley lands a Flying Crossbody. She goes for a cover. It’s another two-count. Misty lands a DDT from the middle rope. Misty again sets up Harley on the top rope. She uses Harley’s move against her, landing the Hurricanranna. Misty sets up for the Hydro Pump. She connects. One, two, kick out! It’s just a near-fall. Misty hits another Super Hurricaranna. Harley reverses momentum. Harley hits a Tornado DDT from the middle rope. She hits another top-rope Huricanranna. She goes for the cover after catching her breath. It results in a near-fall.

Harley hits a Springboard Bulldog. It still isn’t enough to seal the win! Misty counters with a Pop-up Hurricranna. Hook of the leg on Harley, it’s just a near-fall. Harley takes the match to the outside of the ring. Harley hits a Flying Elbow drop to the outside of the ring! She then tosses Misty face-first into the steel steps. Misty counters and returns the favor. Harley lands a Backbreaker and holds Misty to choke her for a few seconds. Harley takes the action back into the ring. She uses the turnbuckle to choke Misty. Hook of the leg on the Gym Leader. Misty kicks out at two and a two-thirds. Misty counters with a DDT. Misty lands another Standing Hurricanranna. Ring the bell, Misty moves on to the Elimination Chamber.


First of all, the match’s pace was that of a Shakespearean drama! The spots honestly clearly mimic the action that takes place in Hamlet, Macbeth, or Romeo and Juliet. The women put on two phenomenal matches today. This one slightly edges past Sailor Moon and Raven to earn a perfect 5-star rating! Again, my play-by-play does not do this match justice. If you only watch one match from this episode, make sure it’s this one. You will not be disappointed.

Ryu vs. Space Ghost


Ryu starts with an early Spinning Neckbreaker. Space Ghost counters and retaliates with a dropkick of his own. He lands a Springboard Plancha onto the number one contender. He follows it with a Step-Up Inseguri. Ryu retaliates with a flurry of punches. Space Ghost then retaliates with a Sunsetflip Powerbomb off the apron. Space Ghost drops Ryu nut-first onto the barricade. Ryu wakes up after this and tosses Space Ghost into the post. Ryu then takes the action back into the ring. Space Ghost retaliates with a dropkick and Flying Hurricanranna into a pin. It’s just a one-count. Ryu hits a flurry of knees into Space Ghost’s abdomen. Space Ghost lands a Whisper in the Wind.

Space Ghost climbs back up top and lands a Swanton Bomb. It results in a two-count. Ryu flips Space Ghost over the turnbuckle. Ryu boots Space Ghost in the side of the head and follows it with a devastating uppercut. Ryu goes for the cover, but it’s just a near-fall. Ryu lands the Hadouken! He goes for the cover, but Space Ghost is able to barely kick out. Ryu lands a series of devastating uppercuts and finishes it with a dropkick. Ryu lands the Shoryuken! Space Ghost still is able to kick out of the following cover. Space Ghost lands another Whisper in the Wind but doesn’t go for the cover. Ryu lands another Hadouken! Hook of the leg. This seals the win for Ryu.


The main event couldn’t live up to the previous match, but it was still a pretty good bout between two seasoned veterans. Both wrestlers put up punishing offenses, but in the end, Ryu was able to outlast Space Ghost.

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