TMN Green [June 23rd, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 101
by BrazillDazzle
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Static Shock vs. Mr. Meeseeks vs. Saitama
(Atom-Weight Number One Contender Qualifying Match)

Meseeks lands a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Static. Saitama counters with a Suplex of his own to Meseeks and a Hurricanranna to Static. Static and Meseeks team up on Saitama. Meseeks then boots Static. One-Punch Man is forced to take a breather outside. Meseeks is forced out after a Hurricanranna delivered from Saitama. Static then Suplexes Saitama. Saitama Sunset Flip Powerbombs Static and holds it for a cover. It’s just a near-fall. Static then reverses it, thus creating a cover of his own. Just like before, it’s only a two-count. Meseeks just watched it all go down. Meseeks forces Static out after a Sidewalk Slam. Meseeks covers Static. The superhero kicks out at two.

Saitama covers Meseeks after he rejoined the fray. It’s just a one-count. Meseeks is forced out, courtesy of Saitama. Static and Saitama go at it. Static goes for a Rolling Thunder. He covers Saitama while Meseeks just watches. Saitama is able to kick out. Meseeks clotheslines Saitama over the top rope. Meseeks then lands an Angle Slam on Static. The following cover is only a near-fall. Saitama then locks in an Armbar on Meseeks. Saitama hits a Suplex on Meseeks and then goes for the cover. It’s a near-fall. Static then hits a Frog Splash on a downed Meseeks. He then goes for the cover, and again it only results in a two-count. Meseeks connects on a Side Russian Legsweep. He covers Static, but it still isn’t enough to put him away.

Static hits a DDT, which busts Meseeks open. It still isn’t enough to put Meseeks away. Saitama then hits a Flying Elbow on Meseeks. He is the first eliminated. Static and Saitama exchange momentum. Saitama hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope. He follows it up with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. He holds it for the cover, but it still isn’t enough. Saitama takes the action outside, where he flings Static into the steel stairs. Saitama covers Static again. Ring the bell, Saitama is moving on!

Pretty good opening match for Green. All three wrestlers put on a good show, with many good spots throughout the match. Meseeks dominated early but couldn’t keep up the onslaught. Static and Saitama both had some great spots, too. In the end, anime hero managed to dominate in a one-on-one setting.

Jin Kazama Promo

He congratulates Static on a match well-fought. And in doing so, forms a cult around him? I’m not sure man, this is kind of weird.

Captain Phasma vs. Tracer
(Supernova Title Number One Contender Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Phasma starts out with a giant takedown to Tracer. She follows it up with a devastating Suplex. Tracer retaliates with an Irish Whip, but it doesn’t phase Phasma. Tracer misses a Senton off the middle rope. Phasma locks in an Armbreaker on Tracer. She is able to fight out of it. Tracer counters with a Superkick. Phasma drops Tracer on the turnbuckle, then follows it up with a devastating German Suplex. Phasma then clotheslines Tracer over the top rope. Tracer regains composure and whips Phasma up the entrance ramp. Tracer takes the action back inside the ring. Tracer covers Phasma. It’s barely a one-count. Tracer hits another strong Superkick to the face of Phasma.

The action again goes outside the ring. Tracer lands an extremely acrobatic Hurricanranna. Tracer lands a series of Wheelkicks to Phasma. Tracer was about to go for the pin, but Charlotte Flair came out and took her down. Phasma tries to cover the sucker punched Tracer, but she is able to kick out with fractions of a second left. Tracer keeps up the acrobatics with another Hurricanranna. Phasma retaliates with brute strength. Tracer hits a Shooting Star Press from the top rope. It results in a near-fall! Phasma takes Tracer on a ride to Suplex City. Tracer counters what looked to be like an F5. Tracer scurries to the top rope. She lands a Flying Tomahawk Chop and follows it up with Flying Crossbody. Tracer again goes to the top rope. She hits a Flying Hurricanranna. For the fourth time, she climbs up to the top rope. This time, Phasma catches the Flying Crossbody. She drops Tracer on the top rope. Just as Phasma was going for the cover, Alexa Bliss comes out to give Phasma a DDT. It still isn’t enough to put her away. Tracer hits another Shooting Star Press. Finally, we have a victor!

If you like high-flying spots, a truck running over a British girl, or a referee who can’t stop people from running in from the back of the ring, I’ve got a match for you! This had everything! It was just short of perfection. This elimination chamber is looking to be a great one!

Sombra vs. Poison Ivy
(Supernova Title Number One Contender Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Ivy starts with a Russian Legsweep. Sombra retaliates with a takedown. Ivy lands a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Ivy chokes Sombra after hitting a Backbreaker. Sombra then takes control until Ivy counters a Hurricanranna with a Powerbomb. Ivy nails a Springboard Dropkick. Ivy then lands a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the apron. Ivy continues the onslaught outside the ring. She takes Sombra for a ride, culminating with a German Suplex. Sombra then grabs the momentum, clotheslining Ivy over the top rope. Ivy then connects on a Codebreaker. Hook of the leg, one… two… Sombra isn’t finished yet! Sombra gains a second wind and takes Ivy for a ride to Suplex City. Sombra then covers Ivy. Ring the bell! Sombra steals the victory!

Poison Ivy dominated this match. The cover Ivy had on Sombra seemed to wake her up. It wasn’t really back and forth in the traditional sense. Ivy dominated for most of the match, but there were times where Sombra sparked enough of an offense to keep the match going.

Hawkgirl Promo

She congratulates the women for making it this far. She then laughs and says that the six women in the elimination chamber are weak.

Zamasu vs. Master Chief

Master Chief kicks things off with a running DDT onto the champion. He then lands a Reverse DDT. He keeps it up with a Flying Elbow. The following cover results in a near-fall. Zamasu seems to have woken up. The champ hits a Back Supex onto Master Chief. The action goes to the outside. Zamasu takes the action back inside the ring. Master Chief hits a top-rope Back Superplex. Master Chief goes for another cover, again resulting in a near-fall. The Spartan lands a Spinebuster on the Kai. Zamasu counters with a Side Russian Legsweep. Master Chief hits a Pedigree. Master Chief in the upset!

I’m not sure if Zamasu was really there. I don’t think he took this match seriously. Master Chief, though, needed this victory. I don’t think he has had much success in the last few years. It’s always nice to see a seasoned veteran make another solid run for a title.

Zamasu Promo

Zamasu says he’s done risking his body in non-title matches. He said he will only defend his title – nothing less, nothing more.

Symbiosis vs. Ironman and Captain Ginyu
(Tag Team Gauntlet Match)

Ironman and Venom kick things off. Ironman hits an early Russian Legsweep on Venom. Venom quickly counters with an Atomic Drop. Ironman tags in Ginyu, who preform a tag maneuver. Ginyu continues his onslaught on Venom. Venom, though, quickly regains his composure and Powerbombs Ginyu. Venom then tags in Carnage. Ginyu locks in a submission on Carnage. He’s able to fight out of it. He responds with a Snap DDT and then taunts. Carnage runs to the top rope. He hits a double axe handle. Ginyu whips Carnage into his corner and tags in Ironman, who preform a Double Team Samoan Drop. Ironman then hits a Flying Overhead Castle Neckbreaker onto Carnage.

Carnage regains momentum. He then tags in Venom. Venom then hits what looked like an Electric Chair Drop onto Ironman. Ironman responds with a one-way ticket to Suplex City. Ironman counters a Fisherman’s Carry into a DDT. Ironman then hits a devastating Uppercut. He goes for the cover but Carnage is there to break it up. Ironman busts Venom open via a series of clubbing blows. Ginyu tags himself in. Venom hits a Tombstone Piledriver onto Ginyu. Ironman tries to run interference. Venom lands a Scorpion Deathdrop. Venom covers Ginyu. Ring the bell, Symbiosis moves on!

Ironman and Ginyu make a surprisingly good tag team. Ironman seems to be reinvigorated in 2018. He’s put on a series of great matches, with and without help. Symbiosis continues their winning ways in the tag department, too. They look as strong as ever.


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