TMN Green, [Ep #96] – Show Review

TMN Green Episode 96 Review
By: BrazillDazzle
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Green Arrow vs. Cooler
(Hardcore Title Match)


Cooler starts with a running DDT on Green Arrow. Green Arrow counters by Clotheslining Cooler out of the ring. He then Suplexes the champion. Green Arrow grabs a chair and kicks it into his face. He goes for the pin, but Cooler kicks out easily at one. Cooler Powerbombs Oliver in the middle of the ring. He follows it up with a Running Powerslam. Oliver goes for another pin, but again it’s just a one-count. He lands a Springboard Crossbody Splash onto the champion. Cooler goes for the cover after landing a reverse DDT. It’s just a one-count. Cooler locks in a submission and follows it with a Snake Eyes. Cooler then connects on a Backbreaker. Coolers hits the Big Gete Star and follows it with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. He goes for the cover but Green Arrow kicks out at two. Cooler goes for a second pin attempt, and yet again it is just a near-fall. Cooler continues his offense with a Spinning Neckbreaker. This seals the deal for him!


Green Arrow had some impressive early offense, but he couldn’t maintain it throughout the match. That chair kick to the head was pretty cool, but it was too little to do any serious damage to Cooler. Cooler put up a good fight. It will be interesting to see if he will cash in the Hardcore title after a third defense or if he will take a gamble and keep it.

Kratos vs. Tien


Tien kicks things off with a series of punches followed by a kick to Kratos’ jaw. Kratos dodges an aerial maneuver from Tien and retaliates with a series of punches and a dropkick. Tien lands a beautiful Ripcord DDT. Kratos goes for the first cover of the match, but it is just a one-count. Kratos then locks in an armbar, but Tien fights his way out of it. Tien lands a colossal punch to the gut of Kratos. Tien connects on a Swinging Cutter. He goes for the cover, but it is just a near-fall. Tien then locks in a submission of his own. Kratos fights out of it. Kratos hits him with a Spear and follows it with the Blades of Chaos. Tien grabs the rope on the following cover but Raditz misses it!


What a controversial ending! Was Raditz picking favorites? Does he hold a grudge against the Z Fighters? Is the new God of War Game just that good? Either way, I hope a rematch between these two hits the next episode.

Symbiosis vs. Civil War
(Tag Team Number One Contender’s Match)


Meseeks and Carnage kick things off. Carnage grabs a steel chair and pummels Meseeks with it. Meseeks tags in Jack Sparrow and preform a tag team Suplex. Sparrow lands a Flying Coup de Grace. Carnage tags in Venom. Sparrow lands a DDT. Venom hot tags in Carnage. Carnage connects on a dropkick, but that’s all he is able to manage. Jack Sparrow gets the first cover, but Carnage kicks out easily. Sparrow lands a 450 Splash and follows it with another cover. Venom is there to run interference and break it up. Carnage sneaks in a Suplex but cannot keep momentum. Jack Sparrow keeps momentum and a furious offense. Carnage gets pinned again and manages to kick out at two. Malak runs interference and distracts Carnage. Carnage, though, hits an Inseguri. Jack Sparrow caught Carnage and lands a DDT. He hits the Tortuga on Carnage. Venom runs interference but trips and falls and has to lay there and watch Carnage get pinned.


Symbiosis didn’t look like they wanted to win. They looked sloppy and discombobulated from the state. Civil War came out swinging.

Android 18 vs. Sailor Moon vs. Juliet Starling


Juliet comes out swinging, but Android 18 takes her down. 18 lands a Gutbuster on Sailor Moon and a Backbreaker on Juliet. 18 forces Sailor Moon out. 18 goes for an early cover on Juliet, but she kicks out at one. Lollipop Chainsaw lands a huge Superkick on 18. Juliet forces 18 to roll out and take a breather. Juliet lands a Springboard Dropkick on Sailor Moon and follows it with a cover. Sailor Moon kicks out at one. Sailor Moon manages to connect on a DDT on Juliet. 18 connects on the Twist of Fate on Sailor Moon. 18 then hits a top-rope DDT on Juliet Starling. Sailor Moon breaks up the cover at two. 18 forces Juliet out of the ring, but she goes for a cover on Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Scout kicks out at one. Sailor Moon connects on a German Suplex on 18 and bridges it for a pin. It was just a near-fall. 18 goes for a cover on Juliet, but it is just a one-count. Juliet goes for a cover, but again it was just a one-count. Starling hits a Split-Legged Facebuster on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon kicks out at two. She goes for another cover. This time 18 breaks it up. Sailor Mon forces Juliet out of the ring with a DDT. 18 locks in a submission. Juliet Starling breaks it up, though. Juliet lands a Double Underhook Suplex. She bridges it for a pin but 18 kicks out at two. She then follows it up with a Falcon Arrow and a pin attempt. Again, it was just a near-fall. Juliet locks in another submission. Sailor Moon breaks up the submission. Sailor Moon goes for the cover on Juliet. It was just a one-count. 18 lands a Wheelbarrow Slam on Juliet. With Juliet down, 18 steals a cover on Sailor Moon. Ring the bell!


Juliet and 18 both looked fierce this match. One woman had to take the fall, and in this case the underwhelming Sailor Moon was that unfortunate soul. 18 manages to keep her number one contendership and put on a great match in the process.

[Moon Knight, Ash Ketchum, and the Hulk] vs. [Yusuke Urameshi, Raiden, and Jack-6]
(6-Man Tag Team)


Ash and Raiden are their team’s first participants. Ash connects on a Swinging Neckbreaker. He then tags in Moon Knight. Moon Knight climbs up top and hits a Crossbody Splash. Raiden retaliates with a clothesline. Raiden climbs up and lands a Flying Elbow. Raiden tags in Yusuke. Moon Knight tags Ash back in. Ash then tags in Hulk. Raiden gets tagged in and Dropkicks Hulk. Hulk tags in Ash who preform a Double Body Drop on Raiden. Ash tags in Moon Knight and Raiden tags in Yusuke. Moon Knight tags in Hulk. Hulk drops Yusuke right on the top rope. Hulk then takes Yusuke for a ride via three Suplexes. Yusuke tags in Jack-6. Jack-6 lands a Neckbreaker on the Incredible Hulk. Hulk retaliates with a Suplex. Hulk gets covered by Jack-6, but Moon Knight breaks it up at two. Jack-6 tags in Raiden. Hulk connects on a Clothesline. He then tags in Moon Knight. Raiden connects on a Thunderclap.

Moon Knight kicks out of the following pin with fractions of a second left. Moon Knight sets Raiden up in the Tree of Woe. Moon Knight connects on a Flying Elbow. He goes for the cover, but Raiden kicks out at two. Moon Knight busts Raiden open. Moon Knight tags in Ash, while Raiden hot tags in Jack-6. Ash hits the Crucifix. Ash hits an Axehandle from the middle rope and follows it up with a Flying Elbow. Jack-6 regains momentum. Ash manages to land a DDT on Jack-6. He follows it with a Sweet Chin Music. Ash goes for the cover, but Yusuke is there to break it up with not a moment to spare. Jack-6 hits a mammoth Powerbomb on Ash. He then tags in Yusuke. Yusuke tags in Raiden. Raiden lands a Twisting Neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but it is just a near-fall. Raiden climbs up to the top rope and lands another Thunderclap. Moon Knight breaks up the following pin. Raiden tags in Yusuke.

Ash manages to lock in a Figure Four Leglock. The Spirit Detective kicks out of it. Ash lands a Reverse DDT and misses a Superkick. Yusuke hits an Inseguri. Yusuke hits the Spirit Gun. He goes for the cover. Ash kicks out at two and a half. Yusuke tags in Raiden, who preform a double Falling Superplex. Raiden goes for the dirty pin. Even the extra leverage is not enough to put the Pokemon Master away. Ash tags in the Hulk. Hulk hits a Deadlift Slam. Raiden manages to recover from it. He tags in Jack-6. Hulk tags Ash back in. Jack-6 takes Ash on a ride via triple Suplexes. Jack-6 busts Ash open. Ash locks in a Sharpshooter, which makes Jack-6 tap!


This match shows why these six men are contenders for the TMN Green Title. It was a perfect 6-Man Tag Team Match. Every competitor looked insanely strong. There was no dead weight.

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