TMN Green, [Ep #97] – Show Review

TMN Green Episode 97 Review
By: BrazillDazzle
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King vs. Kakashi
(TMN Thunder Relegation Match)


King kicks things off with a Snap Suplex followed by a Powerbomb. King manages a brutal offense against the future Hokage. King connects on a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the apron! King continues his decimating offense outside the ring. Kakashi manages to get a series of clotheslines in. King takes control again and sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring while Kakashi slow to get up outside the ring. Kakashi Powerbombs King off the ladder and follows it with an Overcastle Neckbreaker. Kakashi manages to take advantage by stealing the victory and keeping his contract.


I imagine it was a tough loss for King, who I think is the better wrestler. Kakashi must have planned this out: he let King get the briefcase started so all he had to do was finish off the last couple of locks. Kakashi didn’t put up much of an offense, but he did what he needed to in order to keep his contract.


Joey Wheeler vs. Saitama


Joey has the early momentum in this match. Saitama manages to connect on a Hurricanranna to sway momentum in his favor. Joey counters with a Side Russian Legsweep and follows it up with a Senton. Saitama manages to take it outside the ring with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb of his own. Saitama controls the pace of the match outside the ring, then brings Joey back into the squared circle. Joey manages to hit a Snake Eyes on One-Punch Man. Joey Wheeler gets the first cover of the night, but it is just a one-count. Saitama isn’t happy with that and continues his onslaught of Joey Wheeler. Saitama manages to hit a 450 Splash and then covers Joey. It’s just a near-fall. Saitama locks in a Headlock, but Joey easily fights out of it. Joey manages to hit a DDT and then follows it up with a Time Wizard. Joey Wheeler connects on an Insect Queen, which nabs him the W!


I think this was a solid back-and-forth match. Both wrestlers managed serious offenses, but in the end, Saitama couldn’t put Joey away.


Cooler vs. Optimus Prime
(Hardcore Title Match)


Cooler connects on an early Suplex. He leaves the ring to find a sledgehammer outside. He introduces Optimus to it. The Autobot manages to fight it away from Cooler. Cooler retaliates with a knee. He goes for an early pin, but it isn’t even a one-count. Optimus then grabs the sledgehammer. He hits a downed Cooler then exposes the top turnbuckle. Optimus whips him into it spine-first. Cooler and Optimus then exchange blows. Cooler goes for another pin, but again Raditz can’t even get into position before Optimus kicks out.

Optimus then hits a huge boot onto a downed Cooler, but again there isn’t even a one-count. Optimus then hits a Flying Shoulderblock from the middle rope. He then lands a Spinebuster and follows it up with an Autobomb. Optimus goes for the cover, but Cooler kicks out with almost no time to spare. Cooler counters with a DDT, but cannot keep momentum. Optimus then grabs Cooler and drops him right on his back. The Leader of the Autobots goes for the pin but again it is just a near-fall. Cooler then gets control of the match. Cooler hits the Big Gete Star. He manages to muster the strength to cover Optimus, but it isn’t enough to put the truck robot thing away. Cooler again goes for the cover but he just cannot keep Optimus down. Cooler again goes outside to find another tool of destruction to break this robot.

He grabs a steel chair, but Optimus grabs it away from him. Cooler connects on a second Big Gete Star. Optimus again drops Cooler. He goes for the cover but it still isn’t enough. Optimus then grabs the chair and pummels Cooler with it. Optimus follows it up with a DDT on the chair. It still isn’t enough to put Cooler down. Optimus then connects on a Jackhammer on the steel chair. Optimus then hits the Autobomb on the steel chair. Ring the bell because we have a new champion!


Optimus put up a helluva fight against Cooler. Few wrestlers could have withstood that intense of an offense. There was good use of the environment, too. Optimus is a giant truck robot thing and beat up the smaller Cooler. There’s not much to complain about.

Cell vs. Doomfist
(Best 2 out of 3 Tables Match)


Cell starts with a German Suplex. Cell takes off the top turnbuckle. Doomfist tackles Cell to the ground and follows it with an axehandle. Cell connects on a series of Suplexes and slams. Cell then drops Doomfist face-first onto the exposed turnbuckle. Cell grabs the first table of the match. Cell goes for the Solar Kamehameha but Doomfist counters it. Cell almost Suplexes Doomfist through the first table, but narrowly misses it. Doomfist then Powerslams Cell. Cell doesn’t let him capitalize on it. He then grabs the table for a second time. Doomfist connects on a mammoth punch and follows it with a Superman Punch. Doomfist busts Cell’s forehead open.

Cell slams Doomfist off the table but cannot muster enough of an offense to put him through it. Cell rests Doomfist on the table but rolls out of the way before Cell can put him through it. Doomfist Chokeslams Cell through the first table. Cell grabs the second table and sets it up. Cell returns the favor with a Chokeslam through the table of his own! Cell keeps momentum and sets up the third table. Doomfist picks up Cell put lands a Stun Gun instead of putting him through a table. Doomfist hits yet another Pop-up Superman punch. Cell retaliates with an offense of his own. Cell comes back and Chokeslams Doomfist through the third, and final, table.


Cell manages the unthinkable and comes back down from an 0-1 lead and puts Doomfist through two straight tables.

Nina Williams vs. Misty


Nina Williams kicks things off with a Hurricanranna followed by a Snap Suplex. Misty counters it but is unable to capitalize. Nina lands a Flying Splash onto the downed Gym Leader. Misty manages to counter Nina again and lands an impressive drop. Nina goes for the first cover of the match, but Misty kicks out easily at one. Misty clubs Nina off the apron and follows it with a nice aerial maneuver. Nina Williams returns the favor with a dropkick of her own to send Misty flying outside the ring. Misty misses the Roundhouse Kick and Nina makes her pay for it. Misty connects on a Hurricanranna. Misty covers Nina after a dropkick from the top rope. It’s just a one-count. Nina connects on a Belly to Belly Suplex. She follows it with a pin attempt, but Misty kicks out at two-and-a-half. Nina lands a Powerbomb and holds it for a pin. It’s just a two-count, but she transitions it into a Boston Crab. Misty fights out of it. Misty then lands an Electric Chair Drop and follows it with a Springboard Bulldog. It results in just a near-fall. Nina counters with another Belly to Belly Suplex. It still isn’t enough to put her opponent away. Misty goes for another cover, but again it isn’t quite enough. Misty connects on a Hurricanranna from the top rope. Again, she cannot put away her opponent. Misty lands another Springboard Bulldog. Misty goes for another cover. Nina kicks out with mere fractions of a second left. Nina manages another cover, which earns her the W!


Misty looked to be in the driver’s seat for most of the match. Nina had early success against her


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