TMN Thunder [Ep #9] – [Show Review]

TMN Thunder Episode 9 Review
By: BrazillDazzle
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Batman vs. Ghost Rider vs. Yugi Muto
(Triple Threat)


Ghost Rider kicks Batman and then Suplexes him. He turns his attention to Yugi and lands a DDT. Batman retaliates by landing moves on both competitors. Yugi hits a Snapback Suplx onto Batman. This forces the Caped Crusader out of the ring. Batman connects on a giant boot to a lifeless Yugi, who was motionless in the corner. Ghost Rider forces Yugi to take a breather outside. Batman goes for the first pin on Yugi. The King of Games kicks out at one. Batman lands a Springboard Plancha onto Yugi. Ghost Rider seizes this opportunity to cover Yugi, but he again kicks out at one. Batman forces Yugi out again.

Ghost Rider lands a slam onto Batman and goes for the pin. However, Yugi breaks it up at two. Ghost Rider goes for another pin onto Yugi, but again it is unsuccessful. Batman forces Yugi out yet again. Batman goes for a cover on Ghost Rider, but he kicks out easily at one. Ghost Rider goes for the pin. It is only a one-count. Ghost Rider goes for yet another pin on Yugi, who reentered the ring. It is just a one-count. Yugi lands a Styles Clash and rolls up Batman for the cover. Ring the bell, because the King of Games proves why he’s the King!

Batman is literally one of the best jobbers in M4gNation. Yugi is interesting because he seems to be borderline Thunder and Main Roster. Ghost Rider, though, deserves to be on Thunder, even if he looks super cool.


Killmonger vs. Leonidas
(TMN Tryout Match)


Killmonger comes out strong, landing a Scoop Slam on the King of the Spartans. He lands a beautiful Shining Wizard but misses a Splash from the top-rope. Leonidas responds with a Chokeslam Powerbomb onto the Wakandan warrior. Killmonger regains momentum. Leonidas; however, retaliates. Killmonger lands a Flying Elbowdrop. Killmonger grabs a table after landing a Snake Eyes onto Leonidas. Leonidas forces Killmonger to take a quick breather outside the ring. Killmonger tries to Suplex Leonidas through the table. It is not enough to break it. Killmonger connects on a Missile Dropkick. He sets the table up in the corner. Leonidas busts Killmonger open by tossing him face-first into the table. Leonidas steals the win by Powerbombing him through the table. The drama continues as Leonidas pats Killmonger on the back. He responds with a clubbing blow to knock Leonidas off his feet.


I gave this match an additional .25 only because of that heel-turn of an ending. Killmonger looked incredibly strong throughout the match. He didn’t have much of a defense though. He would probably do really well in the Atom Weight Division if he ever makes it to the Main Roster. It was a pretty average tables match. Nevertheless, Killmonger got my vote for a contract.


June 6, 1944 vs. Space Invaders
Tag Team Match


Guile and Space Ghost start the match. Space Ghost immediately lands a Hurricanranna. Guile responds with a huge uppercut followed by an Atomic Drop. Guile tags in Bandit Keith, who immediately taunts his downed opponent. Space Ghost lands a Twisting Neckbreaker. He then tags in Boba Fett. Bandit Keith lands a huge Belly-to-Back Suplex. However, Boba Fett regains momentum and tags in Space Ghost. Keith hot tags Guile back in. Guile comes out of the gate hot. He lands an impressive DDT, before getting reversed by Space Ghost. He then tags in Boba Fett. Guile lands a Reverse DDT. Guile lands a Piledriver and goes for the pin. It is just a near-count.

Space Ghost tries to break it up, but Keith prevents it by connecting on a Running Bulldog that forces the former talk show host out of the ring. Guile pins the bounty hunter again, but he kicks out easily at one. Guile then sets him up for a Sharpshooter. Fett wisely grabs the ropes to break it up. Keith jumps down when Guile tries to tag him in. He goes for another cover, but the Mandalorian again kicks out at one. Guile tosses Keith head-first into Fett. Fett lands a Running Powerbomb into the bottom rope. Fett continues the onslaught. He goes for the cover, but Guile breaks it up. Space Ghost makes him pay for it. Space Ghost almost gets kicked out of the match, but wisely dives through the bottom rope. Fett doesn’t let up on the Machine-type Duelist. Fett tags Space Ghost back in.

Bandit Keith manages to reverse Space Ghost but is unable to gain any sort of momentum. He lands a Senton from the top rope and holds it for the cover, but Keith kicks out with fractions of a second left. Bandit Keith manages to gain some offense, but quickly loses it. Space Ghost goes for another cover, but Guile breaks it up at two. Space Ghost misses an aerial move but manages to land a Stun Gun. Keith tags in Guile. Space Ghost continues his assault. He lands a super awesome kick and covers Guile. It’s just a near-fall. Guile sets up another Sharpshooter. Space Ghost manages to outlast the submission. He then hot tags in Boba Fett. Boba Fett lands another Slave One.

Bandit Keith breaks up the cover at one. Fett lands an elbow to the back of the head of Guile. Keith again breaks it up. Keith tags himself back in. Keith nearly decapitates Boba Fett via a botched slam onto the middle rope. He does it again, this time landing Fett onto the top rope. Keith goes for the cover, and Space Ghost takes out Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the process. Keith connects on a Reverse DDT. The ref finally gets back up. Fett lands a Moonsault off the second rope and follows it up with another Slave One. Fett finally pins Keith. Guile is there to break it up yet again. Keith tags in Guile and preform double Knee and Elbow drop onto the Mandalorian. Guile lands a devastating Suplex. Keith sucker punches Boba Fett after he reverses Guile in their corner. Guile takes advantage and locks in another Sharpshooter. Boba Fett immediately grabs the ropes to break it up. Guile goes for the pin, which seals the deal. Keith lands another Running Bulldog onto Space Ghost as insurance.


I think this match was the highlight so far of the episode. June 6, 1944 so far is 2 and 0 in their matches on Thunder. They established this small winning streak by having unparalleled teamwork. Both Bandit Keith and Guile seem to know what the other is thinking 100% of the time they’re in the ring.


Emma Frost and Tifa Lockheart vs. Nina Williams and Jinx
(Women’s Tag Team Qualifying Match)


Jinx and Tifa kicks things off for their teams. Jinx start with an early Guillotine-style Legdrop. Jinx spears Emma Frost off the apron, then unloads two knees and a Springboard Moonsault onto Tifa. She covers Tifa, but she kicks out at one. Tifa tags in Emma. Emma tosses Jinx across the ring. Jinx hot tags in Nina Williams who lands two dropkicks onto Emma. Emma hot tags in Tifa. Nina connects on a huge Hurricanranna. She then drops Tifa onto the turnbuckle. Nina goes for another cover on Tifa. Tifa kicks out at two and a half. She lands a Pumphandle Overhead Suplex. Emma Frost runs interference and sucker punches Nina twice. Nina counters by spearing her off the apron again. Emma attacks Jinx on the outside of the ring. Tifa lands a Superpunch onto Nina. Nina Williams goes for the pin again. Emma was in the ring by one but stood there and watched Tifa get pinned.


This proves why Nina Williams was a former Supernova Champion. She demolished Tifa and Emma.

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