TMN Thunder [Ep #6] – [Show Review]

TMN Thunder, Ep #6
by BrazillDazzle
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[Boba Fett and Jiren] vs. [Yugi Muto and King]


Boba Fett and King kick things off for this match. King hits a devastating sit-down Powerbomb. Boba Fett tags in Jiren, who immediately gets clotheslined by King. King tags in Yugi, with the latter hitting a springboard dropkick. Jiren then tags in Boba Fett. Fett and Yugi are more evenly matched. Yugi tags in King, who immediately goes for a pin on Boba Fett. Jiren is there to break it up at one. Fett hot tags in Jiren. King continues his assault by dropkicking the new competitor. King tags in Yugi, who hits a springboard moonsault onto Jiren. Jiren tags in Boba Fett. Yugi, who seemed to be at a disadvantage hits an acrobatic pele kick like maneuver onto Boba Fett. Yugi tags in King. King hits a springboard senton onto Boba Fett. Fett goes for the pin after hitting an elbow to the back of the head of King. King kicks out at two. Fett hits a strong powerbomb followed by a kick followed by another elbow to the back of the head. Fett goes for the pin, but Yugi manages to fight off Jiren and run interference. Fett and King trade blows for a good few minutes before King tags in Yugi. Kareem Abdul Jabbar prevents Yugi from diving outside the ring to attack Boba Fett. Yugi goes for a pin after hitting a facebuster. Fett kicks out at two. Yugi wins it with a springboard superpunch.


Pretty solid tag match to start off the episode. I thought King would carry this match, but Yugi ended up pulling his own weight. Boba Fett and Jiren looked like decent competitors, but Fett definitely outshined the Dragon Ball Super strongman.


Eddy vs. Venom
(Tryout match for Eddy)


Venom immediately hits a sidewalk slam against Eddy. Eddy retaliates by landing a flurry of punches onto Venom. He then stomps on the Symbiote. Venom hits a leaping elbow onto the top of Eddy’s head. Eddy manages to reverse it, but quickly loses any momentum he just gained. Eddy then reverses Venom and hits him with a right hook. Eddy hits a hurricanranna from the second rope and then taunts his opponent. Venom wakes up and lands a series of clotheslines. Eddy went for a float-over DDT, but Venom counters and lands a sidewalk slam. Venom goes for the pin, but Eddy is there to kick out at two. Eddy hits a superkick, but Venom bounces back up and drags down Eddy. He again goes for the pin, but Eddy kicks out again at two. Eddy hits a devastating finisher, but Venom kicks out with a fraction of a second left. Venom hits a dropping DDT and then unleashes a series of punches while Eddy is dropped against the corner. Venom goes for the pin, but Eddy kicks out. Venom lands a tombstone piledriver, but Eddy yet again kicks out. Venom hits a reverse DDT and goes for the pin. That seals the deal for the former Hardcore Champion.


Eddy put up a great fight against a very experienced Venom. I didn’t think he could pull it off, but it was a really solid match. It will be interesting to see what Eddy’s future is with the company. Remember, if you haven’t voted in the stawpoll in the description for the video, make sure you do!

Android 18 vs. Jessie


Jinx attacked Android 18 before the match even starts! 18 hits a strong jawbreaker onto Jessie, following it with a dropkick. 18 shows why she’s the Supernova Champion, as she delivers a devastating onslaught onto Jessie. Jessie counters and manages to tie Android 18 up in a cover. 18 kicks out at two. Jessie hits a stun gun, but 18 snaps out of her trance and hits a float over crucifix. 18 regains control and hits a Neckbreaker from the second rope. A series of reversals from both wrestlers culminates in Android 18 hitting a kneebuster. Jessie regains momentum, landing a standing Enziguri and then spears the champion to the outside of the ring.

The action spills outside of the ring, with Jessie landing a few moves onto 18. She then flings the Android back into the ring and goes for a cover. 18 kicks out at one. Jessie connects on a missile dropkick, but 18 isn’t phased and instead lands a cutter. She goes for the pin, but Jessie kicks out at two. 18 hits a Suplex and bridges it into a pin. Yet again, Jessie kicks out at two. Jessie reverses 18 and lands a Gutwrench Suplex of her own onto the champion. She goes for the pin, but 18 shows her resiliency and kicks out at one. Jessie connects on a shining wizard and a leg drop from the top rope. After a series of reversals, Jessie goes for another cover. 18 kicks out at two. Jessie wins it with a double UnderHook Power-Bomb.


Fantastic match! Is Jessie another member of the small stable between Jinx and Nina Williams? Or, is this just a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Either way, this has huge implications for the Supernova Champion and the division as a whole. Both wrestlers put on a great match, but in the end, the interference from Jinx before the match even started proved to be the Achilles’ Heel to Android 18.

Jack-6 vs. Cobra Commander


Jack-6 kicks off the main event by knocking down Cobra Commander. Cobra Commander hits a reverse DDT onto Jack-6, but it doesn’t seem to phase him. Cobra Commander retaliates with a dragon screw. C.C. hits a leaping knee to his opponent’s face. He then takes the top turnbuckle off. C.C. then whips Jack-6 into it. Jack-6 spears C.C. outside of the ring. C.C. goes for a pin after raking the eyes of Jack-6. He kicks out at one. Jack-6 retaliates by hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He then goes for the pin, but C.C. also kicks out at one. In an ironic twist, Jack-6 drops C.C. face-first onto the exposed steel of the ring post. Jack-6 goes for the pin, but C.C. kicks out at one. He goes for yet another pin on C.C., but this time he kicks out at two. C.C. regains momentum and lands a double underhook powerbomb. He holds it for the cover, but Jack-6 kicks out at two. Jack-6 wins it after taking C.C. for a ride (of three suplexes).

C.C. put a pretty good fight; especially if you consider that he was a good foot-and-a-half shorter and 200 pounds lighter than his opponent. Jack-6 looked like he was either pretty rusty or really selling Cobra Commander’s moves.

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