Galactic Throwdown I – [Show Review]

Galactic Throwdown I
by Andrew S.
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Darth Maul & Dante vs. Ash & Brock
Tag Team Title Match
[Two out of Three Falls Match]
Match Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


Darth Maul & Dante took an early command of this match. The pair isolated Ash far away from Brock, and put a severe beating on the hopeful Pokémon Master while doing so. Ash fought hard though to get to his corner and tag out on multiple occasions, but was always halted. On one instance, Ash found an opening, so he desperately hurried over to Brock, but before he could make the tag Darth Maul closed said opening by taking Ash’s legs from under him with a brutal chop block. Despite their efforts, Ash was eventually able to tag out, and Brock came in and took almost all the momentum away from Team Cleveland.

Frustrated, Darth Maul resorted to another aspect of this match-up: NO DQ. Darth Maul grabbed a chair from underneath the ring and proceeded to attack Ash, who at this point was not the legal man. Darth Maul would return to the ring and return his focus to Brock, who had just so recently introduced steel steps to the match; little did he know those same stairs would be used against him. Darth Maul tossed the steel steps onto Brock’s face, and followed that up with a savage Sith Stunner. . . But Brock kicked out! Beside himself, Darth Maul lashes out again on Ash, but Brock came to his partner’s rescue.

He and Darth Maul brawled outside for a moment, but then after several attempts Darth Maul finally connected with a chair shot to Brock’s head, which busted him open. Darth Maul & Dante found themselves in firm control of this tag title match, but they still had not scored a single fall, even with all the damage they had managed to inflict to the champs. And Brock, now outraged he was being forced to taste his own blood, went on a sudden rampage, and took out Darth Maul with power-move after power-move before handing him over to Ash. Ash quickly hit his finisher on the Sith Lord, pinned him, and took the lead for his team in the two out of three falls match. It was amazing! All the damage the title holders had taken, yet there they were ahead in the match.

Ash, after a few more moves, again tagged back in a bloodied Brock. Darth Maul needed to make a tag, because if he didn’t this match was a lost cause. But he did make the tag, and Dante came into the match like a man on fire! He took Ash out of commission long enough for him to hit his finisher, The Devil Inside, and pin Brock. Tied up! It was any team’s match to win. . . At least that’s what it seemed like, then Brock brushed off Dante’s offense, and threw him into his corner, setting him up for a lethal lariat. Brock quickly ended the match after hitting his finisher, The Fissure. . . 1. . . 2. . . 3! It’s definitely a one-hit KO!

Blue Ranger vs. Woody
[Tables Match]
Match Rating: 3.75/5 Stars


What an incredible introduction to the Atom Weight Division! Both men put their tremendous talents on display in this match, and it was indeed a sight to see. In just the first few minutes, Blue Ranger and Woody performed some great feats of offense; Blue Ranger, after delivering a leaping Nevkbreaker to Woody, quickly hopped o to the top rope and hit a beautiful Blockbuster on an unsuspecting Woody; Seconds later, Woody battled back into the match, and then drove Billy into corner, before Woody charged at him to unload a Dropkick, which he managed to turn into a backflip. Just think about what you just read. . . That was just the first few minutes of the match, and some great high-flying and agile action had already been put on full display, but somehow the match got even better from there on! Woody was the man to remind everyone that this match was a stables Match though as he brought the match’s namesake into the ring. Blue Ranger, however, nearly put Andy’s Favorite Toy through that same table just moments later. But as Blue Ranger came jumping off the top turnbuckle pad Woody moved!

Woody would actually managed to avoid several of Blue Ranger’s attempts to put him through tables throughout this match. Surviving was what Woody was known for, and he did just that for as long as he possibly could. Woody thought he had taken control of the match after hitting his finisher, Woody’s Round-Up, but he obviously must’ve seen his owner, Andy, in the crowd, because he seemed distracted and was unable to capitalize on his best opportunity to put Blue Ranger through a table and win this match. Blue Ranger soon regained control, and tried to finish Woody off by putting him through a table at ringside. It seemed hopeless for Woody now. . . But Woody rolled out of the way again! Amazing! He had managed to survive being put through a table for the third time now. Blue Ranger though was not impressed by Woody’s antics, and although it was a struggle to do so, he soon tossed his opponent back into the ring. Billy proceeded to slam Woody onto yet another table, then climbed to the top rope, and finally just jumped. . . This time Woody didn’t move. And instead, all of Blue Ranger’s body weight came crashing down through the table with Woody sandwiched in between. Despite the result, it was a fantastic effort put forth by Woody, but in the end he was just no match for a Power Ranger.


The Hulk vs. Bojack vs.Jack-6
[Triple-Threat Match]
Extra-Solar Title Match
Match Rating: 4.25/5 Stars


Jack-6’s back was against the wall throughout this match as he faced literally, his two biggest challengers to date. Early on in the title match, each of the theee men tried, but failed to overpower one or the other. Although evenly matched, each of the man would fall victim to another’s power-move at some point. It is important to note though that no man dominated, or was dominated this match-up. All of the men had their time to shine, and it was amazing to see! How could anyone not love seeing Jack-6 hit am Argentina Backbreaker on a man like Bojack? How could anyone not be in awe at the sight of The Hulk lifting a man the size of Jack-6 over his head? How could you not be impressed by Bojack swinging a monster like The Hulk around the ring?

It was just so much fun to watch. . . But Jack-6 was NOT here to have fun: he was here to win another match. That being said, the champion decided to retreat to ringside and soon acquired a steel chair, which he quickly started to make use of. And albeit it took some time and some amount of swings with the chair, Jack-6 finally knocked both of his challengers out. Bojack and Hulk were not down for long, and they seemed to be even more angry now. But after a Chokeslam by Jack-6, a Pop-Up Samoan Drop by Bojack, and a Stalling Suplex by The Hulk, the action spilled out to ringside. Brawling, Jack-6 managed to take control of both men with Clotheslines and Lou Thesz Presses, but after hitting his finisher, The Megaton Punch, the champ returned to the ring with full-control of the match. Once back in the ring, every man began attempting to hit their big moves, but no one allowed any of those big moves to be performed out of fear it was THE big move that would put an abrupt an end to this title match. A wonderful sequence of moves occurred as Bojack hit The Hulk with a move to take him off his feet, then as he turned around he found Jack-6 leaping at him for yet another Lou Thesz Press, and finally as Jack-6 stood tall over Bojack he was brutally Bulldog-ed by a freshly energized Hulk.

The Hulk would soon hit his finisher, The Hulk Smash, but he wasn’t able to capitalize. Jack-6 minutes later hit multiple finishers on each men, but still was unable to put either of his challengers away. Bojack at one point caught Jack-6 off guard with another Pop-Up Samoan Drop and nearly won the title after following it up with a Big Body Splash. But Hulk wouldn’t let it happen. The last thirty or so seconds of the match were completely brilliant! Jack-6 took out The Hulk with The Megaton Punch, and it looked like the defending champ had things handled, but then as he rounded on Bojack. . . Bojack countered it into a Small Package pin-attempt. . . This was it! Bojack has caught Jack-6 off-guard1. . . 2. . . – no! Jack-6 reversed, rolled over, and performed his very own Small Package. . . 1. . . 2. . . 3! Jack-6 escaped with his title after pinning a bewildered Bojack.


Thor vs. Darth Vader
[Singles Match]
Match Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


Thor did not look comfortable, nor did he look at all impressive in his debut match. The Norse God showed off little to no offense, and any offense he attempted seemed to always be countered by Darth Vader. Thor, on the other hand, seemingly had no answers for any of The Sith Lord’s slow, methodical attack. Thor soon found himself the victim of Spear, which Darth Vader quickly followed with his finisher, The Force Chokeslam. . . 1. . . 2. . . 3! Darth Vader dominated the debuting Thor in a mediocre match.


King vs. Yusuke
[Iron Man Match in a Steel Cage]
Inter-Universal Title Match
Match Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


King took control of Yusuke early as he showed off his high-flying prowess, while also displaying an aggressiveness not before seen by him. King just could not be stopped by the defending champion. Yusuke really wasn’t able to successfully counter King either, because the challenger just had all the answers early on. Dominating, King soon delivered his finisher, The King of the Jungle, and went for an almost guaranteed pinfall after all the damage Yusuke had sustained thus far. . . But the champ kicked out! King was shocked, embarrassed, and most of all angered that his finisher wasn’t able to put him ahead in this Iron Man Match. And because of those stated emotions, King proceeded to throw Yusuke into the cage wall until he saw blood pouring out of Yusuke’s forehead.

Somehow though Yusuke had enough strength to battle back, but even more impressive was the fact he had the awareness to hit his own finisher, The Spirit Gun, but the challenger jumped back up to his feet! Yusuke, again somehow pushed himself to hit a second-straight Spirit Gun. . . But King kicked out again!There were so many exciting ness-falls in this match, and they were the reason this match was not just good, but great! Both men were hurt now, but at the moment King was the worse for ware as he had just received two of Yusuke’s finishers in a row. So Yusuke took advantage of his dazed opponent and hit a Butterfly Backbreaker to capture the first fall. King quickly rebounded though as he delivered his finisher, The King of the Jungle, on two separate instances, but both times Yusuke again got his shoulder up in time to prevent King from scoring a single fall.

So much heart was being shown by the reigning Inter-Universal Champion in this match. But heart can only get you so far, and a lot of damage had also been done to Yusuke, so once King performed his Moonsault. . . 1. . . 2. . .3! It was all tied up now with still a decent amount of time left. The match went into overdrive soon after as both men exchanged pinfalls minutes apart from each other; King successfully pinned Yusuke after he delivered his fourth King of the Jungle finishing move; Yusuke performed an obviously devastating Gutbuster, because he was able to pin King as a result of it. But after that Gutbuster, Yusuke went on an absolute tear! He was able to score two additional falls over King after hitting his finisher, The Spirit Gun, once more, and then minutes later hit a German Suplex with a bridging pin-attempt to go up four falls to Kong’s two falls. PJR’s Favorite Feline was in a horrible situation right now. . . There was less than five minutes left, and he would have to score three unanswered falls to win the title. It seemed impossible, but King refused to give up and just hope he would get another opportunity.

No! This was HIS opportunity, so he would make the most of it and fight until the click reached zero. And fight he did. He hit multiple Moonsaults and even hit another one of his finishers, but Yusuke kicked out of almost everything. . . Keyword: ALMOST. King managed to put down Yusuke for one more fall, which meant he only needed two more to take the lead. Yusuke, however, shattered those dreams as he fought back and scored his fifth pinfall over his challenger. With only two minutes left, and several falls behind it was a lost cause really. . . But as stated before, King would fight until the clock reached zero! Unfortunately for King, when the clock counted down to zero it read: 5-3. . . In favor of the retaking inter-Universal Champion, Yusuke.


Show Rating: 4/5 Stars


Galactic Throwdown was. . . AWESOME! Every match on the card, with the exception of Thor vs. Darth Vader, was amazing, fun to watch, and could all be considered must-see matches for any fan of The M4GNation. And actually, if you put them all together you’ll discover a show that is must-watch in its own right. So do yourself a favor and go watch the very first TMN pay-per-view, Galactic Throwdown! You won’t regret it!



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