Invasion of Geonosis II – [Show Review]

Invasion of Geonosis II
by BrazillDazzle
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Android 18 vs. Nina Williams (C) with Jinx
(Super Nova Title Match)


Android 18 came out hot, hitting a nice Neck-Breaker early on in the match. Jinx jumps onto the side of the ring and distracts 18, which allows Nina Williams to preform a backstabber onto the challenger. Jinx again distracts 18. Nina takes advantage by tossing 18 and going for a pin. 18 kicks out at one. Jinx then threw a chair into the ring. Nina hits a hurricanranna from the top rope. 18 regains momentum when the fight goes outside the ring. Jinx distracts 18 for the third time. This time Nina is not able to capitalize on it. Nina regains some momentum, but quickly loses it. 18 goes for a pin after hitting a reverse DDT – the champion kicks out at two. 18 makes Nina Williams tap with a Texas Cloverleaf submission.


It was a classic Heel vs. Face bout and the Face came out on top. Even with interferences and smack talking, 18 persevered and reclaimed the Super Nova title.  Both wrestlers put on a good match and I think it told a pretty good story. I’m interested on how the Super Nova Division will change now.

Joey Wheeler vs. Darth Malak (C)
(Atom Weight Title Match)


Joey Wheeler came out swinging for the first three or four seconds, but Malak shrugs it off and hits a suplex. Joey goes for a quick pin, but Malak kicks out at one. Malak again kicks out of a Joey Wheeler pin attempt. Joey Wheeler hits a series of devastating moves, including a top rope flying DDT and a Flaming Sword of Battle that culminates in a pin attempt. Malak kicks out at two. Malak hits the Sister Padme and immediately goes for the pin, using the rope as leverage. Joey kicks out at two. Joey Wheeler hits a nice back superplex and goes for the pin. The Sith Lord kicks out at two, yet again. Joey Wheeler wins it with a(n) *insert Joey Wheeler card here*.

Great match to end the feud between these two. Both wrestlers hit some devastating moves, but in the end, the Brooklyn Duelist could not and would not be stopped. Malak’s stable now seems to be the only way for him to regain a belt.

Five Knuckle Shufflers (C) vs. Solar Society
(TMN Green Tag Team Title Match)


Skeeter and Captain Planet lead things off. Skeeter hits a nice neckbreaker into a Russian Legsweep. Planet then tags in Moon Knight. Skeeter then tags in Saitama. Saitama then tags in Skeeter and Moon Knight hot tags in Captain Planet. Planet hits Skeeter out of the ring and unleashes a fury of moves on him. Captain Planet then runs in the ring and tags in Moon Knight. Skeeter tags in Saitama, and Moon Knight tags in his partner. Saitama busts Planet open. Saitama then tags in Skeeter. Skeeter tags in Saitama by throwing him like a lawn dart at Captain Planet. Planet then goes for a pin on Saitama. Saitama kicks out at two. Saitama tags in Skeeter.

Planet then goes for a pin on Skeeter, but Saitama is there to break it up at two. Saitama manages to buy Skeeter some time and fights off both members of the Solar Society. Skeeter hits a strong DDT and goes for the pin. Captain Planet kicks out at two. Planet tags in Moon Knight, but Skeeter manages to hit a falcon arrow. He goes for the pin but Planet is there to break it up. Skeeter tags in Saitama. The wrestlers take it outside the ring, and Saitama hits a Full-Nelson suplex onto Moon Knight. Saitama unleashes a barrage of moves onto Moon Knight. Planet tries to interfere, but the One Punch Man doesn’t have any of it. Saitama hits a Superman Punch and goes for the pin, but Planet is there to break it up at two. Moon Knight wins it with a leaping elbow to Saitama’s forehead.


Great match with a somewhat anti-climatic ending. After all the finishers and signatures these four hit, a jumping elbow wins it. The Solar Society regains the titles. Maybe it was just a freak loss that gave the Five Knuckle Shufflers the belt. Again, it was a great match. How was Skeeter to know that a random elbow would win it? I can’t blame him for not running interference, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Yusuke vs. Jesus vs. Zamasu (C)
(Solar Flare Title Match)


Yusuke immediately goes after Jesus. Zamasu taunts and turns his attention to the Spirit Detective. Jesus gets the first pin attempt, but Zamasu kicks out at one. Jesus also tries to pin Yusuke. He kicks out at one, as well. Zamasu goes for the pin on Yusuke, but Jesus is there to break it up at two. Zamasu hits a strong piledriver onto Jesus. While he was taunting, Yusuke hits a devastating leg lariat. Yusuke goes for the pin, but Zamasu kicks out at one. Yusuke tries to set up the Walls of the Demon Realm, but Jesus is there to break it up. He also takes out Raditz in the process. Yusuke busts Jesus open after connecting on a Codebreaker. Yusuke then busts open Zamasu. Yusuke goes for the pin on Jesus, but he kicks out at two. Zamasu almost wins it with a Superkick, but Jesus kicks out with milliseconds left. Zamasu takes Yusuke out with a swinging neckbreaker. He then pins Jesus after taking a second Superkick.


I feel like Rock Me Sexy Jesus would have put up a better fight than Stigmata Jesus. This was a solid match overall. Yusuke and Zamasu looked incredibly strong, while Jesus was just a shadow of his former self. Maybe Jesus will have a heel turn after taking out Raditz.

Jin Kazama vs. The Hulk (C)
(TMN Green Title Match)


Jin kicks off the Main Event by connecting on a codebreaker. Hulk goes for a quick pin, but it is only a one count. Hulk hits a devastating powerbomb onto his opponent. Jin rolls outside to taunt, but Hulk is there to powerbomb him onto the apron. He then tosses the demon aside. Jin follows up with a codebreaker. Jin goes for a pin after connecting on a dropkick. Hulk kicks out at two. Jin hits a flying stunner and immediately goes for the pin. Hulk grabs the rope before Raditz can even get down to count. Jin again takes the fighting outside, only this time he was in control for the short scenery shift. He hits a DDT and whips Hulk back in the ring. Jin busts Hulk open with a DDT. He goes for the pin, but Hulk kicks out at two. Hulk hits an F5 and goes for the pin. Jin kicks out at two. Jin hits what looked like an electric chair driver. Jin wins it with an electric chair driver.


I was going to give this a 5-star rating, but that botched flying stunner really pushed me away from it. Overall, it was a phenomenal match. Both wrestlers gave it their all. I honestly couldn’t tell who would win. At least Green will have a fighting champion, now.



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