TMN Green, [Ep #89] – Show Review

Green 89 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Ash Ketchum w/ Misty vs. Kazyuya w/ Morrigan: 3.75/5

Kazyuya had early momentum, but Ash was able to gain his footing for a quick moment. Kazyuya took it outside, where he started to decimate Ash outside of the ring. Kazyuya flings Ash back into the ring at either 8 or 9. Ash again regains momentum. Kazyuya hits a nice double underhook superplex and immediately goes for the cover. Ash kicks out at one. Ash hits Kazyuya with a Piledriver, followed by a Superkick. This combination wins it for the Pokemon trainer.


This is why WWE needs mixed tag matches. I think all four of the wrestlers would have made this match better. Rant aside, I’m surprised Ash was able to pull this one off. Kazyuya had a huge offense, but Ash showed his resiliency and took the W.


Spawn vs. Yugi vs. Batman vs. Kylo Ren: 2.25/5
Hell in a Cell Match


Batman and Kylo Ren immediately take the fight outside the ring, while Spawn pummels Yugi. Kylo goes for a quick cover on Batman who kicks out at one. Yugi decides to go after Batman, who gives the King of Games a hurricarana. Yugi hits a moonsault on Batman, who then goes for the pin. It was another kick out at one. Spawn wins it quickly by pinning Batman.


It was a pretty quick match. Spawn and Yugi looked impressive, and Batman and Kylo Ren look like they’re getting demoted to Thunder.

Joey Wheeler vs. Kakashi: 3.75/5


Kakashi took it to Joey early on; however, Joey seemed just to be a little slow out of the game. Kakashi goes for an early pin, but Joey kicks out at one. It’s really back-and-forth, but competitors are gaining and losing momentum pretty evenly. Joey goes for a pin attempt, but Kakashi kicks out at two. Kakashi goes for a cover after hitting a backbreaker, Joey kicks out at two. Joey wins it moments after with a Flaming Sword of Battle.


I really enjoyed this match. I thought Kakashi had it, but the former Atom-Weight Champion showed why he’s at the top of the division. This is kind of how most of Joey Wheeler’s matches go – he is slow at the start but wins it with a finisher out of nowhere.

Jack Sparrow vs. Android 13 vs. Moon Knight: 4.5/5
(Tag Team Number One Contender)


Moon Knight immediately taunts the crowd. He then goes on a small rampage. Moon Knight went for a cover on Android 13, but Jack Sparrow was there to break it up. Moon Knight then continued his destruction. Again, Moon Knight went for a cover on Android 13, but Jack again broke it up. Android 13 goes for a cover on Jack Sparrow, who was still down from a drop kick. Jack Sparrow kicks out and tries to pin 13. Moon Knight breaks it up. Android 13 goes for a cover after a strong punch to Moon Knight. Moon Knight kicks out. Android 13 covers Jack Sparrow after hitting a double underhook superplex. The pirate kicks out at two. Moon Knight then goes for a cover on Jack Sparrow, who kicks out at two yet again. Jack goes for a cover on Moon Knight, but 13 is there to break it up before the ref gets to one. Sparrow then covers 13, who kicks out at two. Moon Knight goes for a cover on 13, who just hit a spear onto Jack Sparrow. Moon Knight goes for another cover on 13. The android kicks out at two. 13 then covers Moon Knight. Again, it was just a near fall. Moon Knight wins it by pinning Android 13.


Moon Knight seemed to dominate this match. It’s an understatement to say he looked strong in this match. The Solar Society earned their rematch against the Five Knuckle Shufflers. Captain Planet should be thanking Moon Knight for this one. I don’t want to take anything away from Jack Sparrow and Android 13. They both helped put on one of the better matches so far this year.

Sailor Moon vs. Android 18 vs. Raven: 3.75/5
(Supernova Number One Contender)


Sailor Moon looked strong out of the gates, but misses a splash on Raven. Sailor Moon and Android 18 go at it while Raven stands on the edge of the ring. 18 goes for a cover onto Raven, who kicks out at two. Raven hit a strong dropkick onto Sailor Moon. Raven goes for the cover but Sailor Moon kicks out at two. Raven wraps up Sailor Moon in a nice cradle, but Sailor Moon kicks out at two. Sailor Moon goes for a cover on Raven. The Teen Titan kicks out at one. Raven and Android 18 band together to perform a suplex on Sailor Moon. Raven then hits an Asuka-like butt bomb onto Android 18 and goes for two covers. The android breaks out of both. Raven then covers 18 again. She yet again kicks out at two. Android 18 wins it with a leg sweep onto Sailor Moon.


It was a pretty good triple threat. Sailor Moon and Android 18 looked pretty strong. Raven didn’t look bad but didn’t look good, either. All eyes were on Jinx as she hit Android 18 from behind with a kendo stick after the match ended.


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