TMN Green, [Ep #88] – Show Review

Green 88 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Scorpion vs. Saitama: 3.75/5

Saitama opened up this episode with a fury! However, Scorpion regained some momentum. Saitama hit a nice springboard hurricarana mid-way through the match. He hit another springboard hurricanranna and went for the cover, but it only resulted in a two-count. Saitama misses a red arrow, which Scorpion capitalizes on by hitting a suplex and going for a cover. Saitama kicks out easily. Scorpion wins it with a neckbreaker.


Scorpion just gained some momentum moving forward. It will be interesting to see if he finds a partner to challenge for the tag team championship.

[Android 13 and Scorpion] vs. [Jack Sparrow and Darth Malak]: 4.25/5


Sparrow and Scorpion lead things off. Sparrow tags in Darth Malak, who hits a double axehandle tag maneuver. Scorpion tags in Android 13, while hitting a double clothesline. Malak makes a diving tag after getting demolished. Sparrow hits a running bulldog and then tags in Malak. Malak then quickly tags in Sparrow. 13 shows his strength by chucking Sparrow halfway across the ring. 13 tags in Scorpion. Sparrow tries for a diving tag, but Malak pulled his hand back, which is an interesting tactic.

Sparrow connects on a 450 splash and goes for the cover. 13 breaks it up at 2. Scorpion hot tags in Android 13. Sparrow hits a sunset flip and tags in Malak. 13 tags in Scorpion, who hits a reverse DDT. Sparrow breaks up a pin attempt after Scorpion hits an unprettier. 13 gets tagged back in. 13 goes for a pin after hitting a spear. Malak kicks out at like 2.75. 13 hits a jackhammer, but Malak was on the ropes for the ensuing cover. 13 hot tags in Scorpion. Malak wins it with a Sister Padme.


It was a great impromptu tag match. Like the announcers said, Raditz called a suspect rope break that could have changed the outcome of this match. And to add insult to injury, Scorpion goes for a sneak attack after the match, but is clotheslined over the top rope by Malak.

Darth Maul vs. Cell: 4.25/5

Darth Maul kicks it off with a float-over DDT. Cell shows off his strength by dead-lifting Maul three times. Maul regained his footing and hit some more acrobatic moves on Cell. Cell wraps up Maul as he taunted the Perfect Life form by the turnbuckle. Maul kicks out at two. Maul hit a nice RKO, but Cell was able to kick out of the cover. Maul then busts Cell’s face open. Cell wins it with a Kamehameha Punch, just moments after he starts bleeding.


This match might have well have been David vs. Goliath. You had a former Solar Flare champion going up against a rising strongman. Maul put up a great fight against Cell, despite Cell being in a higher weight class. Honestly, this could have gone either way. Both wrestlers really impressed me.

Yusuke Urameshi vs. Jesus: 4/5

Momentum was pretty back and forth at the start of the match. Yusuke hit a nice flying clothesline and then drops Jesus on the announcer’s table. Yusuke takes it back into the ring and hits a nice springboard drop kick. Yusuke goes for the pin, but Jesus kicks out almost immediately. Our Lord and Savior regains momentum and really takes it to Yusuke. Yusuke tries to lock in the Walls of the Demon Realm (you’re welcome), but Jesus is able to kick out and roll Yusuke into a pin. Yusuke then reverses it and rolls Jesus into a pin. Both wrestlers kick out at two. Yusuke wins it with a Codebreaker.


Spirit Gun vs. The Holy Spirit. The Spirit Detective came out with a vengeance. Yusuke knew if he won he would get to challenge, in a triple threat match, for the Solar Flare title at the upcoming Pay-Per-View.

[Captain Phasma, D.Va, and Tifa Lockhart] vs. [Sailor Moon, Android 18, and Raven]
(Supernova Number One Contender Tag Team Tournament Finals): 4.5/5


D.Va and Android 18 kicked the finals to this tournament off. D.Va tags in Tifa. Tifa hit a nice leaping clothesline onto 18. 18 tags in Sailor Moon. Tifa hit a nice crucifix powerbomb onto Sailor Moon. Tifa tags in Phasma. Phasma takes over and hits a menacing powerbomb on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon tags Raven in. Raven unleashes a furious offense on Phasma. Raven goes for the first cover of the match, but Tifa is right there to break it up. Raven tags in 18, who immediately gets destroyed by Phasma.

Phasma then tags in D.Va. 18 tags in Sailor Moon, who both preform a shoulder block on D.Va. Sailor Moon goes for a random cover, but D.Va kicks out at one. D.Va hit a superplex onto the Sailor Scout. Sailor Moon hit a springboard moonsault onto D.Va, who kicks out at two. Sailor Moon goes for another pin, this time, Tifa runs in and interferes. Chaos breaks out as Tifa and Raven are going at it outside the ring, Phasma is motionless inside the ring, 18 dropkicks Tifa after she punched Sailor Moon off the top rope.

Sailor Moon tags in 18. D.Va hot tags Tifa, who comes out strong. Tifa hits another crucifix powerbomb and goes for the cover, but 18 kicks out at two. 18 tags in Raven and Tifa tags in Phasma. Phasma makes a diving tag into D.Va. D.Va hits an electric chair and goes for the cover. Raven kicks out at two. Raven tags in Sailor Moon after hitting a leg lariat. Sailor Moon goes for the pin, D.Va kicks out at 2.75. Sailor Moon tags in 18. 18 wins it with a middle rope DDT. Phasma tried to run interference, but just stopped and watched it happen.


This was a great end to the tag team part of the tournament. Both sides put up a great fight and had some good memorable moments. This is one of the first times I’ve seen a tag match go completely off the rails for a bit. Honestly, the previous two matches of this tournament should have their score lowered because this one was clearly the magnum opus of the tournament.



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