TMN Green, [Ep #87] – Show Review

TMN Green 87 – Click here for Full Show

by BrazillDazzle


Skeeter Valentine vs. Scorpion 3.5/5

Skeeter was in control from the beginning of the match. Scorpion did manage to get in a few hits, including a Bloody Sunday, but I think it was clear from the first few seconds who would win. And as soon as I typed that, Scorpion pummeled Skeeter outside of the ring. Scorpion manages to pull the upset over one half of the current TMN Green Tag Team Champions. Scorpion then grabs a chair from underneath the stage, but Saitama jumps in the ring at the last second to scare off Scorpion.


I didn’t see this coming, I thought this would be a squash match. This just shows what I know. That is also a much-needed win for Scorpion. I think that spells a feud coming for the TMN Green Tag Team Championship.


[Rey, Misty, and Poison Ivy] vs. [Raven, Android 18, and Sailor Moon]
[6 Women Tag Team Match for Super Nova Number One Contender]: 4.5/5


Misty and Android 18 led things off. Misty hit a nice suplex to start off the match. Both wrestlers tag out, Poison Ivy and Raven become the new combatants. Raven connects on a DDT. Poison Ivy tags in Rey, who immediately gets hit with a reverse Powerbomb. Raven then tags in Sailor Moon. Rey hits her with a Falcon Arrow. Rey tags in Misty. Rey rests Sailor Moon on the top rope and both wrestlers kick her in the head. Misty tags Rey back in. Rey tags in Poison Ivy. Sailor Moon then tags in Android 18. Misty tags in Poison Ivy, who then immediately tags in Rey. 18 goes for a cover on Rey; it is only a one-count. 18 goes for another tag, but Misty breaks it up and gets flipped over the turnbuckle by 18.

Misty again breaks up another pin attempt by 18. Rey goes for a pin attempt, but it isn’t even a one-count. Rey tags in Misty and throws 18 face-first into the Gym Leader’s shoe. 18 then tags in Raven, who unleashes a punishing volley of moves on Misty. Misty tags in Rey who then does a double back body drop onto Raven. Rey tags Misty back in. Raven tags in Sailor Moon. Misty attempts to pin Sailor Moon after hitting a bulldog. It only results in a one-count. Sailor Moon tags in Raven, while Misty hot-tags in Poison Ivy. Raven hit some face-buster then goes for the cover. It was a near fall, with Poison Ivy kicking out at 2 and ¾. Poison Ivy hot-tags Rey after getting hit with a DDT. Rey comes in hot, punishing Raven for what she did to Poison Ivy. Raven hits that face-buster onto Rey, then goes for the cover. It works because Misty hesitates, then misses the break-up!


My description of tag team moves doesn’t do this match justice. Also, there were a ton of tags done by the first team. Misty definitely carried her team. She was there for most pin attempts and even tried to take out 18. You can’t even blame her for this loss. Poison Ivy did next to nothing, and Rey managed to hold her own for most of the match.

Ryu Hayabusa vs. Doomfist (C)
(Hardcore Title Match): 3.75/5


Doomfist came out fists a blazing! He grabs a baseball bat and punishes a tired Ryu with it. Ryu then grabs it and hits Doomfist on the top of the head. Doomfist clotheslines Ryu right out of the ring. Doomfist then chucks Ryu into the metal corner of the ring. Doomfist goes for a cover outside of the ring, but it is only a one-count. Ryu manages to gain some momentum, as well as the bat. Doomfist takes control right back, though. Doomfist grabs the bat and hits Ryu again with it. Doomfist hits a Super Fist, but Ryu bounces out of the pin attempt. Doomfist hits a one-hand chokeslam, followed by another Super Fist. Doomfist covers him outside of the ring, this time getting the win and defending his Hardcore Title.


Steve summed it up pretty well, “The crowd just watching a homicide and cheering it on.” Ryu, you should have stayed home today. GG no RE.

Goku vs. King vs. Kratos vs. Voldemort vs. Optimus Prime vs. Master Chief
Money in the Bank Ladder Match: 4.5/5


Goku whips King onto the ramp, while everyone else fights in the ring. It’s a bold move, Cotton. Kratos rolls off the ring and into a ladder, which knocks it down. There’s a segment where no one is in the ring. King finally throws Goku into the ring, which prompts three of the other wrestlers to jump in. Kratos tries to set up a ladder, but Goku is having none of it. He decks Kratos so hard the ladder flies into the ropes. Optimus Prime sets up and climbs up the ladder. Voldemort climbs up the other side, while King and Master Chief push the ladder over. Master Chief goes for the briefcase, but Optimus Prime punches him off.

Kratos tries to push the ladder over but isn’t strong enough. King, punches Optimus Prime off. Kratos drags King down. Goku also busts Voldemort open. Kratos is all alone with the brief case. Voldemort and Master Chief push the ladder over. Goku punches Optimus off the ladder. Goku is all alone, but King interferes. King punches off Goku, then is all alone up top. Kratos and Optimus push the ladder over. Kratos gets busted open. Kratos pushes the ladder over, which drops Goku onto the middle of the ring. Master Chief sets up the ladder and is all alone in the ring. Voldemort throws Master Chief off. Kratos and Optimus take turns interfering. Kratos is alone and grabs the briefcase!


It was a hectic match! Five of the strongest competitors, and Voldemort, put their all into this match. I don’t think anyone could have called how this match would unfold. There was a lot of drama in this match, and there were times where everyone had a chance to win the briefcase.

Vegeta vs. Jin
(Match two of best two out of three/ TMN Green Number One Contender): 3.25/5


Jin immediately goes for a pin, but Vegeta breaks out before Raditz even gets to one. Vegeta and Jin take it outside the ring, which Vegeta takes control of. Jin almost wins by a count-out. Vegeta gets in at nine. Vegeta punches Jin back outside of the ring. Jin picks up Vegeta and rams him into the barricade. Jin whips Vegeta back into the ring. Vegeta goes for the pin after connecting on an axe kick, but Jin kicks out at one. Vegeta goes for another pin after ramming Jin into the turnbuckle, but Jin again kicks out at one. Vegeta goes for another pin after hitting a Falcon Arrow, but yet again, Jin kicks out at one. Jin dropkicks Vegeta into the corner. Vegeta busts Jin open. Vegeta goes for another pin, but Jin kicks out at 2 and 3/5. Vegeta goes for yet another pin, but yet again, Jin kicks out at two. Jin goes for the pin after hitting another Falcon Arrow and gets the three-count over the Prince of all Saiyans.


Get out your brooms because Jin swept this series! Should Vegeta have gone Super Saiyan Blue? Would that have made a difference? It’s tough to say. Vegeta put up a tough offense, but Jin is simply able to outlast the onslaught and hit his finisher at the best time.



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