TMN Blue, [Ep #98, Part 1] – Show Review

TMN Blue 98,  Pt. 1 – Click here for Full Show
by BrazillDazzle


Batgirl vs. Mileena 3/5
It was a very back-and-forth match. There were spots where Mileena had control and spots where Batgirl had control. Mileena was in control longer than Batgirl was. There really wasn’t anything flashy or special about this match, it was just pretty well-balanced.

Mileena seems unbeatable! Batgirl really has taken a few steps backwards since she lost the title. Meanwhile, Mileena certainly has earned a title opportunity.

2 Fast 4 Speed vs. XXXotica Express 3.75/5

Broly and the Flash started it out for their respective teams. Flash had the early momentum, completely dominating Broly. Flash then tags in Dale Jr., who continues the onslaught, until Broly countered and tagged in Booster Gold. Dale tagged in Flash while Booster was stunned in the middle of the ring. Booster manages to tag in Broly, who then unleashes a big boot onto Flash. Flash then tags in Dale Jr., who then busts Broly’s head open. Broly recovers and tags in Booster, who isn’t able to do too much. Booster is able to hit a strong DDT onto Dale Jr. Dale tags in Flash, who unleashes a Dragonranna onto Booster.  Booster is able to get some momentum, but Flash quickly regains control. Flash tags in Dale Jr., and Booster quickly tags in Broly. Dale Jr. tags Flash back in. Broly tags in Booster, who does a pop-up power knees as a team move. Flash then tags in Dale Jr. Dale Jr. wins it with a Diet Dew Drop, pinning Booster Gold.


2 Fast 4 Speed looked really strong in this match. XXXotica Express; however, looked weak and disorganized. I thought Flash won it with a One-Winged Angel, shades of Kenny Omega. Speaking of the One-Winged Angel, I wish it was included in WWE games. XXXotica Express got some momentum and did provide a good fight, once they got their footing.

Frieza vs. Jason Voorhees 2/5

Both wrestlers looked strong in the beginning of the match. Frieza had the momentum, then weirdly danced and stood in the corner while Jason recovered. “That’s a bold move, Cotton.” Jason grabs a sledgehammer, but Frieza quickly fights it out of his grip. Frieza wins by reversing a pin.

Frieza actually looked kind of strong in this match. He did unleash a sizable offense and was in control until he started dancing. It was a decent match, with Frieza pulling off a major upset.

Spiderman vs. Link 4/5

Fairly back-and-forth match to start; each wrestler hit some nice moves. Link hit a DDT and a nice German, while Spiderman hit a strong stomp to the side of Link’s head and a Piledriver. He did not go straight for the pin, though, after hitting the Piledriver. Link hit a beautiful Master Sword (Spear) that resulted in a near fall. Spiderman almost wins it with a Sweet Chin Music, but again, only a near fall. Link had multiple two counts towards the end of the match, which shows how much of an offense he had. Link wins it with a final Master Sword.


There was a little bit of everything in this match: some high-flying action, nice reversals, and multiple times where a wrestler kicked out of a pin attempt at the last possible second. It’s also nice to see Link in action, but kind of disappointed he fell from the Blue title scene. Link displayed a serious offense throughout this match.


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