TMN Green, [Ep #86] – Show Review

TMN Green 86 – Click here for Full Show

by BrazillDazzle


Jack Sparrow vs. Android 13: 3.25/5

Momentum was fairly balanced in the beginning of the match, but I thought Android 13 would take over when he threw Jack Sparrow out of the ring for a few moments.  Android 13 hit a huge powerbomb in the center of the ring that only resulted in a one count. Sparrow hits a beautiful top-rope hurricanrana. Android 13 reverses momentum and hits a devastating spear followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Even with all of this offense, Android 13 could only get a two count. Sparrow follows it up with nice dropkick and a somersault flip onto Android 13. Again, only a two count. Sparrow wins it with The World’s End.


I think Steve was right when he said that Android 13 is taking out his frustrations on Jack Sparrow. I think that loss to Jesus for the Solar Flare title a few weeks back really got to him. It was a good match between two pretty evenly matched fighters. Darth Malak and Darth Revan come out and help Jack pummel an already downed Android 13.

Jyn Erso vs. Nina Williams: 5/5
(Super Nova Title Rematch)

This match was capped off by Jinx running out from backstage and beating the crap out of Jyn Erso! She threw the former champion into the stairs. Jyn has to be carried off on a stretcher, where Jinx continues to beat the crap out of her!

Zamasu vs Yusuke Urameshi: 4/5
Solar Flare Title Match

Yusuke finally making his return to the M4gNation. Yusuke hits a backflip moonsault onto Zamasu, who was laying on the outside of the ring. Couple of one counts by both combatants. Zamasu chains a couple of moves together, including a flying elbow and a superkick. Yusuke kicks out at 2 and 7/8. Yusuke hit an awesome springboard dropkick to kick Zamasu out of the ring. Yusuke also hit a Spirit Gun, which resulted in like a 2 and 9/10 count. Yusuke hit a wheel kick, again, resulting in a two count. Zamasu makes Yusuke tap with a sharpshooter.


Great return for Yusuke. Although he came up short, he put up a strong fight against the champion.

[D.Va, Tifa Lockhart, and Captain Phasma vs. Harley Quinn, Juliet Starling, and Satsuki Kiryuin]:  4.25/5
Women’s 3v3 Tag Match / SuperNova Title Number 1 Contender Qualifier

The match started with D. VA going up against Harley Quinn. Both starting wrestlers quickly tag out, D. VA tagging in Phasma and Harley tagging in Juliet. Harley then gets tagged back in. D. VA then gets tagged in. Juliet then gets tagged back in. D. VA tags in Tifa, who quickly unleashes a barrage of moves onto Juliet Starling. Juliet hit a nice sit down powerbomb onto Tifa, and then misses a top rope moonsault. Phasma then gets tagged in, but quickly gets repeatedly countered by Juliet. Juliet then tags in Harley Quinn, who comes out strong, but then gets destroyed by Phasma. Juliet then gets tagged in. Phasma makes a diving tag attempt to tag in Tifa. Tifa then does a leaping leg drop onto Juliet, followed by a super punch. Satsuki then breaks up the pin attempt by Tifa. Both Tifa and Juliet tag out. Harley Quin then catches D. Va and performs a stun gun on her. Harley Quinn then tags Juliet back in. D. Va then tags Tifa back into the ring. Tifa wins it with another super punch (Final Heaven) onto Juliet.


I love multi-man tag team matches, so I thought this match was pretty good. I like the idea of this tournament: making the division work together only to have to come apart at the last moment. It was very back-and-forth. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see the newly dressed Satsuki wrestle.

Devil Jin vs. Vegeta  3.75/5
(Best of Three Match/ TMN Green Number One Contender Match)

Vegeta came out hot against Jin. Jin then hit a codebreaker onto Vegeta. The Prince of Saiyans then delivers a series of kicks, a scoop slam, and then a knee drop onto Jin. Jin goes for an early pin, which is only a one count. Vegeta then hits a drop kick and immediately goes for a pin, which is a one count. Jin then hits a strong dropkick followed by a takedown. Jin hits another dropkick, sending Vegeta into the corner. Jin then does a double under hook suplex bridging into a pin, which falls short. Jin wins it by hitting a finisher.


Vegeta comes up short in the first match in this series. Both wrestlers pulled a lot of tricks out of their bags in this match. It will be interesting to see if Jin carries his momentum into match two, or if Vegeta is able to rebound; only fighting in his base form may have cost Vegeta this match.


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