M4GaMania 5 – [Show Review]

M4GaMania 5 Review – Click here for Full Show

by BrazillDazzle

Tiger Wolves (C) vs. Blind Justice: 3.5/5
TMN Blue Tag Team Title Match

Blind Justice had some nice teamwork early in the match. But White Ranger really carried Tiger Wolves early on. After the devastating clothesline by Daredevil, I thought we might see new champions, but White Ranger recovered and delivered the Go To Anglegrove onto Punisher. Punisher wins it with a Piledriver onto the White Ranger.

Blind Justice had great teamwork throughout the match. Tiger Wolves seemed like they were not in-sync in this match. Punisher would break pins and they would execute team maneuvers while tagging.  The highlight of the match is when John Snow preforms a running double axehandle onto the ref while Punisher is pinning the White Ranger. Although Blind Justice walks away with the belts, the Famous Jett Jackson, the ref, is the true winner of this match.

Nina Williams vs Jyn Erso(c): 2/5
Supernova Title Match

Nina Williams had the momentum early on in the match. She delivered a very acrobatic leg sweep onto Jyn Erso. I don’t know how much damage it did, but wow did it look cool! Nina Williams pulled off the upset, capped with a Backbreaker.

Nina Willams did what seemed to be impossible and pin Jyn Erso. Remember, Jyn never lost a match in 2017, so this is a big victory for Nina. Jyn looked out of it from the start. It was a very Nina-heavy match.

Batgirl (C) vs. Hela vs. Cammy: 3.75/5
TMN Purple Title Match

Batgirl had early offense against both opponents, hitting a suplex and a dropkick. Everyone seemed to be pretty equal in different spots. Batgirl delivered a double underhand suplex to Hela, forcing her out of the ring. Then delivers a top-rope stunner (Batarang) onto Cammy.  Hela almost had it with a Hela Shot onto Batgirl, but she kicked out at 2. Hela wins after Batgirl knocks out Cammy

I think this was a very enjoyable match. Every woman seemed to be giving it her all, just to come up a little short with each pin attempt. Every finisher and signature move we saw truly shows how close this match was. So far we are 3/3 with titles changing hands.

Joey Wheeler (C) vs. Darth Malak: 3.75/5
TMN Green Atom-Weight Title Match

Darth Malak started out with a couple Irish Whips and a suplex, followed by a splash. Joey counters and goes out of the ring for a steel chair. He then DDT’s Malak face-first onto the chair. The New Yorker himself then unleashes hell with a baseball bat. Darth Malak counters and takes the chair to Wheeler. The Sith Lord then whips Joey into the steel stairs. Wheeler then grabs a kendo stick from Malak and beats him with it. Joey then climbs to the top rope to deliver a top rope teabag. Then after a little back and forth, Darth Malak wins it with a Sister Padme.

Although this was a quick match, it was a good match. There was just so much offense packed into a five to six minute bout. I was really impressed with both wrestlers’ pain tolerances. There were multiple weapon shots; Malak got hit five or six times by various weapons, as did Joey Wheeler.

Android 17 (C) vs. Black Panther: 4.5/5
TMN Blue Atom-Weight Title Match

It was a very back-and-forth match between the two atom-weight fighters. It wasn’t necessarily a flashy match, as there wasn’t too much “flippy stuff”. It mainly went down to two dudes wailing on each other. Panther almost secured the win with a top-rope double stomp, but Android 17 kicked out at two. Not even a minute later, 17 hit his 17 Stunner, but like before, it was just a two count. Panther hit another Panther Pounce but another two count. Black Panther then hit a missile dropkick followed by a Wakandan Death Drop, but that still couldn’t get the job done. Panther hit a very impressive springboard Phoenix Splash. Panther won it off another missile dropkick.


Each wrestler gave it their all. It was a fantastic match. I had no clue when we would get a winner. There were multiple near falls. Like multiple 2.5+ counts. It was very entertaining. My only complaint is that the 17 Stunner didn’t look as strong as we’re used to seeing. Maybe Panther is getting a huge push, or 17 has lost some momentum.

Zamasu vs. Jesus(c): 3/5
Solar Flare Title Match

We saw an emaciated Jesus going up against Zamasu. What I thought would be a squash match in Zamasu’s favor quickly turned into a decent barrage from Jesus. Zamasu almost pinned the Son of Man after a superkick. Jesus had a nice Sharpshooter. It didn’t last long, but I love a good Sharpshooter. Jesus then hit a strong Rock Bottom. Jesus died for three days and was pinned for three slaps of the mat. A Sweet Chin Music bested our Lord and Savior.


This match proved me wrong, well kinda. I was right in that Zamasu would win, but Jesus did put up a heck of a fight. I would have said “hell of a fight” but I’m not comfortable enough with my afterlife status to put “Jesus” and “hell” in the same sentence. It was a pretty balanced match, nothing flashy or special to write home about.

Spiderman (C) vs. Sub-Zero 4/5
Galactic Title Match


Sub-Zero had a nice fisherman buster to start the match, but quickly lost momentum. Spiderman literally whipped Sub-Zero all around the outside of the ring. Apparently this was a no DQ match, as Sub-Zero grabbed a sledgehammer. Spiderman had a nice springboard plancha onto Sub-Zero, followed shortly thereafter by a reverse DDT and a jawbreaker. Sub-Zero got in a nice phoenix splash, only to get nailed by a Sweet Chin Music. A Deep Freeze DDT followed by a Deep Freeze Neckbreaker that both resulted in near falls. A Sweet Chin Music caught Sub-Zero in mid-air, which sealed his fate.

Spiderman taunted so many times instead of going for the count! What disrespect for his opponent. That creates some heightened drama between these two. The utter disrespect was topped off when Spiderman reverses a top rope maneuver by delivering a Sweet Chin Music to Subzero in mid-air. That was our first retention of the night!

Solar Society (C) vs. Five Knuckle Shufflers 4.5/5
TMN Green Tag Team Title Match


Captain Planet and Skeeter Valentine lead things off for their respective teams. Skeeter lays the hurt on Planet, so he has to make a diving tag to bring his partner in. Moon Knight then forces Skeeter to make a diving tag. Saitama hit a devastating clothesline followed by a scissor kick onto Moon Knight. Moon Knight then tags in Captain Planet. The momentum was really back and forth in this match. Anytime The Solar Society hit a move, Five Knuckle Shufflers were right there to counter and follow through with their own. Saitama breaks up the first pin attempt, which was Moon Knight over Skeeter. Skeeter then tags in Saitama. Captain Planet busts his face open, then tags in Moon Knight. Then, Moon Knight hits a massive pop-up punch onto the One Punch Man himself. Both Moon Knight and Saitama tag themselves out. Skeeter connects with a DDT, which busts open Captain Planet. Skeeter wins it with a Patty Mayonaise!


This was a really quick tag team match. I think it was well-paced match overall. Both sides hit numerous finishers and signatures. This was definitely one of the best matches of the night. Two of the strongest tag teams in recent Green memory went toe-to-toe for the second time in a Pay-Per-View, only this time new champions were crowned.

Deadpool vs. Cable: 3.25/5
Loser leaves TMN 

Deadpool started off the match really hot. Cable gets his footing, and tries a quick cover on Deadpool. It only results in a one-count. There wasn’t anything real flashy about this match. Both wrestlers hit their signatures and finishers early on. Cable had his chances, especially after taking Deadpool for a ride (three suplexes). However, Deadpool wins it with a Rock Bottom.


What a great end to a great feud! I have no clue what the future holds for Cable and Deadpool. I was hoping Deadpool would win, and I can’t complain that Deadpool stays in the business. It was a pretty standard match, again, nothing really flashy happened.

Jin Kazama (C) vs. The Hulk 4.5/5
TMN Green Title Match

Both wrestlers were pretty evenly matched starting out of the gate. Jin hit a nice Codebreaker, and the ensuing pin attempt only resulted in a one count. Jin started to take control after the Codebreaker. Jin kept chipping away at Hulk’s torso and head by dropkicking the heck out of him. Jin hits a top-rope stunner, almost sealing the match. Hulk wins it with a “spinny slam move.”


What a match! This bout featured two monsters in the ring who unloaded hell on each other. It seemed like the winner would be the one who could just outlast the opponent. Doing a really quick play-by-play doesn’t do this match justice.  It is definitely one you have to watch.

Dante (C) vs. Superman 3/5
TMN Blue Title Match

Dante immediately leaves the ring to find a baseball bat under the ring. It takes a few moments, but Dante starts beating the tar out of Superman with it. Dante took control of this match at the start, but Superman hits a super slam. He goes for the pin on Dante, but it’s only a two count. Superman then reverses a powerbomb, and cradles him up for another pin attempt. Superman then this a strong German Suplex on Dante. Superman then hits either a super punch or a fastball punch, then immediately taunts the current champion. Superman then hits a “super superplex” for the win.


I don’t know if I can be biased, but I hate Superman as a character. That doesn’t reflect my rating, though. It ended up being kind of a squash match. Dante must have been injured or just not into it because he looked helpless in the ring. Superman just unleashed a devastating offense few, if any, wrestlers could survive.


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