TMN Green, Ep #85 – [Review]

Green 85 Review

by BrazillDazzle


Jiren vs. V: 4/5
The match immediately started with a back-breaker by Jiren, who then immediately went for a pin. It’s unsuccessful, with V mounting a counter-attack. There were multiple unsuccessful pin attempts by V. Towards the middle of the match, Jiren regained his momentum. However, it is short-lived as the match becomes more evenly matched. Jiren ends up getting the three-count and taking home the W.

If this match were a book, it would have the necessary parts English teachers look for: a beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and a resolution. I think this was a textbook match. There was drama between these two evenly matched wrestlers. I loved the back-and-forth nature of this match. There were multiple times where I thought I knew who the winner would be, just to see a kick-out at the last possible second.

Voldemort vs. Skeletor (MitB Qualifier): 2/5
Despite a heavy offense in the first of the match, Skeletor lost all momentum almost immediately and fell to Voldemort and the Deathly Hallows.

I agree with Andy in that Skeletor had that match and shouldn’t have lost it in the fashion he did. He had numerous opportunities that mainly resulted in one-counts or immediate kick-outs.

Raven vs. Rey: (2.5/5)
Somewhat of a squash match because Raven was in control for much of the match. There were spots where Rey showed off some of her moves, but I would argue that she didn’t even show up for the match. The match ended when Raven caught Rey when she jumped off the top rope.

If anything, this match showed how strong of a competitor Raven is and how she should be seen as a threat in the Women’s Division. I can’t imagine Rey bouncing back from this loss for a while. Rey is also 0-2 so far for WWE 2K18.

Doomfist vs. Apocalypse (Hardcore Championship Title Match): 4/5
It was a pretty back and forth match between two big guys. What’s not to like? The highlight of this match is when The Undertaker comes out of nowhere, delivers a Tombstone Piledriver onto Apocalypse, and walks out. He must be a big fan of Overwatch or mains Doomfist. Either way, we saw the title change hands from Apocalypse to Doomfist.

I think Doomfist would have won the match, but it was pretty evenly matched. I think the outside interference is a perfect example of how crazy these matches can be. Like the first match, I was genuinely invested in the match and couldn’t wait to see the outcome. I’d love to see if a feud erupts between the two combatants.


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