Invasion of Geonosis I [Show Review]


By: Andrew Svider

Match 1:

Atom Weight Title Match

Darth Malak(Champion) vs. Green Ranger 

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars


What a good match to set the tone for Invasion of Geonosis! This was a back and fourth match that was quickly controlled by the Green Ranger. While Green Ranger did control a good amount of this matchup, reversals seemed to be a big factor in this match, with Darth Malak having the biggest reversal. Green Ranger seemed like he was about to hit a Tiger Bomb on Darth Malak, but it was reversed into an amazing Hurricanrana, which seemed to push momentum away from the Green Ranger and right into Darth Malak’s hands. It only took one “Sister Padme” for Darth Malak to retain his Atom Weight Title and show us he’s ready to move on to better things than the Green Ranger.


Match 2:

Supernova Title Match

Satsuki Kiryun(Champion) vs. Jyn Erso

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

Throughout the entirety of this match, it seemed as if Satsuki Kiryuin was going to have no problem defeating Jyn Erso. In the very early stages, whenever it looked liked Jyn Erso was attempting to start a rally, it was always cut short by our Supernova Champion. But, in what can arguably be called luck, Satsuki Kiryun missed her first attempt at her Buzzsaw Kick(Or, the Kill la Kill in my attempt to name her finisher) and failed to make the best of successfully hitting her finisher in closing minutes of this title match. In this match, Jyn Erso’s rebellious attitude never let her stay down! At one point, Jyn Erso reversed what might’ve been a submission attempt by Satsuki Kiryun into a beautiful looking Enzigiri. This then led to Jyn Erso pinning Satsuki Kiryun after executing the Scissor Kick, or the Rebellion Plan(A move I believe Javier named a week or two ago?). While Jyn Erso is our new Supernova Champion, Satsuki lost to her own….you might say cockiness by not just pinning Jyn Erso, after hitting her with that Buzzsaw Kick.


Match 3:

TMN Green Tag Team Title Match 

Captain Planet & Moon Knight a.k.a . The Solar Society(Champions) vs. Voldemort & Zamasu a.k.a. Team Supreme 

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars


Well, a great tag team beat two good individuals. In other words, Voldemort and Zamasu were working for themselves in this matchup unlike The Solar Society, who worked great together as always. Voldemort made no attempt to keep his partner, Zamasu, in this match, and that tells the biggest story of all. While Voldemort and Zamasu have showed some good results while working together, they have always seemed to stay individuals. This match just proved it all; when it comes down to it, one member of Team Supreme doesn’t feel like they need the other to win. Once Zamasu was eliminated, Voldemort put up a good fight against the Solar Society. Maybe it’s time to let Team Supreme go their separate ways because they could both be champs anywhere but the Tag Division on TMN Green. However, those TMN Green Tag Titles are staying with the Solar Society for the foreseeable future.


Match 4:

Solar Flare Title Match

Space Ghost(Champion) vs. Darth Maul

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

This was just a great match to watch! Space Ghost and Darth Maul showed how evenly matched they were because neither could take full control of the other for more than what seemed like two moves at a time. At one point, Space Ghost reversed Darth Maul’s vintage Piledriver and seamlessly transitioned it into a sweet looking Arm Drag, which looked to shock Darth Maul. But just when Space Ghost felt comfortable and in control as he hit his signature Blue Thunder Bomb on Darth Maul, the challenger kicked out at what could only be called two and a complicated fraction! Darth Maul then went on to refuse Space Ghost the luxury of hitting his finisher, which showed respect to the ability of Space Ghost and his finisher. But out of nowhere, Darth Maul hit his Inverted Stunner on our now former Solar Flare Champion. It only took Darth Maul one finisher but to our new Champ’s resourcefulness, he never had to take Space Ghost’s finisher a single time. Maybe if Space Ghost had hit his own finisher you’d be reading a different review? Nevertheless, we have a new Solar Flare Champion in Darth Maul.


Match 5:

TMN Green Title Match

Thanos(Champion) vs. Apocalypse 

4.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

What a match! This was truly a heavyweight fight. Both Thanos and Apocalypse were throwing each other around like small children and when giants do that to other giants, well it’s hard not to love! It was very hard not to be invested in this match as two main stories were a part of this title match: Thanos’ title and Thanos’ undefeated streak. Apocalypse on several occasions looked as if he was getting very close to doing what many a man, including himself at one point could not seem to do and that was defeat the undefeated champion in Thanos.  But, Thanos adapted, proving it’s not just his size and strength that makes him the champion he is today, instead in this match it was his intelligence and athletic prowess.

Apocalypse  was denied by Thanos every time he went for a signature or a finisher and as soon as Thanos saw an opening he jumped for it. Literally, no he jumped and hit at one point a Spinning Wheel Kick and several times through the match hit Apocalypse with brutal Super Kicks! Thanos went for the win when he hit his decapitating Punt Kick finisher, but not wanting to be another win under Thanos’ belt forced Apocalypse shoulder up. But even with the help of former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger, who kept Apocalypse alive a bit longer when he distracted the ref, Thanos proved why he is the champ and why he is still undefeated. After taking as much punishment from Thanos as Apocalypse did no one can blame him for tapping to that Vice Grip. Thanos defended his title and Thanos retained his title once again.


Match 6:

TMN Green Title Money in the Bank Cash In 

Thanos(Champion) vs. Paul Phoenix

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Mr. Money in the Bank Paul Phoenix didn’t let Thanos celebrate his title defense for long as he rushed toward the ring! Man, aren’t Money in the Bank Cash In matches exciting to watch? Also, what a great story from Paul Phoenix being Thanos’ lackey at one point to now cashing in his guaranteed title shot on Thanos!  Paul Phoenix put up a valiant effort but Thanos even after a tiring match was just too much for him. Thanos Punt Kicked him out of his ring and once again retained his TMN Green Championship.




Show Rating: 4 Stars out of 5 Stars 



Every single match on Invasion of Geonosis was must watch! All the matches but Thanos vs. Apocalypse ended via Finisher, which is always great to see. There were no matches that seemed to slow the PPV down in the slightest!  Jyn Erso became our new Supernova Champion and Darth Maul is now the Solar Flare Champ! While Darth Malak proved Green Ranger was simply keeping the belt warm for him as a transitional title holder! The Solar Society showed us all what it means to be Tag Team Chanps as they continue to show that they are the team to beat in the Tag Team Division. Thanos is still the Undefeated TMN Green Champion after being challenged by and, with no better word to describe it destroyed two men in Apocalypse and the now now former Mr. Money in the Bank Paul Phoenix back to back! Thanos continues to make us wonder who can beat the unbeatable TMN Green Champion? An awesome PPV show that should be watched by any and every fan of TMN Green!


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