TMN Blue, Ep #74 Review 

by Ryan LeQuia 

Match 1: Black Panther vs Starlord

2.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Unsafe swing by Starlord during that match, I recommend not allowing him to do that again in case he injures someone with that. I believe that there were moments in this match where Black Panther wasn’t the same man we used to know inside those ropes, because he’s either being cocky and teasing the crowd or he just kept taunting to the crowd, trying too hard to put himself over. He put on some good spots, but they weren’t close to the caliber of his matches for the Atom-Weight title. It felt like Starlord really carried that match.

Match 2: Captain Marvel vs Supergirl

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

“The deal” was a Michinoku Driver II, not a Falcon Arrow. I wanted to put this here because it’s been miscalled a lot, on Green and Blue, and I want to say it so someone doesn’t get upset about it and yell at you amazing guys. I was glad to see both women having a fairly back and forth match, both of them hitting their finishing moves on each other. Nothing special, but everything was done with purpose. This would be my example of a match that needed something, but didn’t know what.

Match 3: White Ranger vs Subzero

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

A great match between these two with many springboards and an amazing catching Pedigree, showing the TMN universe why these two are some of my favorite wrestlers. The match did something that seems to be missing in TMN at times, and that was establishing who’s face/heel. Subzero putting his feet on the ropes during a pin and attacking White Ranger as he hyped up a Roundhouse Kick really helped show the relationship of the two and who to cheer/boo. There were only thing that bugged me, the three Casual Tiger Sword kickouts. Hopefully this was to show that Subzero is in the uppercard of Blue’s roster while White Ranger is closer to midcard status.

Match 4: Dante vs Starlord

3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

I loved the start of the match, the enthusiasm of Starlord to run right at Dante just for the veteran to German Suplex him. That one part I could say, described this match. Starlord never stopped trying to win, but Dante’s experience just outmatched him. I normally don’t like squash matches, but they had some great spots that made this so much more enjoyable to me. The irish whip into the exposed turnbuckle, immediately followed by a knee to the face was my highlight for that match. Dante deserves that TMN Blue championship match. Watching this match, I hope Dante can be the man to beat Link for the title.

Match 5: Bane vs Reptile

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

If this is how played matches are going to go, I don’t mind them to help set up storylines, because that was what was needed to make Bane look like a beast again. The match was fairly smooth, only few moments it didn’t feel organic, but that was expected with a player controlled character. I am sadden at Reptile going into March Sadness, but I don’t think I could’ve looked at Bane the same way if he lost.

Show Rating: 3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

TMN Blue 74 was a great show, if you watched the last three matches. Black Panther just killed the first match for me. He acted like he knew Starlord was going over, disagreed with the decision, and went out of his way to ruin parts of the match, damaging his and Starlord’s credibility. Losing Black Panther in March Sadness might not be the worst thing to happen. Nothing really stood out to me in the women’s match that was bad, but it wasn’t ever reeling me in. The last three matches however, they were incredible. Match of the night was White Ranger vs Subzero. It had great spots and was full of action, something I expect to see from both men in the future.

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