TMN Green Ep#51, Review

Match 1: Darth Malak vs Krillin
3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars
A nice quick match, showcasing the strengths of both members. Krillin was able to keep up the tempo with fast paced offense, while Malak and the other members of Legacy of the Sith were able to pull shenanigans to keep the match in their control. I really liked how Krillin looked like he could’ve won if it wasn’t for Sidious distracting the referee.


Match 2: Voldemort/Zamasu vs Cobra Commander/Deadshot
3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars
Some of the best tag team action on Green in recent history. The match started off back and forth, giving the match the feel like either team could win. I’ll admit I got really into the match when I saw Voldemort and Zamasu starting to show signs of frustrations, like when Voldemort jumped off the apron to avoid being tagged in. I hope Voldemort keeps doing that Powerbomb, purely for the reason that it looks like it’s from WWF WrestleMania 2000 for the N64.


Match 3: Marcus Fenix vs Quan Chi 
3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars
It’s nice seeing these two veterans back in the ring in a never before seen match in the TMN. Both men looked like they’ve been waiting to get back into the ring, having new moves in their arsenal. I laughed so hard when I saw Quan Chi hit the Bionic Elbow. Glad to see the two men never losing a step, showing up the younger guys.


Match 4: Android 18 vs Jinx
3 Stars out of 5 Stars
I am ecstatic to see that Android 18 was charged up before this match and didn’t have to conserve energy like at the Pay-Per-View: Space Jam 4. I’m surprised at the strength of Jinx in that match, tossing Android 18 around like she was nothing. Let’s hope this gain in momentum keeps Andriod 18 influenced in making more great matches in the future.


Match 5: Darth Maul vs Android 13
4 Stars out of 5 Stars
Magnitude finally getting a great spot in a fantastic match. That belly-to-belly suplex on the chair was one of my favorite spots in TMN so far. The storytelling coming back to haunt Android 13, as Ryu interfered and distracting him enough for Darth Maul to get the win, was a nice touch. Glad Darth Maul won, but he’ll need backup to beat Marcus in the next Solar Flare qualifier match.


Bonus Review: The Promo
10 Stars out of 5 Stars
There’s nothing that could’ve made that more beautiful.


Match 6: Goku vs Apocalypse
3.75 Stars out of 5 Stars
A real Ring of Honor style match, with Goku kicking out of two Pop Up Cutter, and two Tombstone Piledrivers, while it took a Piledriver and 3 Stunners to put away Apocalypse. It was surprising to see Apocalypse to get the hops for a Frontflip Clothesline. It was a nice back and forth match but the deterioration of their finishing moves being kicked out of consistently was getting to the point of redundancy at the end of their match.


Show Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars
TMN Green 51 was something I’ve been waiting for, Green being good again. Every match felt like something I needed to invest in, something I wanted to watch. The addition of Ryan also made the commentary team feel more alive during the matches, making them more enjoyable. Green is starting to pick up enough steam that it could possibly beat out Blue for the first time in a long time.

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