Space Jam 4: Curry’s Quandary Review

by Ryan LeQuia

Match 1: Android 18 vs Satsuki (Champion)

Supernova Championship: Ladder Match

2 Stars out of 5 Stars

Good back and forth match, but multiple spots are lackluster, like when 18 stood still for 25 seconds. Few good spots, highlight of the match was 18 jumping of the ladder, landing double knees. Anticlimactic ending, I do not recommend this match type when it’s 1 on 1, for either brand.


Match 2: Storm vs Rogue vs Wonder Woman (Champion)

TMN Purple Championship

3 Stars out of 5 Stars

Very interesting match, wasn’t sure of who was going to win for the most part, although Wonder Woman looked like the star player during the whole thing. It unfortunately looked like the ending was possibly botched(?) It looked like the last Lasso of Truth was supposed to end it, but Storm decided to kick out, possibly an accident, which is why Wonder Woman went for a pin so quickly after the kick out, making Storm look kinda weak. Solid match with a few botches in there, I’d love to see Rouge get another shot at the title, since she wasn’t pinned, but maybe give Storm a little break after the finish, having her come back after Blue 75.


Match 3: Dale Earnhardt Jr vs Android 17 (Champion)
TMN Blue Atom-Weight Championship

3 Stars out of 5 Stars

A nice quick match, showing off why 17 is still the champ. Dale looked strong during the match, getting in most of the offense, but not resilient enough to take on 17, who ended the match without even hitting his finisher. The outcome was a little predictable, but that’s not bad, with 17 still champ, and Dale possibly moving to greener pastures soon.


Match 4: Darth Malak vs Green Ranger (Champion)
TMN Green Atom-Weight Championship

3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Possibly my favorite match of the night at an entertainment match, but overall, not the best. Very technical match, but not long enough to really prove much, and it makes Green Ranger look like a transitional champion. Darth Malak looks weak because he never kicked out of the Green Ranger’s finisher. Del Rio was the shining point of the match, hopefully gets to be involved a little more. Hopefully Green Ranger gets another chance after the interference messing with him, or at least see Malak do better than the Ranger.


Match 5: Linkler vs Xxxotica Xpress
TMN Blue Tag Team Championship

4.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Great match. A fantastic spot, Booster Gold inadvertently setting up the Chokeslam to Broly, his tag team partner, right on the ladder. Everyone felt like they belonged in a high stakes match like this, an overall fantastic match that suffered from a bad finish. Hopefully Hitler is okay after hitting his head on the sledgehammer, because I see Linkler having a future on Blue.


Match 6: Trunks vs Deadpool (Champion) with Eva Marie

TMN Galactic Championship

2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars

Trunks just kinda dominated the match, but that’s not the type of match the small baby face should be running. Deadpool lacked offense the entire match, with only really getting some strikes in when the two were on the ramp. Eva Marie distracted Trunks once, threw in a chair, and distracted the ref at a bad time, meaning she did next to nothing. The match was only hurt more by the Sunset Flip Powerbomb finish. However, I believe Trunks can bring legitimacy back to the belt, now that he’s champion.


Match 7: Darth Maul vs Space Ghost (Champion)
TMN Solar Flare Championship

3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Darth Maul looked like he was at the top of his game during this match, but Space Ghost looked like he was collecting a paycheck. Examples of this, Darth Maul did an Osaka Street Cutter, something I didn’t even know he could do. Space Ghost on the other hand, not selling a Dropkick early on, missing a calf kick at one point, and some stiff elbows busted Maul open. Good finish to the match, great compared to the rest of the card, but I can’t help but feel the wrong man won.


Match 8: Superman vs Link (Champion)

TMN Blue Championship

4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

After everything else on the card, this felt like a main event, both men putting on a great performance and using anything they could. Link still looks strong, winning the match after it looked like the ref wanted to call it quits, and Superman looks strong still after kicking out of the Master Sword while keeping the Superslam strong after never hitting it. Great match from both men, hope there’s more like that in their futures.


Pay Per View Rating: 3.25 Stars out of 5 Stars

Space Jam 4 was a solid Pay Per View to watch. The show had a slow start but was a good show otherwise. Blue pulled in the better matches, but Green was more consistent besides the women’s match. The highlights to the show were Del Rio coming to the aid of Malak and the main event for the Blue Title.


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