TMN Blue [Ep #98, Part 2] – [Show Review]

TMN Blue, Ep #98 – Part 2
by BrazillDazzle
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Blind Justice vs. Circus Bros.


The match starts with Tigerwolves ganging up on Blind Justice as they are about to enter the ring. Daredevil and Pennywise lead things off. Blind Justice pull off a tag team move, which consisted of Daredevil resting Pennywise on his shoulders while Punisher preforms a diving clothesline. Pennywise tags in Robin, and Punisher tags in Daredevil shortly thereafter. Robin makes a diving tag to get his partner in. Daredevil tags in Punisher, who immediately unleashes a fury of moves onto Pennywise. Circus Bros. also pull off a nice partner maneuver. Punisher tags Daredevil back in. Robin tags in Pennywise, who hits a springboard moonsault onto Daredevil.

He goes for the cover, but Daredevil kicks out at two. Pennywise then tags Robin back in. Robin then tags back in Pennywise. Daredevil hits his signature onto Pennywise. He goes for the cover, but Robin is there to break it up at one. Robin and Punisher then are both tagged in. Punisher then busts Robin’s face open with a facebuster. Robin lands a devastating side Russian legsweep and goes for the cover, but Punisher kicks out at two. Daredevil is then tagged in. Robin hits a few karate strikes onto Daredevil and goes for the pin. Pennywise is there to make sure Punisher isn’t able to interfere, but it was all in vain as Daredevil kicks out with mere fractions of a second left. Robin tags in Pennywise. Daredevil lands a reverse powerbomb onto Pennywise. He then goes for the cover on the clown demon thing.

Pennywise kicks out at two. Blind Justice hit another doomsday device onto Pennywise, but he is able to make the hot tag to Robin. Punisher connects on a tiger driver and follows it up with a cover. Robin kicks out at two. Robin lands another series of karate punches onto Daredevil. The Boy-Wonder follows it up with a cover, but Daredevil is there to break it up at two. Punisher hits another facebuster off the second rope. The cover is unsuccessful as Robin kicks out at two. He tags in Daredevil who also tries to pin Robin. The Boy-Wonder kicks out at two. Daredevil then spears Robin outside the ring. Robin dominates Daredevil outside the ring, but Daredevil regains momentum when the fighting returns to the ring. Daredevil then tags in Punisher. Punisher then immediately tags Daredevil back in. Robin wins it with a series of punches. Pennywise also runs interference and lands a Code Breaker onto Punisher.


Amazing match from start to finish! Both tags team put on a heck of a show to kick off the second half of Blue 98. Tiger Wolves running interference and pummeling Blind Justice at the start of the match made this even better. I think this would be my match of the year candidate so far!


Merchants of Death vs. Squat Team 2017


Hela and Wonder Woman start off the match. After trading blows for a few minutes, Wonder Woman tags in Bulma. Bulma goes for a quick cover, but Hela kicks out at one. Hela tags in Emma, who immediately lands a facebuster onto Bulma. After early success, Bulma regains momentum. Bulma tags in Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman tags Bulma back in. Emma tags in Hela. Hela misses a knee drop and takes out the referee instead. Bulma takes advantage of this and tags in Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman goes for a cover after connecting on a splash. Hela kicks out at two. Wonder Woman lands a Lasso of Truth onto Hela. The Amazonian goes for the cover, but Emma is there to break it up at two. Hela goes for a cover onto Wonder Woman, but Bulma breaks it up at two. Hela tags in Emma. Wonder Woman hot tags in Bulma. Bulma wins it with a Capsule Crusher. Wonder Woman intercepted Hela before she could break up the cover.


Another good tag team match! Squat Team 2017 looked like the underdogs from the start, but they really showed good teamwork and strategy to get the W. Merchants of Death also put up a heck of an offense, so it will be interesting to see if Tenille will continue on Blue or if this was a one-off match.

Captain America vs. Starlord vs. Superman


Captain America goes after Superman to start, but Starlord is there to give him a superplex onto Superman. Superman hits Captain America with a DDT. Starlord then gains the upper hand in the match, by utilizing a series of moves against both opponents. Captain America unleashes a couple devastating suplexes onto Starlord. Superman goes for a cover on Starlord after dropping Captain America onto the turnbuckle. Starlord kicks out at one. Superman then hits a Super Shuffle onto Starlord. He goes for another cover, but this time Starlord kicks out at two. Captain America hits the Great American Slam onto Superman. Superman kicks out of the ensuing cover. Starlord connects on a Codebreaker to Captain America. He goes for the cover, but Captain America kicks out at two. Starlord busts Captain America’s face open. Captain America wins it with a Great American Slam, pinning Superman in the process. Starlord was a split second away from breaking up the cover.


My analysis and play-by-play of this match does not do it justice. It was extremely entertaining from start to finish. Every wrestler used every move out of their playbook, but in the end, Captain America came out on top. It was a superb triple threat match!

El Cable vs. Captain Ultra
(MitB Qualifier Match)


The new wrestler from Mexico came out swinging! He unleashed a devastating offense onto Captain Ultra at the start of the match. He goes for a quick cover, but Captain Ultra kicks out at one. El Cable grabs a sledgehammer, but Captain Ultra is there to snatch it away from him. He then uses an Irish Whip to transition into a hurricanranna, which was one of his first moves against El Cable. Captain Ultra reverses a powerbomb attempt into a DDT, and hits a moonsault shortly thereafter. El Cable goes for another cover, but Captain Ultra again kicks out of it. Ultra again reverses a powerbomb, turning it into a DDT. Ultra hits an aptly named Ultra Driver. He goes for the cover, but El Cable kicks out at two. El Cable tries to pin Captain Ultra. He kicks out at two. Ultra hits a cutter, and follows it up with a cover. El Cable kicks out at two. El Cable hits the Three Amigos and follows it with a frog splash. He stays on top of Captain Ultra for a cover, but he kicks out at two. Ultra busts El Cable’s face open with an elbow to the skull. Ultra lands a Superplex. El Cable wins it with a frog splash.


Both wrestlers put on a heck of a show. There’s something about El Cable that I just can’t put my finger on. He seems familiar, but I just don’t know from where. Anyway, it was a great match and both wrestlers put on a very acrobatic show.

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