TMNXT S4 – Episode 2 – [Match Review] – [Aug 14th, 2018]

TMNXT, S4, Ep2 – Match Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Dr. Strange vs. Star Platinum vs. Liu Kang vs. Bugs Bunny vs. Nappa vs. Scott Steiner


Liu Kang exchanges blows with Dr. Strange while Star Platinum attacks Nappa. Scott Steiner lays the boom on Bugs Bunny. Strange hits Liu Kang with an Armdrag off the top rope. Bugs Bunny connects on a DDT onto Scott Steiner. Star Platinum lands a vicious Suplex on Nappa but he retaliates with a Suplex of his own. Scott goes for a cover on Bugs Bunny but it’s only a two-count. Nappa lands a Piledriver on Star Platinum. Bugs Bunny locks in a submission on Steiner but he fights out of it. Platinum lands a trio of Powerbombs on Nappa. Bugs Bunny covers Scott Steiner. Scott kicks out at one. Bugs again goes for the cover. This time it results in a near-fall. Bugs Bunny connects on a Swanton Bomb on Star Platinum. Platinum gains momentum on Bugs Bunny and goes for a cover.

The Looney Toon kicks out at two. Bugs then locks in a submission on Star Platinum. He fights out of it. Scott meanwhile locks in a submission on Nappa. The Saiyan taps out. Liu Kang gets covered by Platinum. It is only a near-fall. Scott Steiner joins their brawl. Bugs Bunny and Dr. Strange duke it out. Liu Kang then attacks Strange. Platinum attacks Bugs Bunny. Liu Kang busts Strange open. He goes for the cover but it’s only a two-count. Bugs Bunny covers Star Platinum. He kicks out at two. Liu Kang covers Strange but that, too, is only a two-count. Bugs Bunny counters a Suplex attempt by Star Platinum. He goes for a cover but it’s only a near-fall. Liu Kang covers Strange and eliminates the Avenger. Scott covers Liu Kang but cannot put him away. Bugs covers Star Platinum after landing a Swanton Bomb. He eliminates Platinum with that maneuver. Scott locks in a submission on Liu Kang but cannot put him away. Bugs puts Liu down with a Twist of Fate but instead of covering him he turns his attention to Scott Steiner. Scott covers Liu Kang and gets his second elimination of the night. Bugs lands another Swanton Bomb but cannot put Steiner away. Scott busts Bugs Bunny open with an Elbow Strike and then hits a Gorilla Press Slam. Scott covers Bugs. Ring the bell! Scott Steiner is moving on!



Trevolution – -1
Javier’s Team – 0

Ryan’s Team – +1

Andy’s Team – +4

200N Squad – +5
Fan Team – +13

Samurai Jack vs. Kuwabara vs. AVGN vs. Jeice vs. Mr. Freeze vs. Pepsiman


AVGN slams Samurai Jack down while Jeice and Pepsiman duke it out. Mr. Freeze goes after Kuwabara. Freeze connects on an Elbow Drop off the top rope. Samurai Jack lands a Stun Gun on Kuwabara. AVGN covers Mr. Freeze. The bad guy kicks out at two. Jeice covers Pepsiman but it is unsuccessful. Kuwabara covers Samurai Jack but it’s a near-fall. Pepsiman hits a 450 Splash on Jeice. He goes for the cover but the 200N Squad member kicks out just in time. Jeice locks in a submission on Pepsiman. The soda superhero fights out of it. Kuwabara busts Mr. Freeze open. Pepsiman covers Jeice again. Again, it’s a near-fall. Kuwabara covers Mr. Freeze. He scores the first elimination of the match. Jack rolls up AVGN but then AVGN rolls up Jack. Both roll-ups were unsuccessful. Jack covers Jeice but he cannot put him away. Pepsiman covers AVGN but cannot put him away. AVGN covers Jeice but is unsuccessful. Pepsiman covers AVGN but it’s only a near-fall.

Pepsiman covers Kuwabara. The Spirit Detective kicks out at two. Jeice covers a bloodied AVGN but cannot put him away. Pepsiman gets eliminated by Kuwabara. Samurai Jack cannot put away Jeice. Kuwabara almost eliminates AVGN. Kuwabara puts AVGN in a submission but AVGN kicks out and covers him. AVGN scores the third elimination. Samurai Jack covers Jeice. Jeice kicks out at two. Jack hits a Northern Lights Suplex on AVGN and bridges it for a cover. AVGN kicks out at two. Jeice lands a Powerbomb on Jack and bridges that for a cover. Jack kicks out at two-and-a-half. AVGN hits an Unprettier that eliminates Jeice. Jack covers AVGN but he kicks out in the nick of time! Jack is 100% in control in this one-on-one matchup. He eventually puts AVGN away with a brutal offense.



Trevolution – -1

Fan Team – 0

Ryan’s Team – +5

200N Squad – +2

Andy’s Team – +6

Javier’s Team – +9

Burger King vs. Rick Grimes vs. Snorlax vs. All Might vs. Recoome vs. Johnny Bravo


Rick goes after Snorlax while All Might works on Burker King. Johnny Bravo climbs up top and connects on a Splash on Recoome. Johnny Bravo lands a Snap Suplex on Recoome. Snorlax plants Rick. Recoome locks in a submission on Johnny Bravo but he fights out of it. Johnny Bravo covers Recoome but All Might breaks it up. Recoome covers Johnny Bravo. He kicks out at two. Recoome covers Johnny Bravo again but he still cannot put him away. All Might covers Burger King but he kicks out with emotion at one. Snorlax covers Rick and he is the first eliminated. Snorlax then tosses Johnny Bravo around like a rag doll. Johnny Bravo climbs back up top and hits a devastating, an absolutely Earth-shattering Double Axehandle. Recoome plants All Might and then turns his attention to Snorlax. Johnny Bravo hits a Back Body Drop on Burger King. All Might and Burger King tag team Johnny Bravo. Johnny covers Burger King but All Might breaks it up at two. Snorlax covers Recoome but it’s only a near-fall. Recoome then eliminates Snorlax. All Might eliminates Recoome with a Package Suplex. Johnny Bravo Powerbombs All Might into the turnbuckle. Burger King almost eliminates Johnny Bravo. All Might destroys Burger King but cannot capitalize on it because Johnny Bravo Bucklebombs him again. This eliminates All Might. Burger King connects on a Spear. Burger King goes for the pin and eliminates Johnny Bravo.



Andy’s Team – -1

Javier’s Team – +2

2OON Squad – +3

Ryan’s Team – +4

Fan’s Team – +5

Trevolution – +9


Note that the scoreboard for the first episode of TMNXT Season Four was wrong. The corrected scoreboard will be added to this episode’s overall scores. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.


Tonight’s Overall Scores

Javier’s Team and Trevolution at +10

Ryan’s Team at +16

Andy’s Team at +19

The Fan’s Team at +20

2OON Squad at +24

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