TMN Green [Aug 25th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode #109
by BrazillDazzle
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Optimus Prime vs. Scorpion
(MitB Qualifier)


Optimus Prime lands an early Knee to the side of Scorpion’s head. He follows it up with a Suplex. He goes for a cover but Raditz doesn’t even get down to count in time. Scorpion gains momentum. Scorpion hits a Neckbreaker but then Optimus kicks out of the deal. Optimus connects on another Suplex but cannot keep momentum. Scorpion goes for a cover but again it’s only a one-count. Scorpion hits an Unprettier. Optimus just kicks out of the ensuing cover. Optimus counters Scorpion by hitting a Flying Shoulder Block. Scorpion hits a Spear that puts Optimus away.


Scorpion won in a dominant fashion. Optimus didn’t put up too much of an offense at all. This Money in the Bank match looks like it will be a good one.

Killmonger and Jack-6 vs. Darth Maul and the Hulk
(Tag Team Number One Contenders and Hardcore Title Match)


Jack-6 plants Darth Maul and then continues to stomp and pummel him. Maul tags in Hulk. Hulk hits a couple of Snap Suplexes. Jack-6 responds with a Suplex of his own. Jack-6 tags in Killmonger. He immediately taunts Hulk. Hulk introduces him to a Suplex. He then tags in Maul. Maul lands a Luthesz Press. He locks in a submission on Killmonger but he fights out of it. Killmonger reverses Maul with a Reverse DDT. He then tags in Jack-6. Maul was inches away from hot-tagging in Hulk. Jack-6 clubs Maul off the apron. Maul gets Powerbombed but is able to tag in Hulk. Jack-6 covers Hulk. He kicks out easily at one. Jack-6 then takes him on a trip to Suplex City. Jack-6 hits a Megaton Slam! He goes for the cover but Maul is there to break it up at two. Maul then manhandles Killmonger and then breaks up a submission maneuver he had locked in on the Hulk. Hulk then takes Jack-6 to Suplex City. Jack-6 hits another Powerslam on the Hulk. Hulk tags in Maul. Jack-6 hits the Megaton Slam on Maul. Killmonger took out the Hulk which sealed the victory for Jack-6.


Killmonger might have added two wins to his stat card, but he definitely did not earn this one. Jack-6 carried this match.

Zamasu vs. Cell
(Solar Flare Number One Contender Match [Best 2/3 – Match One])


Cell punches Zamasu in the gut and then Suplexes him. Zamasu reverses momentum by hitting a Dragon Screw. Zamasu goes for a quick cover but Cell kicks out emphatically at one. Cell gains momentum by landing a Suplex. He then pummels Zamasu’s face. Zamasu lands a Side Russian Legsweep. He then hits a Reverse Suplex. Zamasu locks in a Sleeperhold. Cell outlasts it and then rolls out of the ring. Zamsasu keeps up the onslaught by hitting a Neckbreaker. Cell manages to regain momentum with a huge German Suplex. Cell connects on an Axehandle and goes for a cover. It is surprisingly a two-count. Zamasu then covers Cell. The android kicks out at one. Cell again rolls out of the ring after taking a Knee Trembler. Cell punches Zamasu off the apron.

Cell slams Zamasu onto the concrete outside the ring. He whips Zamasu in the ring and goes for a cover. It’s only a one-count. Cell hits another Slam. Zamasu hits a DDT. Cell hits a Fisherman’s Suplex and then hits a Solar Flare Kamehameha. He goes for the cover but Zamasu kicks out at two. He tries to hit another Kamehameha but Zamasu counters it. Cell locks in an Ankle Lock but Zamasu fights out of it. Zamasu connects on another DDT and then taunts Cell. Zamasu connects on a Sweet Chin Music. This almost puts Cell away. Zamasu busts Cell open with a DDT. Zamasu connects on a huge Moonsault. He then lands an Elbow Drop. This still isn’t enough to put Cell away. Zamasu lands another Superkick. This earns Zamasu the first match in this series.


These two have great in-ring chemistry. I don’t think they have put on a bad show when they are paired up against each other.

Black Widow vs. Captain Phasma vs. Satsuki Kiryuin vs. Jessie
(Supernova Number One Contender Qualifying Match)


Phasma goes after Jessie. Satsuki plants Black Widow with a Suplex. Jessie and Phasma exchange blows outside the ring. Black Widow hits a Splash off the top rope. Satsuki rolls out to catch her breath. Black Widow rolls Satsuki up for a pin. It’s only a one count. However, Satsuki reverses it and that, too, is unsuccessful. Black Widow rolls out to catch her breath. Phasma hits a huge slam on Jessie. She then turns her attention to Satsuki. Jessie attacks Black Widow. Phasma then attacks Jessie. Black Widow reverses Phasma with a DDT. Satsuki attacks Jessie outside. Black Widow plants Phasma and goes for the pin but Phasma grabs the bottom rope. Phasma again goes after Jessie outside of the ring. Satsuki hits Black Widow with a Neckbreaker. She goes for a cover on Black Widow but it’s only a near-fall. Black Widow sets up Satsuki on the top rope and then drives her knees threw her. Phasma breaks up the following cover. Jessie then takes down Phasma. Widow forces Satsuki to roll out. Phasma hits a Fisherman’s Suplex on Black Widow. This forces Widow to take a break.

Jessie hits a huge Gutbuster on Phasma. Satsuki attacks Jessie. Widow hits a Stunner on the pron. Satsuki almost pins Jessie. Satsuki hits a Crossroads on Jessie. Black Widow almost pins Phasma. Jessie forces Satsuki out. Black Widow Suplexes Jessie and then drives her knees through Phasma. Jessie clubs Black Widow. All four wrestlers duke it out outside the ring. Phasma whips Widow back in. Satsuki then whips Jessie back in. Black Widow covers Phasma but cannot put her away. Both Satsuki and Jessie were laying akimbo in the ring. Satsuki forces Phasma out and then plants Jessie. She goes for a cover. Jessie kicks out at two. Black widow forces Satsuki out. Jessie hits a Corkscrew Backstabber. She goes for the cover but Phasma immediately breaks it up. Phasma then connects on a Superplex right onto Black Widow. Satsuki reenters the ring. Phasma takes her brawl with Jessie to the outside. Satsuki locks in a submission on Black Widow. Jessie covers Phasma. It’s a near-fall. Satsuki forces Black Widow out. Phasma covers Jessie but Satsuki breaks it up immediately. Black Widow rolls up Satsuki for the win.


All four women put on a really good match. Satsuki has really slid down the ladder after losing her title almost a year-and-a-half ago. Black Widow needed this win and I think this gives her good momentum heading into the number one contender’s match in the next couple of weeks.

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