TMN Green [Aug 18th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode #108
by BrazillDazzle
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Static Shock vs. Mr. Meeseeks 3.5/5


Meeseeks opens up with a Neckbreaker. Static responds with a Monkey Flip. Static takes control by hitting a DDT and then lands a 180 Springboard Legdrop. Meeseeks responds with an Angle Slam. Meeseeks connects on a Dropkick off the middle rope. Static lands a huge Suplex. Meeseeks goes for a cover but it isn’t even a one-count. Meeseeks then lands a Cross Roads. Static responds with an Elbow Drop off the middle rope. He covers Meeseeks but that, too, is just a one-count. Static lands a Bounce-Off Moonsault. Meeseeks doesn’t let him take momentum. Static retaliates with a Thunderclap. He goes for the cover. Ring the bell!


This was a really fast-paced match. Static showcased his devastating aerial move set. This was also somewhat of a battle of the stables as the old Civil War took on Jin’s cult.

Space Ghost vs. Darth Malak vs. Scorpion


Space Ghost goes after Malak with a Gutbuster. Scorpion turns his attention to Space Ghost and then punches Malak. Scorpion then hits a Tornado Uppercut on Space Ghost. He goes for a cover but Malak breaks it up at one. Space Ghost lands a Facebuster on Scorpion. This forces him to roll out of the ring. Malak then takes control of the momentum. Space Ghost lands a Pop-Up Hurricanranna that again forces Scorpion to roll out momentarily. Space Ghost and Scorpion team up to take Malak down. Space Ghost quickly turns on Scorpion. Malak lands a Ribbuster on Space Ghost. This forces him to roll out. Malak then hits an Axehandle on Scorpion. Malak takes out both Scorpion and Space Ghost. Space Ghost then counters Malak with a DDT. This forces Malak out. Scorpion lands the Scorpion Deathdrop on Space Ghost. He goes for the pin and wins the match!


This match really didn’t help out anyone. Scorpion didn’t even get to showcase much of his move set against his opponents. This match also really hurt Space Ghost and Darth Malak, who have both fallen from grace. There weren’t too many memorable spots, either.

Hawkgirl (C) vs. Emma Frost (Non-title Match) 2.5/5


Hawkgirl unleashes a Dropkick right out of the gate. Emma responds with a Facebuster and then lands a DDT. Hawkgirl then hits a Torpedo Uppercut. Emma prevents her from gaining too much momentum. Hawkgirl then lands a DDT and hits a Swanton Bomb that takes out Raditz, too!  Emma locks in a Half Boston Crab which Hawkgirl easily kicks out of. Emma responds with a Spike DDT. Emma counters Hawkgirl with another DDT. Hawkgirl takes Emma on a one-way trip to Suplex City. She covers Emma. Emma just kicks out in time. Hawkgirl lands the Hawk’s Landing she then lands a Frog Splash that puts Emma away.


Emma put up a pretty good fight early on against the Supernova Champion. However, Hawkgirl showed why she’s the champion and easily put Emma away.

Source Code vs. Dark Magician Girl and Sailor Moon
(Women’s Tag-Team Number One Contender’s Match)


Tracer and Dark Magician Girl kick things off. Tracer hits an early Superkick. Dark Magician Girl responds with a Neckbreaker. She then lands a Splash. Tracer responds with Slam. Tracer then tags in Sombra. Sombra hits a Sit-down Spinebuster. She then climbs up and hits a Splash. She covers Dark Magician Girl but it’s just a one-count. Dark Magician Girl responds with a Hurricanranna and then tags in Sailor Moon. Sombra retaliates with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. She then connects on an Axehandle off the top rope. Sombra tags in Tracer who immediately goes for a Swanton Bomb off the middle rope. Tracer then lands a Suplex. She then hits a Standing Backflip Moonsault.

Tracer then climbs up and connects on a Shooting Star Press. She goes for the cover but Dark Magician Girl breaks it up at two. Sombra makes her pay for it. Tracer still keeps all the momentum and hits another Standing Moonsault. Sailor Moon hot tags in Dark Magician Girl. Dark Magician Girl manages to take back some of the lost momentum. Tracer responds with a Back Suplex. Dark Magician Girl whips Tracer into the corner and chokes her out with her heel. She then lands a huge kick onto Tracer. She goes for the cover but Sombra is there to break it up. Sailor Moon makes her pay by landing a Suplex. Tracer retaliates with an Inseguri. Tracer climbs up and connects on another Shooting Star Press. She goes for the cover but Sailor Moon breaks it up at two. Tracer climbs back up top. She connects on an Axehandle. Dark Magician Girl hot tags in Tracer. Sailor Moon wraps up Tracer from behind. Tracer kicks out at two. She then lands a Tornado DDT on Tracer. Tracer responds with a Spanish Fly. Sailor Moon then hits that Bounce-Off Moonsault. She goes for the cover but Sombra interferes at the last possible second.

Dark Magician Girl makes her pay. Tracer then gains control of the match. She climbs back up and lands another Shooting Star Press. She goes for the cover. Dark Magician Girl breaks it up at two. Sombra hits her with a Back Suplex and then continues the attack outside the ring. Sailor Moon hits a DDT but cannot capitalize on it. Sailor Moon climbs up and she connects on the Frog Splash. She goes for the cover but Sombra breaks it up at one. Sailor Moon lands a Rolling Thunder. She then tags in Dark Magician Girl. She climbs up top but misses an Elbow Drop. Tracer capitalizes by landing an Inseguri. She then climbs back up and hits a Hurricanranna. Tracer climbs back up and hits a Flying Cross Body. She isn’t done and climbs back up for the third time in a row. She lands another Hurricanranna. She then climbs back up. She climbs down to Spear Sailor Moon off the apron. She then tags in Sombra who punts Dark Magician Girl. Sombra sets up a Torture Rack and then drops Dark Magician Girl. She goes for the cover but Dark Magician Girl kicks out with almost no time left. Sailor Moon is prevented from running interference. She covers Sombra but it’s just a one-count.

Dark Magician Girl then Spears Tracer off the apron. Dark Magician Girl hits a Stratosfaction. She goes for the cover. It’s a near-fall. Sombra climbs up to the middle rope and lands a Hurricanranna. Sombra hits two Suplexes onto Dark Magician Girl. Sombra lands another Source Code. She is too winded to go for a cover. She finally manages to crawl over. Sailor Moon just breaks it up in time. She pays for it by taking a Falcon Arrow. Sombra then hits a Suplex and then hits a “Booty-Poppin’” Moonsault. Dark Magician Girl then whips Sombra into the turnbuckle and chokes her out with her heel. Sailor Moon hits Tracer with a Dragonscrew outside the ring. Dark Magician Girl hits an acrobatic Frankensteiner. She tags in Sailor Moon while Sombra hot tags in Tracer. Tracer climbs up and hits another Moonsault. She covers Sailor Moon. Dark Magician Girl breaks it up. This doesn’t faze Tracer because she climbs back up to the top rope. She finally misses a Splash. Sailor Moon hits an Inseguri and follows it up with a Rolling Thunder. She climbs up and hits a Frog Splash on Tracer. She goes for the cover. Dark Magician Girl misses Sombra, who is able to take out Raditz and break up the pin. Sailor Moon hits another Frog Splash and then tags in Dark Magician Girl. She hits a Stratosfaction and puts away Tracer.


The underdogs really stole one from Source Code. Both teams looked incredibly strong by putting on a twenty-plus minute match. I can’t wait to see this new tag team go up against Slaughter Sisters. I think it’ll be a great match.

Zamasu vs. Cell
(Solar Flare Number One Contender)


Cell clubs Zamasu down and then elbows him in the temple. Zamasu responds with an Inseguri. He then slams Cell’s head into the turnbuckle. He Clotheslines Cell over the top rope and hits a DDT on the outside. Cell retaliates with a Fall-Away Slam. Cell whips Zamasu into the ring and goes for a cover. Zamasu immediately kicks out. Zamasu retaliates with a huge kick and then rams his knee into Cell’s face. He hits a DDT and then lands a Flying Elbow off the top rope. Zamasu hits the Superkick but just as he was going to roll Cell over for a cover, Ryu’s music turns on! Cell uses this as a distraction to hit the Solar Flare Kamehameha! Cell takes advantage of this momentum swing and covers Zamasu. It’s only a near-fall. The lights go out yet again.

The Undertaker appears behind Cell! Undertaker Chokeslams Cell and then disappears! Cell Powerbombs Zamasu into the ropes. He goes for the cover but Zamasu kicks out at two. Zamasu responds with another DDT and then lands another Flying Elbow Drop. He covers Cell but cannot put the android away. Zamasu readies the Superkick and connects! He again covers Cell but kicks out again at two-and-a-half. Cell lands another Solar Flare Kamehameha. He covers Zamasu but he kicks out at two. Cell locks in the submission but Zamasu fights out of it. Zamasu misses the Springboard Plancha. Cell overs Zamasu but it’s only a near-fall. Cell then hits a Snake Eyes. Cell knees Zamasu off the apron. He whips him back in and goes for the cover. It’s yet another near-fall. Zamasu blocks a Kamehameha but does not capitalize on it. Cell instead sets him up in the Tree of Woe. Zamasu connects on a Sweet Chin Music! He pins Cell!


There was so much drama and tension in this match! Cell and Zamasu have such good in-ring chemistry. I can understand why Ryu wanted Cell to win. Zamasu stopped trying and wrestling once he got bored of the Solar Flare Title. Ryu would obviously want to be challenged by someone who would put in the work week-in and week-out. I have no clue as to why TMN Blue Champion The Undertaker interfered and why Raditz didn’t call the match then and there.




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