TMN Green [Aug 11th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode #107
by BrazillDazzle
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Tracer vs. Android 18


18 starts things off with a Snap Suplex and follows it with a Headbutt. Tracer responds with a Headscissors and follows that up with a DDT. 18 regains momentum. She then hits a Fisherman’s Suplex. She climbs up to the top rope but misses the Elbow Drop. Tracer takes advantage by landing a Hurricanranna. 18 again regains momentum with a Dropkick. She then punts Tracer across the ring. She goes for the cover. Tracer kicks out with authority at one. Tracer then lands another Headscissors. 18 retaliates with an Overhead German Suplex. She climbs back up and misses a Flying Splash. Tracer takes advantage and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. She climbs up and hits the Shooting Star Press. She covers 18. It’s a near-fall. 18 kicked out just in time. Tracer then hits 18 with a Snake Eyes. She sets 18 on the top rope but the android fights out of it. She instead hits Tracer with a Hurricanranna. Tracer counters 18 with a Clothesline and then lands a Moonsault. Tracer climbs back up and lands another Shooting Star Press. Hook of the leg and Tracer wins.


It was a nice, fast-paced match. I didn’t think there was too much razzle dazzle to it, but it did an effective job of getting Tracer over. Tracer showed off her acrobatic prowess and her knack for using high-risk aerial maneuvers.

Five-Knuckle Shufflers vs. Darth Maul and Hulk
(Tag-Team Number One Contender’s Tournament)


Maul and Skeeter kick things off. Maul hits an early DDT. Maul tags in Hulk. Skeeter tags in Saitama who he throws like a lawn dart into Hulk. Hulk drops Saitama over the top rope. He then hits an Overhead German Suplex. Saitama climbs up and connects on a Flying Elbow Drop. He then tags Skeeter back in. Hulk tags in Maul. They preform a Double Back Body Drop. Skeeter hot tags Saitama in. Maul whips him over the top rope. Maul chases after him and whips him into the ring post. Maul then slams his head into the apron. Skeeter interferes and whips Skeeter back in. Maul runs back out to assault Saitama. One-Punch Man gains momentum until Maul hits a Neckbreaker. Maul hits an Angle Slam and goes for the cover. It’s only a one-count. Maul then lands an RKO. He covers Saitama but Skeeter is there to break it up at two. Saitama responds with a Canadian Destroyer. He then goes for the cover on the Sith Lord. Maul kicks out at two.

Saitama then Superman Punches Maul and busts him open! Maul hot tags in The Hulk. Saitama tags in Skeeter, who gets Clothesline’d as soon as he entered the ring. Hulk then takes Skeeter on a three Suplex ride. Skeeter hits a DDT but gets winded in the process. He crawls over to cover Hulk. The big man just barely kicks out. Hulk then locks in a submission which makes Skeeter tap!


The unlikely pair of Darth Maul and The Hulk put on a good spectacle in their debut match. I thought the Five Knuckle Shufflers were going to put a quick end to this newly-formed team.

Jack-6 and Killmonger vs. Doomfist and Yusuke Urameshi
(Tag-Team Number One Contender’s Tournament AND Hardcore Champion Title Match)

Doomfist and Jack-6 start things off. Jack-6 lands an early Powerbomb. Doomfist responds with a Clothesline and then tags in Yusuke. Yusuke hits a few Dropkicks and then lands a Wheelbarrow Kick. Yusuke climbs up to the middle rope and misses a Flying DDT. Jack-6 tags in Doomfist. Yusuke tags in Doomfist. Doomfist begins a clobbering spree onto the rookie. Killmonger finally lands a Crucifix on Doomfist. Killmonger tags in Jack-6 who lands a clubbing blow onto Doomfist. Doomfist hot tags in Yusuke. Yusuke hits a Bulldog off the ropes. He then locks in the Walls of the Demon Realm. His opponent kicks out of it. Jack-6 then tags in Killmonger.

Killmonger connects on a Codebreaker. Yusuke tries to go for a Codebreaker of his own but Killmonger dodges it. Yusuke connects on a Springboard Dropkick and immediately tags in Doomfist. Doomfist lands a Superman Punch and then follows it up with a Chokeslam. He pulls out brass knuckles and unleashes them on Killmonger. This busts the Panther open. He goes for the cover but Jack-6 is there to run interference. Yusuke makes him pay for it. Killmonger connects on another Codebreaker. Killmonger tags in his teammate. Jack-6 goes for a submission but Doomfist fights out of it. He responds with a Chokeslam. Doomfist lands another Superman Punch. Doomfist tags in Yusuke who preform the same maneuver Killmonger and Jack-6 did to Doomfist. Yusuke again mises the middle rope DDT. Jack-6 goes for a cover after hitting a Powerslam. Killmonger prevents Doomfist from breaking up the pin. Yusuke kicks out anyway. Yusuke covers Jack-6 after hitting a Neckbreaker. The big man barely kicks out. Yusuke lands another Springboard Dropkick.

He then connects on a Lionsault. He tags in Doomfist. He lands yet another Superman Punch! Doomfist busts out the brass knuckles and busts open Jack-6. He covers Jack-6 but he kicks out in the nick of time! Killmonger took out Yusuke, who was trying to run interference. Doomfist again tries to use the brass knuckles but Jack-6 reverses the punch. He covers Jack-6 again but Killmonger runs interference. The bloodied Jack-6 lands a nice Fallaway Slam. Doomfist retaliates with another Superman Punch. He again covers Jack-6 but cannot put him away. Doomfist again readies the brass knuckles. This time he connects. He rolls over Jack-6. Killmonger breaks it up with almost no time remaining. Jack-6 then takes Doomfist on a ride to Suplex City. Jack-6 hot tags in Killmonger. Doomfist connects on yet another Superman Punch. Killmonger then lands a Missile Dropkick that sends Doomfist flying into the turnbuckle. Doomfist readies the brass knuckles, this time unleashing them on Killmonger. He covers the Wakandan. Jack-6 breaks up the pin. Yusuke again had to run around Raditz in order to try to stop interference. Killmonger climbs up and connects on a Splash. He goes for the cover but Doomfist kicks out at two. He tags in Jack-6. He immediately hits the Megaton Slam! He covers Doomfist and Yusuke cannot get there to break it up.


Jack-6 and Killmonger showed good teamwork. Jack-6 also earned the Hardcore title while moving on in the tournament. I thought Yusuke broke up that final pin in time, but apparently, he did not.

Devil Jin vs. Kratos


Jin immediately lands a Crucifix. Jin climbs up and connects on a Flying Headscissors. Jin then lands a DDT and follows it up with a Shining Wizard. He again climbs up and hits a Splash. He lands yet another Shining Wizard. He covers Kratos but it’s only a one-count. Kratos then unleashes a Haymaker to Jin. The God of War knocks Jin off the apron and then whips him into the barricade. Jin tosses Kratos into the Blue announcer’s table. Kratos tries to cover Jin. It’s barely a one-count. Jin busts Kratos open with a Codebreaker. He covers Kratos but it, too, is only a one-count. Kratos sets Jin up on the top rope and hits a Fallaway Slam! Kratos goes for a Cutter but Jin counters. Jin then connects on a Dropkick that sends Kratos flying into the turnbuckle. Jin hits another DDT and quickly climbs up to the top rope.

He lands a Stunner from the top rope. Jin goes for the pin but it does not put Kratos away. Kratos hits a slam and the Spears Jin. He covers Jin. It’s a near-fall, Jin just barely kicks out. The God of War lands the Blades of Chaos. That still is not enough to put Jin away. Kratos takes the fighting to the outside. He whips Jin into the turnbuckle. He whips him back into the ring and goes for another cover. Jin is still able to kick out at two. Kratos busts Jin open with an elbow. Jin retaliates with another Missile Dropkick. Jin climbs back up to the top rope and lands another Stunner. This puts Kratos away!


Kratos had a great run on Green but will be sent to Blue. This was a great match that had interesting stipulations for Kratos. The God of War could not put away the man who cost him a title shot.

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