TMNXT S4 – Episode 1 – [Match Review] – [Jul 26th, 2018]

TMNXT, S4, Ep1 – Match Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Seto Kaiba vs. McCree vs. Daryl Dixon vs. Burtur vs. Waluigi vs. Man-Ray


Man-Ray and Burter go at it while Daryl uppercuts Kaiba. McCree and Waluigi also trade blows. Daryl turns his attention to Waluigi after knocking out Kaiba. Burter stole the pin. McCree sucker punches a taunting Burter. Waluigi nails Daryl with a Jumping DDT. Burter goes for a cover on McCree. Man-Ray broke it up. Daryl tries to pin McCree, but he is unsuccessful, too. Burter connects on two Troubles in Namek: one on Man-Ray and one on Waluigi. He goes for the cover but is unsuccessful. McCree busts Daryl’s skull open. McCree Powerbombs Daryl and holds it for a cover. It is only a two-count. He then applies a Boston Crab, but Daryl kicks out of that, too. Waluigi almost steals a pin on Burter. Man-Ray almost pins Burter, too. Daryl tries to cover Waluigi. It’s just a near-fall. Man-Ray Powerbombs Burter. He holds it for a pin but Burter kicks out at two. Man-Ray then turns it into a Boston Crab. Burter is able to outlast it.

Daryl tries to cover Waluigi. The purple comic relief character kicks out at two-and-a-half. Daryl Spears Waluigi. Daryl tries to cover Man-Ray. The nautical supervillain kicks out at two. Burter covers McCree, but he kicks out at two. Burter again covers McCree. He’s successful this time. Daryl covers Man-Ray. Man-Ray kicks out at two. Burter tries to pin Waluigi. Somehow, he kicks out. Waluigi busts open Man-Ray. Burter tries to cover Daryl Dixon and get his third pin of the match, but Daryl manages to kick out of it. Waluigi covers Burter. The Ginyu Force member kicks out and stays alive. Man-Ray lands a Back Body Drop on Daryl. Daryl again gets covered by Burter. This time, Daryl gets eliminated. Burter covers Man-Ray. Waluigi breaks it up at one. 26:35. You’re welcome. Waluigi DDTs Burter. Burter and Man-Ray team up on Waluigi. Man-Ray covers Waluigi. That’s his first pin of the night. Burter hits another Trouble in Namek. That almost seals him the win. He then follows it up with another Trouble in Namek. This is enough to put Man-Ray away.


Burter had four pins and Man-Ray had one.


That gives 2oon Squad four points and the fan team one point.

Frank West vs. Jotaro Kujo vs. He-Man vs. Guldo vs. Magneto vs. Crash Bandicoot


He-Man and Frank West start things off while Crash brawls with Guldo. Magneto and Jotaro round off the pairings. Magneto hits a nasty Suplex on Jotaro, who can’t seem to find any momentum. Guldo covers Crash, but it’s only a one-count. He-Man covers Frank but that also results in a one-count. He-Man locks in a Sharpshooter on Frank, who fights out of it after being trapped for ten or so seconds. Guldo tries to get a cheeky cover on a downed Magneto but is unsuccessful. Frank covers He-Man and brings him to a near-fall. Magneto now covers He-Man. It’s another near-fall. He-Man locks in the Walls of Jericho on Magneto. The mutant kicks out of it. Crash hits a Twist of Fate on Jotaro and covers him. Jotaro barely kicks out at two. Guldo pins Magneto after hitting a Spinning Neckbreaker.

Magneto kicks out easily. Crash hits his second Twist of Fate on Jotaro. Jotaro again kicks out in the nick of time. Frank hits a Spinning Heel Kick on He-Man. He-man responds with a Three Amigos. Magneto meanwhile busts Guldo open. He goes for a cover and gets the first pin of the match. He-Man covers Frank. Frank kicks out at two. He-Man then locks in a Sharpshooter, which makes Frank tap. He-Man turns his attention to Magneto. Jotaro lands an RKO on Crash. He goes for the cover and Crash kicks out at two. It was only a near-fall. Crash retaliates with some nasty-looking arm maneuvers. He-Man covers Magneto. The mutant again survives the cover. Jotaro locks in a submission on Crash. The bandicoot kicks out. He-Man knkocks out both Magneto and Crash. Jotaro takes advantage and hits another RKO onto Crash. He-Man locks in another Sharpshooter on Magneto. He taps out. Jotaro takes out Crash. He goes for the cover. Crash kicks out easily at two.

He-Man and Jotaro tag-team Crash. Jotaro then betrays He-Man. He-Man locks in a Sharpshooter on Jotaro. However, Crash breaks it up. Jotaro thanks him by hitting a huge dropkick. He-Man tries to steal the pin. Crash kicks out at two-and-a-half. Jotaro hits another RKO on Crash. This one puts the bandicoot away. He-Man then pins Jotaro.


Magneto had one pin and He-Man had two submissions and a pin. Jotaro had one pin.


Andy’s team scored a nice three points, while both Ryan’s and Trevor’s teams scored one point each.



At the end of this episode, 2oon Squad is in the lead with four points, with Andy in a close second with three points. Trevolution and the fan team round out the middle with one point each. Javier has no points.

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