TMN Green [July 21st, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 105
by BrazillDazzle
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Master Chief vs. Vegeta
(MitB Qualifier)


Master Chief hits an early Swinging Neckbreaker. Vegeta retaliates with a DDT and a Step-Up Hurricanranna. He then whips Master Chief into the ropes and meets him with a Superkick. The Spartan lands a Gutbuster. He then drops the elbow on Vegeta’s forehead. Vegeta goes for the first pin of the match. It only results in a one-count. Vegeta then climbs up to the middle rope and hits a 450 Splash. He then locks in the Walls of Planet Vegeta. Master Chief broke it up by grabbing the rope. He then pins Vegeta. This is only a one-count, too. Vegeta hits a Reverse DDT and a Springboard 450. Vegeta then locks in a Headlock. Master Chief fights out of it. Vegeta Spears Master Chief off the apron. Master Chief meets him with an elbow to the face. In the ring, Master Chief hits a Spinebuster.

Vegeta retaliates with a Shining Wizard and follows it up with a Final Flash. He goes for the cover but it’s just a near-fall. Vegeta then hits another 450 off the top rope. Master Chief clotheslines Vegeta over the top rope. Vegeta tosses Master Chief back into the ring. Vegeta goes for another pin after hitting an Axehandle. Again, it is a near-fall. Master Chief then preforms a cover of his own. It’s a two-count. Vegeta retaliates with a C4. Vegeta hits a Package Powerbomb and holds it for a pin. Master Chief barely escapes the cover in time. Master Chief then hits a Spinebuster before losing momentum again. Vegeta hits a nice Step-Up Dropkick. He goes for yet another cover. Again, Master Chief shows his resiliency by kicking out. Vegeta hits another Final Flash! He goes for another cover.

Master Chief just kicks out before Raditz gets to three! Vegeta locks in a Cloverleaf, but that too cannot put Master Chief away. Master Chief also gets a near-fall on Vegeta after he countered Vegeta’s move. Master Chief hits a textbook Double Axehandle off the middle rope. Vegeta regains momentum. He goes for yet another cover. He still can’t put away Master Chief. Vegeta busts Master Chief open. Master Chief hits a DDT and follows it with a Spinebuster. He goes for the cover. Vegeta barely kicks out. Master Chief hits a Pedigree that busts Vegeta open! He goes for another cover on the Saiyan. It’s still only a two-count. Vegeta retaliates with a C4. Vegeta hits a Superman Punch onto Master Chief. He hits a Crucifix and holds it for a cover. Master Chief kicks out at two. Master Chief then hits a devastating Clothesline. He covers Vegeta. It’s only a near-fall. Vegeta then regains momentum. Vegeta hits his third Final Flash. Hook of the leg and ring the bell!


Both men put on career-defining performances. This match told a story of two seasoned veterans who want to reclaim the spotlight after falling to the wayside in recent months. Both competitors put on a heck of a showing. Honestly, it’s a shame this match had to end.

Darth Maul vs. Space Ghost
(MitB Qualifier)


Space Ghost hits an early Hurricanranna. He hits a nice elbow onto the Sith Lord, who counters shortly afterwards. Darth Maul introduces Space Ghost to his elbow. Maul climbs up to the middle rope and hits a Double Axehandle. He then slams Space Ghost’s head into the turnbuckle eleven times. Braun Strowman interferes. This gives Space Ghost an opportunity to steal a pin. Maul kicks out at two. Space Ghost hits a Suplex. Maul quickly regains momentum. He goes for a cover that results in a one-count. Space Ghost hits an Inverted Falcon Arrow. Maul prevents him from maintaining his offense. Maul then hits another Double Axehandle from the middle rope.

Maul then sets Space Ghost on the top turnbuckle. He manages to hit a Superplex. He goes for the cover. It’s only a near-fall. Space Ghost hits an Atomic Drop which forces Maul to roll out of the ring to catch his breath. Space Ghost then hits a Snake Eyes. Space Ghost covers Maul after hitting a Clothesline. It’s only a one-count. Maul hits a Gory Neckbreaker. He goes for the cover, but it’s only a two-count. Maul lands a Cutter than busts Space Ghost open. He manages to kick out of the following cover with fractions of a second left. Space Ghost hits Maul with a Helicopter Drop. He covers Maul and gets the W!


Nothing less of a classic could have followed the previous match. It was, however, pretty entertaining and showcased two strong offenses. It was also fun to relive their small rivalry from last year.

Captain Planet vs. Tien
(MitB Qualifier)


Tien tackles Planet down and punches him repeatedly. Tien then hits a Springboard Elbow. Planet gains slight momentum. Tien punches Planet off the apron. Planet retaliates with a Monkey Flip. The fighting returns to the ring. Tien regains momentum by clutching Planet’s junk in a hard way. Planet hits a dropkick. Tien hits a Reverse DDT off a counter. Tien then lands a devastating punch to Planet’s inner thigh. Planet manages to reclaim momentum with some strong punches of his own and seals it with an Uppercut. Tien hits an acrobatic DDT. He goes for the cover, but it’s only a one-count. Tien catches Planet and plants him with a Powerbomb. He goes for the cover. It’s only a one-count. Someone else tries to run interference, but no one comes down. Planet takes advantage and hits a Spinning Heel Kick. He goes for the cover, but Tien kicks out with half of a second left. Tien hits another acrobatic DDT. Planet hits some devastating punches of his own.

He goes for another cover. Tien again kicks out at two. Planet continues the onslaught with a Baseball Slide. Tien regains momentum but misses a Springboard Elbow. Tien then hits the Springboard Elbow after planting his rival with a DDT. Planet clotheslines Tien over the top rope. Tien hits a Reverse DDT and then tosses Planet face-first into the ring post. Tien hits another Cutter. Raditz goes down for the count. Planet manages to kick out! Tien flies through the ropes and hits a Shoulder Block. Tien combines a Torture Rack and a Neckbreaker. It still doesn’t put Planet away. Planet returns the favor with some clubbing blows. Tien then hits a Reverse DDT after repeatedly kneeing Planet in the spine. He sets up for a Swanton Bomb but Planet rolls out of the way. Planet lands the Forrest of Illusion! This is enough to put Tien away!


This was another heated rivalry that was reignited tonight! Both men put up a great match, but in the end, Tien could not outlast his opponent.

Moon Knight Promo


He meets with both Kratos and Android 13. He decides that both men will pick a representative to fight on their behalf next week on Green 106. The winner of that match will earn his representative a title shot against Moon Knight. Both Kratos and Android 13 are upset by this, but what can you do?

Slaughter Sisters vs. Jinx and Nina Williams
(Women’s Tag Team Championship Match)


Candy Cane and Nina Williams kick things off. Candy Cane hits a series of early Suplexes and follows it up with a Piledriver. She goes for a cover. Nina kicks out easily at one. Nina tags in Jinx, who lands a Flying Body Press onto Candy Cane. Jinx hits a Springboard Lionsault on a downed Candy Cane. Candy Cane tags in Harley Quinn after hitting a Famouser. Jinx hits an earth-shattering Elbow Drop. Harley manages to use that Helicopter Ride that Vegeta used earlier. Jinx tags in Nina. Harley hits a huge Electric Chair Drop onto Nina. She follows it up with a Superhurricanranna. Harley then lands an Asylum Kick. Jinx breaks up the following cover. Harley makes her pay by hitting her with a DDT. Harley tags in Candy Cane, who preform a Double Flapjack. Candy Cane immediately goes for the pin. We now have new Women’s Tag Team Champions!


Slaughter Sisters proved that they deserved this title shot. They came out with a vengeance and took what they thought was rightfully theirs. They made the then-current champions look like jobbers.

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