TMNXT S4 – Reboot – [Match Review] – [Jul 10th, 2018]

TMNXT, S4, Ep0 – Match Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Dr. Strange vs. Star Platinum vs. Lui Kang vs. Vision vs. Mr. Freeze vs. Ezio vs. Pikachu vs. Seto Kaiba
(Over-the-top Battle Royale)


Strange and Mr. Freeze go at it while Star Platinum corners Vision. Seto Kaiba fights Pikachu, and Ezio chokes out Lui Kang. Lui Kang eliminates Vision via a clothesline. Dr. Strange also eliminates Mr. Freeze. Star Platinum flips Lui Kang over the turnbuckle and top rope. He then Powerbombs Seto Kaiba over the ropes. He continues the onslaught by flipping Strange over the turnbuckle and top rope. He also forces Pikachu under the bottom rope to eliminate the Electric-type Pokémon. Ezio and Star Platinum go at it one-on-one. Ezio hits a nasty-looking DDT and then taunts. Platinum retaliates with a Spinning Heel Kick and a double dropkick. Platinum then flips Ezio over the top rope.


Star Platinum really made a name for himself in this match. He eliminated over half of the combatants. Strange and Lui Kang also had one elimination each. Everyone else kind of sucked.

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