TMN Green [July 7th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 103
by BrazillDazzle
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Jesus vs. Tien


Jesus puts Tien in an early headlock, but Tien whips Jesus away. Our Lord and Savior then bashes Tien’s head repeatedly against a top turnbuckle. Tien counters with a Backflip Doublekick. Tien then counters Jesus with a Belly-to-Belly Slam. Jesus lands a Samoan Drop. Tien regains momentum after Jesus misses a Double Knee Drop. Tien goes for an early pin after hitting a Snake Eyes. Jesus kicks out easily at one. Tien sets Jesus up on the top turnbuckle and then drops him back-first onto the turnbuckle. Tien then lands a Swanton Bomb off of the second rope. Jesus regains momentum and tries for a cover. It’s only a one-count. Jesus sets Tien up on the top rope and lands a Superplex! Jesus isn’t done with the onslaught as he hits an Elbow Drop. Tien, though, hits a dropkick and goes for another pin. It still results in a one-count. Tien hits a Snapmare, but Jesus retaliates with a punch to the gut. Jesus then hits a DDT and follows it up with another Samoan Drop. Jesus, on a roll, hits Sidewalk Backbreaker. Jesus goes for another cover. This time it results in a near-fall. Tien then hits a sliding DDT. The Z-Fighter then hits a cutter. He goes for the pin and defeats Jesus to start Green 103.


Tien’s Backflip Doublekick thing earned this match a .25. That was one of the coolest maneuvers I’ve seen since I joined the M4gNation Universe. Tien is picking up momentum while Stigmata Jesus keeps sliding down the card. Jesus needs to eat his Wheaties or Matzah and regain some of those muscles and athleticism he had last year.

Symbiosis Promo


Symbiosis won the gauntlet and will again compete for the TMN Green Tag Team Title.

Good luck to them in their upcoming title shot!

Captain Planet vs. Space Ghost


Captain Planet lands an early Gutbuster onto his opponent. Space Ghost hits a dropkick after countering a Suplex attempt. Space Ghost drops his legs across Captain Planet a couple of times. He hits a Suplex and then whips Planet into the ropes and elbows him upon his return. Space Ghost locks in a submission, but Planet fights out of it. Planet uses this to gain some momentum, hitting a Monkey Flip. Space Ghost then regains momentum, hitting a Flying Crossbody. Space Ghost also whips Planet over the top rope, hurdling him outside. Planet takes control outside, hitting a Fireman’s Carry and a Suplex. However, Space Ghost hits a Spinkick and takes the action back in the ring. He goes for a cover, but it’s only a one-count. Planet uses this as a wakeup call to hit an acrobatic Springboard Forearm and follows it up with a dropkick and a double knee strike. Captain Planet hits another Save the Trees. He goes for the pin, but it’s only a near-fall. He then lands the Forest of Illusion. Hook of the leg, but Space Ghost kicks out with fractions of a second left. Space Ghost regains momentum by hitting a Whisper in the Wind. He then spins Planet and drops him. Hook of the leg and ring the bell!


Space Ghost fought for this win. It was truly a come-from-behind victory. I thought Captain Planet had it locked in, but Space Ghost nabbed this away from him. Both wrestlers put on a pretty good show – there were some really good spots in this match. Look no further than the final couple of minutes to see the grit and determination of these two wrestlers.

Hawkgirl Promo



She cuts into the upcoming Elimination Chamber to determine the number one contender for her title. She says the combatants for the Elimination Chamber will go on to fight in a 3 v. 3 tag match tonight with the losing team losing the chance to contend for the title.


This is story-telling! It makes the upcoming title shot more important than it already is. Our field of six will automatically get reduced to three tonight, and we are only left to guess who will survive tonight’s tag match.

Harley Quinn vs. Nina Williams


Nina whips Harley into the turnbuckles. Harley quickly retaliates with a Dropkick but can’t keep momentum as Nina hits a Crucifix Headscissors. Nina continues the onslaught with a Body Drop. Nina then clubs Harley off the apron. Nina continues to destroy Harley Quinn on the outside. However, Harley is able to hit a reverse DDT and an Irish Whip. Nina quickly regains control by whipping Harley back into the ring. She lands a Guillotine. Nina sets up Harley on the top rope; she hits a Back Suplex. She goes for the pin, but Harley kicks out at two-and-a-half. Nina then locks in an armbar. Harley kicks out. Harley lands a Suplex and a Flying Bodysplash off the middle rope. She goes for a cover, but it is not enough to put Nina away. Nina then regains momentum by landing a dropkick. Nina then lands a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. She goes for the cover. It results in a near-fall. Harley is able to land a Superhurricanranna and follows it up with a devastating kick. She goes for the pin. Nina manages to kick out of it with almost no time left to spare. She then lands a Guillotine onto Nina. Nina is able to regain control and whip Harley into the corner. Nina then drives her shoulder into Harley’s stomach. She goes for a surprising cover. Ring the bell!


There were some really good spots, but the ending was somewhat anti-climactic. Maybe Nina has shoulders of steel and I’m underestimating her, or maybe Harley just ran out of gas. Either way, Harley put up a good fight but, in the end, it wasn’t good enough to beat the former Supernova Champion. There also is some controversy surrounding this match because Harley grabbed the rope on the final cover of the match. Let’s see how this saga continues in the upcoming weeks.

Zamasu (C) vs. Goku (Non-title Match)
No Contest (0/5)


Zamasu immediately says that he will not wrestle in a non-title match and will simply walk up the ramp and give Goku the W. True to his word, Zamasu leaves the match and makes his way backstage without any incidents.


This is strange, so hear me out. I’m giving the actual match a zero since no wrestling took place, but the promo gets a 5/5. Zamasu is playing a perfect heel. I can’t wait to see how his upcoming title defense will go. Who knows if he’ll have ring rust after taking multiple weeks off.

Kratos vs. Android 13


13 lands an early dropkick against the God of War. He follows it up with a Spear and a couple of kicks. Kratos quickly retaliates with a punch to the gut; however, he misses a kick. 13 capitalizes on this mistake. He also hits a Powerslam. Kratos retaliates with a forearm. 13 keeps momentum and is able to put Kratos into the Tree of Woe. 13 hits a giant boot which sends Kratos rolling out of the ring. The action then takes place outside. 13 whips Kratos back in the ring after beating up on him outside. He hits a Suplex and then a Snake Eyes onto his foe. Kratos regains some momentum by hitting a Fireman’s Carry and following it with a Headlock. The Android manages to fight out of it. 13 counters a Sunset Flip into a pin. It’s only a near-fall. 13 then hits a Pumphandle Slam and then nails a Spear.

He keeps up the onslaught with a Jackhammer. He goes for the cover but Kratos manages to kick out of it. Kratos uses this as a wake-up call and hits a Snake Eyes. He goes for a cover. It’s only a one-count. Kratos hits a Spinning Neckbreaker. He then sets up a Spear, but 13 counters it with a DDT! Raditz calls of 13 so he can check on Kratos. Kratos uses this brief break to catch his breath. He hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex. He goes for a cover that results in a near-fall. Kratos hits a devastating Powerslam, which forces 13 to roll out of harm’s way. The fighting immediately returns to the ring. Kratos hits a Pumphandle Suplex. He sets up another Spear. Again, 13 counters it! 13 uses this to hit another Jackhammer. He goes for the pin yet again. Kratos still manages to fight on! Kratos sets 13 up on the top rope and hits him with a Middle-Rope German Superplex. He hesitates and goes for a cover. It’s just a near-fall. Kratos continues to lay the beatdown on 13. 13 counters with a big kick. 13 goes for a cover, but it’s only a near-fall. He then busts Kratos’s head open.

13 hits a Spear out of nowhere! He goes for the pin but Kratos grabs the rope! 13 shrugs it off and lands his third Jackhammer of the night. He goes for the pin but Kratos still kicks out of it! Kratos then sets up a Spear. This time he connects on it. Kratos then hits the Blades of Chaos. He goes for the pin and gets the win!


Kratos could have saved himself some time had he not hesitated for the cover after hitting the Superplex. It was an extremely back-and-forth match with both competitors giving it their all. This was a good redemption win for Kratos after falling short last week for the Cash-In.

Raven, Tracer, and Sombra vs. Jinx, Misty, and D. Va
(6-Man Tag Team Match)


Misty and Raven kick things off for their respective teams. Raven lands the first move of the match with an acrobatic Armdrag. Raven hits a German Suplex then tags in Sombra. Misty tags in Jinx, who helps her preform a Double Back Bodydrop. Jinx then hits a Springboard Lionsault. Sombra tags Raven back in. Raven tries to hit a Rearview, but Jinx dodges it. Raven doesn’t falter and manages to hit an Overhead German Suplex. Raven also hits a Crucifix Poerbomb. Jinx hot tags Misty. Raven continues the offensive by hitting a Flying Elbow. Misty manages to counter her later on with a Side Russian Legsweep and a DDT. Misty goes for the first pin. It’s surprisingly a near-fall. Raven hits a Suplex and holds it for a pin. It’s also a near-fall. Raven tags in Sombra. Misty clotheslines Sombra out of the ring. Misty takes this as an opportunity to tag in D. Va. Sombra hot tags in Tracer, who unleashes a flurry of dropkicks. Tracer hits a C4 and sets up a Flying Shooting Star Press. D. Va rolls out of the way! Tracer goes for a pin. It’s only a one-count.

She again sets up the Flying Shooting Star Press. She connects this time and goes for the pin. Misty is there to run interference. Tracer climbs back up but Misty is there to kick her off the ropes. Tracer tags Sombra back in. Sombra tags Tracer back in. Sombra sucker punches D. Va, who was setting up a Cutter. D. Va manages to land a Frankensteiner before tagging in Jinx. Tracer hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb. She scurries up to the top rope, but Jinx is there to throw her down. Tracer then hits another C4. Jinx hot tags in D. Va, who immediately clotheslines Tracer over the ring. Misty and D. Va preform a combo Side Russian Leg Sweep. Tracer goes after Misty which allows D. Va to land a Side Backbreaker. D. Va brings the action back in the ring and hits an Electric Chair Drop. She goes for the pin but Sombra runs interference and breaks it up. D. Va goes for another pin. This time, Raven breaks it up. D. Va retaliates by slamming Raven and forcing her out of the ring. D. Va tags in Misty, who immediately tags D. Va back in. D. Va again tags in Misty.

Misty hits a quick Guillotine. Misty hits a devastating DDT. Tracer hot tags in Raven. Raven hits a DDT and locks in an Armbreaker. Misty easily fights out of it. Misty lands the Springboard Bulldog. She goes for the hook of the leg. Tracer breaks it up at two-and-a-half. Jinx tries to prevent it but couldn’t. Raven tags in Sombra who preform a combo Neckbreaker and kick. Sombra locks in the Mexican Surfboard. Misty is able to outlast it. Misty counters a move into a roll-up. It’s a near-fall. Sombra locks in an Armbreaker. Again, Misty easily breaks it out of it. Misty tags in Jinx. Jinx then immediately tags in D. Va. D. Va goes for the pin. She uses the ropes as leverage, but it still isn’t enough as Sombra kicks out at two. Sombra sets D. Va on the top rope and hits a Middle Rope Armdrag. Sombra tags in Tracer while D. Va makes a diving tag for Jinx. Jinx hits a little Spear. Tracer grazes Jinx with a Famouser off the top rope. Tracer tags in Sombra. Jinx tags in Misty. Sombra takes Misty on a ride to Suplex City. Misty goes for a cover after hitting a DDT.

Sombra kicks out of it. Jinx prevents Raven from running interference. Misty lands a Tornado DDT. Sombra goes for a cover but Jinx is there to break it up at two. Sombra again goes for the pin and again Jinx is there to break it up. Sombra punts Misty! Sombra again hits a Backbreaker Slam. She goes for yet another cover. Jinx breaks it up for the third time. Sombra tags in Tracer after she tossed Misty. Tracer climbs up and hits another Shooting Star Press! Hook of the leg. Sombra runs interference on D. Va. One, two, three! Ring the bell!


I guess Source Code and Raven are moving onto the finals. I wonder if Source Code will team up to take out Raven early on. Who knows how the team will survive the upcoming number one contender match. Misty, D. Va, and Jinx put up a decent fight, but it just wasn’t enough. I think the best spot was towards the end when Sombra kept hitting those Electric Chair Backbreakers onto Misty. Other than that, it was a formulaic 6-Man tag team match.


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