TMN Thunder [July 5th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Thunder, Episode 12
by BrazillDazzle
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Captain Nemo vs. Skeletor



Nemo starts with a Twisting Neckbreaker and follows it up with a Suplex. He then nails a Gutbuster and a huge Powerbomb. Nemo continues the onslaught with yet another Powerbomb and a Dead-lift Powerbomb. Skeletor finally hits a reversal and slams Nemo back-first into the turnbuckles. Nemo then hits an Overhead Fallaway Slam off the top rope. Nemo nails a Nautical Spear and then stomps on Skeletor’s head. He isn’t done yet, as he hits a Jackhammer. He goes for the pin, but Skeletor desperately kicks out at two. Skeletor then gains momentum and hits a Two-handed Chokeslam. Skeletor sets Nemo up in the Tree of Woe and proceeds to choke him out with his foot. Skeletor then tries to pin Nemo. Nemo kicks out at two. It was just a near-fall. Skeletor goes for another pin. Again, Nemo kicks out at two. Skeletor then hits his own Powerbomb and pins Nemo.

Nemo did okay in his second match. He’ll have to figure out the endurance and stamina aspects as his career moves forward. Skeletor also picked up a much-needed win; however, Nemo still needs a victory in the M4gNation.

Apocalypse Promo


He introduces the tournament to find the number one contender for the TMN Thunder Championship. He also wishes the competitors good luck and reminds fans to fill out a bracket.

Jyn Erso vs. Tifa Lockhart


Jyn kicks things off with a Running Bulldog and then slaps Tifa down. Tifa retaliates with a clubbing blow to Jyn’s back. Tifa retaliates a slam with a DDT. Jyn regains momentum and stomp repeatedly on Tifa. Jyn sets up a Splash, but Tifa catches her and drops her on the top turnbuckle. Jyn then sets up a Surfboard submission. Tifa outlasts it. Tifa nails a Double Axehandle Smash onto Jyn. Tifa then goes for the cover, but it’s just a one-count. Jyn hits a Facebuster and goes for the pin. Tifa kicks out emphatically at two. Jyn tosses Tifa through the turnbuckle then hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT through the turnbuckles. She then nails a Frog Splash off the top turnbuckle and hits a Leg Drop just to be safe. Tifa whips Jyn back into the ring, but Jyn retaliates with a Ferris Wheel DDT. Jyn continues the onslaught with a Crucifix she holds for a pin. It results in a two-count. Jyn then climbs up top and hits a Coup de Grace. She goes for the pin. Jyn Erso makes a statement with her return!


Watch out Women’s Division: Jyn is back. And she’s taking names this time around. It’s good to see her back from injury. I didn’t realize the attack earlier in the year knocked her out for so long. Tifa took some huge bumps in this match.

Optimus Prime (C) vs. Doomfist
(Hardcore Title Match)


Optimus starts with a back elbow to Doomfist. He then grabs a ladder from under the stage. Doomfist immediately punches it out of Prime’s hands. The fighting goes back into the ring, where Optimus hits a Running Powerslam and then a Backbreaker. Doomfist spears Optimus off the apron and then slams him into an announcer’s table. He whips the Autobot into the steps and continues the onslaught outside the ring. Optimus manages to snag in a Chickenwing Suplex. He grabs the ladder and introduces it to a downed Doomfist. Optimus grabs a table from under the ring and bashes Doomfist across the face with it.

Optimus whips his opponent into the ring and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. He lands a Superplex. He goes for the cover, but Doomfist kicks out at two. It was just a near-fall. Optimus hits a clubbing blow, but Doomfist grabs momentum. Doomfist then goes for a cover, but it’s not even a one-count. Dean Ambrose then runs interference. Optimus goes for a sneak attack, but Doomfist sees it coming. He then pins Optimus. It’s only a near-fall. Ambrose tried to run interference but missed breaking it up. Doomfist then hits a Superpunch. It almost puts away the champ! Optimus reverses a maneuver into a Belly-to-Belly Slam. Optimus then grabs a kendo stick. Doomfist fights it out of his grip and hits him with it. Doomfist goes for the cover… ring the bell! We have a new Hardcore Champion!


It was a good hardcore match. There were multiple weapons used, as well as good spots outside the ring. This was a much-needed win for Doomfist, who seems to be out of the current TMN Thunder Title picture. Optimus, too, is out of the picture and could have used a longer title reign.


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