TMN Green [June 30th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 102
by BrazillDazzle
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Ryu Hayabusa vs. Saitama
(Atom-Weight Number One Contender Match)


Ryu and Saitama go through a little chain wrestling back and forth to start the match off. Ryu takes control, hitting a Suplex. Saitama retaliates with a Crucifix. Ryu counters a Hurricanranna with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Ryu bridges a Suplex for an early cover. One-Punch Man kicks out at one. Saitama again goes for a Pop-Up Hurricanranna. Again, it gets countered into a Powerbomb. Ryu then nails a Leaping DDT. He then busts his opponent open. Ryu covers Saitama again. This time, it’s a near-fall. Hayabusa nails a devastating Spear. Saitama counters a Splash, turning it into a Powerslam. One-Punch Man then hits his own DDT. Ryu locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Saitama immediately fights out of it. Saitama covers Ryu after hitting a Hurricanranna from a perched Ryu. Ryu kicks out at one. Saitama then hits his patented One Punch. 1-2-3, ring the bell!


It was a pretty solid match. Both competitors put it out there, but in the end, Saitama gets the title shot. Ryu had some strong moves and looked good early on, but he could not outlast the superhero he faced.

Slaughter Sisters Promo


In a twist of fate, the Sisters said that the one pinned was not the active wrestler in their match. It’ll be interesting to see how Bojack reacts to this.

Kazuya Mishima vs. Ryu
(Steel Cage Match)


Ryu hits an early Suplex. Ryu continues the onslaught with a giant boot to his chest. Kazuya retaliates by slamming Ryu’s head into the cage. He then lands a Backbreaker. Momentum shifts back into Ryu’s favor. Ryu starts to climb the cage. Kazuya drags him down and tosses him into the middle of the ring. Kazuya then hits a Spinning Neckbreaker. Ryu retaliates with a Judo throw. Kazuya sets Ryu up in the Tree of Woe. Kazuya now climbs up the side of the cage. Ryu catches up to him and tosses him down. Ryu again climbs up the cage. He makes it out.


The fighting was pretty good, but it was a short match and had really an anticlimactic ending. I’m also not a huge fan of Steel Cage Matches. Ryu has been on a rampage since Roo left.

Zamasu Promo


Zamasu congratulates Ryu on his victory. However, it is back-handed as Zamasu says he still isn’t worried about Ryu. Ryu counters by reminding everyone that Zamasu got whooped on last week.


Symbiosis vs. Vegeta and Captain Falcon
(Tag Team Gauntlet Match)


Carnage and Vegeta kick things off. Carnage lands an early Step-Up Inseguri. Vegeta lands a 450 Splash off the middle rope. He then tags in Falcon. Carnage lands a Falcon Arrow to Captain Falcon. He then tags in Venom. Venom connects on an earth-shattering Double Axe Handle off the middle rope. Falcon hot tags in Vegeta, who immediately lands three Dropkicks onto his foe. He follows it up with a Shining Wizard. Vegeta takes control of the match. Vegeta goes for the Galick Gun, but Venom counters it. Vegeta locks in a pin on Venom. Carnage slips into Raditz, halting his count. Raditz resumes the count. Carnage then breaks it up at two. Vegeta again goes for the pin, this time Venom kicks out at two.

He tags in Falcon, who picks up where Vegeta left off. Venom; however, hits the Scorpion Deathdrop. He goes for the cover. Vegeta is there to run interference. Vegeta tags himself in while Venom tags in Carnage.  Carnage reintroduces himself with a Powerbomb. Carnage then hits a Superkick that busts Vegeta open. Carnage continues with a huge Boot to Vegeta. He goes for the cover, but Vegeta is barely able to kick out. Falcon was late running interference. Carnage tags in Venom. They hit the Symbiosis Splash! Venom lands a Tombstone Piledriver. The Prince of All Saiyans shrugs it off but is unable to grab momentum. Venom then lands another Scorpion Death Drop. Vegeta is still able to kick out of the ensuing cover. Carnage gets tagged back in. He connects on a Springboard Elbow to the back of Vegeta’s neck. Carnage then lands a Bucklebomb. Carnage sweeps Vegeta face-first into the middle turnbuckle.

He follows it up with yet another Boot. He goes for the cover. Falcon runs interference and Andrew jumps up to the apron to distract Raditz. Carnage tags in Venom. Vegeta hits another Step-Up Dropkick. He then hits an acrobatic Hurricanranna. Venom retaliates with a boot. Vegeta tags in Falcon. Venom hits a Sunset Flip and holds it for a pin. Vegeta breaks it up. Venom hits another Piledriver. Falcon reverses a Fireman’s Carry into a DDT. Venom sets up the Scorpion Deathdrop. He covers Falcon yet again. Vegeta runs interference, taking out Raditz instead of breaking up the pin! Carnage takes this opportunity to land a Frankensteiner on Vegeta. Falcon hits a Falcon Bomb onto Venom. Falcon covers Venom. Carnage breaks it up at two. Falcon lands a Splash onto his downed foe. Venom spears Vegeta off the apron. He tags in Carnage, who preform an Atomic Drop/Boot combo. Falcon manages to shrug it off and spear Carnage off the apron.

Vegeta rolls Carnage back into the ring. Carnage regains momentum, hitting a Falcon Arrow onto Captain Falcon. Falcon retaliates with a Running Bulldog. Carnage tags in Venom. Venom covers Falcon. Falcon kicks out at two. Venom hits another Scorpion Deathdrop. He covers Falcon. Vegeta breaks it up with mere fractions of a second to spare. Falcon sets Venom up on the top turnbuckle. Falcon hits a Cutter! Falcon then hits a DDT. Venom returns the favor with a Samoan Drop. Venom hits the fifth, maybe sixth Scorpion Deathdrop. Vegeta again breaks up the following pin attempt. Venom hot tags in Carnage. Carnage then hits a Superkick onto Falcon. Falcon ends up covering Carnage. It’s a near-fall. Carnage nails Falcon with a Boot. Venom hits Vegeta with a DDT, preventing him from breaking up the cover.


Symbiosis is on fire! They are really shaking up the Tag Team Division. This match had everything – big moves, daring spots, heightened drama. Vegeta also took the brunt of Symbiosis’ offense.

Moon Knight (C) vs. Kratos
(MitB Cash-In, 30 Minute Iron Man Match, TMN Green Title Match)


Moon Knight hits an early neckbreaker. He then grabs a steel chair, hitting Kratos over the head with it. Kratos goes for the first cover. It’s just a one-count. Moon Knight hits a DDT after missing a couple of punches and forearm strikes. Moon Knight locks in a Boston Crab. Kratos fights out of it. Kratos again goes for a cover. The Champion immediately kicks out. Kratos lands a Snake Eyes and follows it with a Rock Bottom. He goes for another cover, but Moon Knight again kicks out of it. Moon Knight retaliates with a series of kicks to Kratos’s gut. Moon Knight lands an early Piledriver. He goes for the cover, but it’s just a near-fall.

Moon Knight drops the knees on Kratos. Kratos retaliates with a Spear. Kratos goes for a cover. Moon Knight kicks out with fractions of a second left. He then locks in a Headlock onto the Champion. Moon Knight survives it. Moon Knight grabs the chair and unloads it onto an unsuspecting Kratos. Kratos lands another Snake Eyes. Moon Knight drives his fist into Kratos’s skull. Moon Knight sets him up on the top rope. Moon Knight then goes for the cover. He cannot get the early pinfall. Moon Knight clotheslines Kratos over the top rope and follows it up with a Suicide Dive. Kratos busts Moon Knight open via a huge boot. Kratos sets up a Spear. Moon Knight again grabs the chair. Kratos lands the Blades of Chaos. Kratos scores an early 1-0 lead. Moon Knight hits a Bulldog. Kratos hits a Powerbomb and a Pumphandle Slam. He goes for a cover but cannot get the 2-0 lead. Kratos hits another Spear! Kratos hits the Blades of Chaos and goes up 2-0. Moon Knight busts Kratos open with a Piledriver. Moon Knight scores a pin! It’s now 2-1. Moon Knight regains all momentum.

Moon Knight goes for another cover. It’s just a near-fall. Moon Knight again sets Kratos up on the top turnbuckle. Moon Knight goes for another pin. Kratos kicks out at two. Moon Knight yet again sets Kratos up. He hits another Avalanche. Kratos regains momentum, but it doesn’t last long as Moon Knight reverses a move into a DDT into the ropes. Moon Knight lands another Piledriver. It isn’t enough to even up the score. Moon Knight locks in a submission. Kratos elbows out of it. Moon Knight counters the Blades of Chaos and turns it into a Piledriver. It’s now all tied up! Moon Knight slowly crawls to his feet after hitting a Neckbreaker. Kratos hits a Dropkick and goes for a cover. Moon Knight kicks out at two-and-a-half. Moon Knight lands another DDT and Piledriver. Moon Knight goes for the pin, but it’s just a near-fall. Kratos goes for the pin, but it’s just a two-count. Moon Knight goes for another cover after hitting a clothesline. It’s just a two-count.

Moon Knight grabs a sledgehammer this time. He introduces it to Kratos’s head wound. Moon Knight grabs the sledgehammer and again hits Kratos with it. Kratos retaliates with a clothesline. Moon Knight hits another middle rope Armdrag. He goes for the cover, but it’s just another near-fall. Moon Knight hits the fourth Piledriver. This puts him up 3-2 over Kratos. Kratos retaliates with a Fireman’s Carry. He follows it up with a Spear. Moon Knight hits a Dragon Screw counter. He goes for the cover but Kratos kicks out easily at one. Kratos sets up the Blades of Chaos. He covers the Champion, and we’re all tied up at 3! Kratos hits yet another Spear. Moon Knight covers Kratos after hitting an arm drag. Surprisingly, it’s a near-fall. Moon Knight climbs to the top rope and nails a Flying Clothesline! Moon Knight reverses one of Kratos’s moves, turning it into a DDT. Moon Knight again drives his fist into Kratos’s skull.

Moon Knight sets up Kratos on the top turnbuckle. He lands yet another Avalanche. He covers Kratos and goes up 4-3. Moon Knight hits a Jawbreaker and follows it up with a Piledriver. He covers Kratos again to go up 5-3. Moon Knight hits a devastating clothesline and then grabs a baseball bat. Kratos manages to halt Moon Knight’s offense. He then hits the Blades of Chaos. He covers the champion. It’s now 5-4. Both wrestlers hit Jawbreakers. Kratos hits a Suplex. Moon Knight sets up another Piledriver. He goes for the cover. Kratos kicks out with mere milliseconds left! With two minutes left, it’s 5-4 in Moon Knight’s favor. Kratos finally hits the Spinebuster he desperately tried to hit all match. Kratos wastes precious time by waiting for Moon Knight to get up. Moon Knight hits another Flying Armdrag. He covers Kratos, but the challenger kicks out at two. Kratos sets up the Blades of Chaos with under 45 seconds left. He goes for the cover. It’s now tied up with under 30 seconds left! Kratos takes his eyes off the clock. Both men score five falls! Moon Knight retains his title!


What a match! Both men competed admirably. Kratos might have been able to pull the upset off at the very end, but he took too long in wearing Moon Knight down. Moon Knight is able to retain his title, but I wonder if Bojack will schedule a rematch since it was just a tie.


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