Order 66 [2018] – Show Review

Order 66 PPV Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Joey Wheeler vs. Darth Malak (C)
(Atom Weight Championship)


Joey Wheeler kicks this Pay-Per-View off with a Neckbreaker and follows it with a serious offense. Joey punches Malak off the apron. Malak counters and tosses Wheeler face-first into the ring post. Malak locks in a headlock. Out of nowhere, Joey hits the Black Skull Dragon! Joey goes for the cover, but it’s just a near-fall. Wheeler keeps the momentum by Guillotining him. Malak sets up the Sister Padme. Joey kicks out with fractions of a second left. Joey regains momentum. Joey lands a middle-rope Superplex. Joey uses the ropes as leverage for the ensuing cover. Again, it’s just a near-fall. Joey wraps up Malak yet again. This time it’s just a one-count. Joey Wheeler lands the Time Wizard, but Joey can’t keep momentum. Joey hits the Graceful Dice! 1-2-3 ring the bell! Joey regains the Atom Weight Championship!


Joey had control for much of the match. Malak again didn’t show up to defend his title. Is this the first nail in the coffin for Civil War?

Civil War vs. Android 13 & Scorpion

(Tag Team Championship)


Jack Sparrow and Scorpion start for their respective teams. Sparrow hits a Bulldog then tags in Meseeks. Scorpion lands a strong DDT onto Meseeks, then tags in Android 13. 13 immediately Powerslams his opponent. Meseeks tags Sparrow back in, who gets welcomed with a dropkick. 13 sets up two different Powerbombs, but Sparrow punches out of it both times. Sparrow keeps it up by standing on the middle rope and clubbing 13’s face. 13 hot tags in Scorpion, while Sparrow tags in Meseeks. Scorpion lands a Sidewalk Slam, which forces Meseeks to hot tag Sparrow back in.

Sparrow hits a devastating DDT onto Scorpion. He sets up the Black Pearl but at the last second Scorpion rolls out of the way. Sparrow connects on an Airplane Headscissors. Scorpion tags in 13. Sparrow tags Meseeks back in. 13 hits a Chokeslams and makes Meseeks bleed. Meseeks retaliates with a strong kick. Meseeks lands a Powerbomb and goes for the cover. Scorpion runs interference, but misses! 13 is able to kick out with almost no time left! Meseeks continues the rampage with a series of Clotheslines. Meseeks tags Sparrow back in. Sparrow hits a top-rope DDT. 13 hits a Snakeyes, which busts Sparrow open. He goes for the cover. Meseeks tries to run interference but Scorpion is there to intercept him. 13 and Scorpion retain their championship!


This really might be the end of Civil War. The stable that had so much hype walking into this Pay-Per-View really fell flat after they lost both of their matches. There were some good spots in this match, especially when Meseeks ran train on Android 13. Other than that, it was a pretty average match with nothing too flashy happening.

Cell vs. Zamasu (C)
(Solar Flare Championship)


Zamasu whips Cell off the top rope. Cell retaliates with an Axehandle but can’t keep ahold of the spry Zamasu. Cell Suplexes Zamasu into the ropes. He then lands a Snake Eyes on the Kai. Zamasu retaliates with a DDT. Zamasu lands a Flying Elbow Drop. He then sets up the Sweet Chin Music. He goes for the hook of the leg. It’s just a near-fall. Cell connects on the Solar Flare Kamehameha. Cell now covers Zamasu. He kicks out at two-and-a-half. Cell lands yet another Kamehameha. It still isn’t enough to pin Zamasu. Raditz holds off Cell to check up on Zamasu. Zamasu connects on a Crucifix. He holds it for a cover, but it’s just a near-fall. Cell goes for a third Kamehameha, but Zamasu counters it.

Zamasu forces Cell outside, then Suicide Dives out to meet the android. Cell takes the fighting back in the ring. Cell lands a Dead-lift Powerbomb, then hits a third Solar Flare Kamehameha. Cell taunts instead of going for the cover. Zamasu takes advantage by knocking Cell down and going for the cover. It’s surprisingly a near-fall. He follows it up with a Springboard Lionsault. Cell counters with a Jawbreaker and then hits a fourth Kamehameha. He goes for the cover, but Zamasu is still able to kick out of it. Zamasu retaliates with a DDT and follows it with a Flying Elbow Drop. Cell rolls out of the way in the nick of time. Cell lands yet another Kamehameha. Cell opts to continue the onslaught instead of going for a pin. Zamasu regains momentum. He locks in a Sharpshooter. This makes Cell tap out! Zamasu retains his belt!


This could be the match of the night! Zamasu showed why he’s the champion – he has resilience, stamina, strength, and speed. He puts on some of the best matches week in and week out. He’s definitely proved that he’s a phenomenal wrestler and a great worker.

Android 18 vs. Hawk Girl (C)
(Supernova Championship)


18 starts with a pair of Sidewalk Backbreakers. She then throws the champion to the ground and follows it with a quick cover. It’s just a one-count. 18 hits a middle-rope Hangman’s Neckbreaker. She follows it with another quick cover. Again, it’s just a one-count. Hawk Girl lands a DDT and follows it with a cover. It’s another one-count. Hawk Girl lands a top-rope Flying Headscissors. 18 retaliates and covers the champion. It’s still just a one-count. 18 locks in a submission. She again goes for a cover, and yet again it’s a one-count. 18 connects on a top-rope Super Hurricanranna. Hawk Girl lands an Inseguri and immediately taunts. She follows it up with a DDT. 18 counters with an Armdrag. 18 sets up the Twist of Fates but is countered easily. Hawk Girl lands a Frog Splash, which seals the W!


What a work! 18 was in control for almost all the match, and a Frog Splash wins it for Hawk Girl. The Frog Splash must be deadly because that’s one of only like five moves she landed on 18.


Ash Ketchum vs. Hulk vs. Moon Knight vs. Jack-6 vs. Raiden vs. Yusuke Urameshi
(TMN Green Championship Elimination Chamber Match)


Raiden and Jack-6 are the first two competitors in the Elimination Chamber. Jack-6 has the early momentum, but Raiden whips him over the top-rope. Jack-6 retaliates with some clubbing blows. Ash is the first one out of his pod. Ash immediately goes after Raiden. Jack-6 turns his attention to Ash. Ash then counters Raiden. Moon Knight is the second one to enter the fray. He goes after Ash, while Raiden and Jack-6 go at it. Ash then turns his attention to Jack-6. Hulk then escapes his pod. Raiden destroys Hulk on the outside of the chamber. Yusuke then enters the ring. Hulk sends Moon Knight through the middle rope. Raiden tosses Jack-6 to the outside. Yusuke splashes Ash.

Ash locks in the Sharpshooter on Jack-6. He has the stamina and pain tolerance to wait it out. Ash climbs up the side of the wall and lands an Elbow Drop on Jack-7. Raiden covers Yusuke, but it’s just a near-fall. Hulk covers Raiden, but it’s just a one-count. Moon Knight whips Jack-6 into the turnbuckle. Jack-6 is bleeding profusely. Jack-6 takes Moon Knight for a ride. Jack-6 covers Raiden, who is the first eliminated. Yusuke climbs on top of a pod and leaps on Ash. Yusuke locks in the Realm of the Demon Realm on Moon Knight. Moon Knight doesn’t tap. Moon Knight lands a Flying Crossbody. Ash almost pins Hulk. Hulk and Jack-6 go at it on the outside. Ash covers Yusuke. He kicks out at two.

Moon Knight busts Hulk open. He then busts Ash open, too. Yusuke climbs back on top of the pod and lands a Flying Crossbody on Jack-6. Moon Knight covers Ash, which results in a near-fall. Ash busts Moon Knight open with a Superkick. He goes for the cover, but it’s just a near-fall. Hulk Powerbombs Yusuke three times and gets eliminated. Moon Knight lands a Piledriver on Ash. Moon Knight pins Ash! Moon Knight almost steals a pin on Jack-6. Hulk Suplexes Moon Knight, but then turns his attention to Jack-6.

Hulk covers the other big guy, but it’s just a two-count. Hulk again beats up Moon Knight like an inconvenience. Jack-6 connects on a trio of Powerbombs on the Hulk. Hulk is just able to kick out. Jack-6 hits an F-5 on Hulk. Moon Knight takes advantage by tossing Jack-6 shoulder-first into the ring post. Hulk locks in a submission on Jack-6. Jack-6 and Moon Knight tag on Hulk. Moon Knight gets Guillotined by Jack-6. Hulk drops Moon Knight on the turnbuckle. Hulk lands a series of Powerbombs on Jack-6. It’s a three-count. It’s just Moon Knight and the Hulk. Ring the bell! A series of kicks wears down the big, green man!


I called that Moon Knight would win! Anyway, each competitor put up a helluva fight in this Elimination Chamber. There were so many good spots and death-defying moves that it was almost impossible to cover it all. Ash had the Falling Elbow Drop off the wall, Yusuke dove two times off a pod, and Hulk destroyed people using the wall and pods. Congrats to each wrestler for making it this far, and shout out to my man Moon Knight for earning the belt!


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