TMN Thunder [May 24th, 2018] – Show Review

Thunder, Episode 10, Show Review
By: BrazillDazzle
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1). Quan Chi (3:39-7:31) First eliminated; No eliminations

2). King (3:39-8:17) Second eliminated; No eliminations

3). Batman (5:46-10:12) Third eliminated; One elimination – Quan Chi

4). Strider Hiryu (7:52-14:21) Sixth eliminated; Three eliminations – King, Rick Sanchez, Yami Yugi

5). Rick Sanchez (9:58-10:59) Fourth eliminated; One elimination – Batman

6). Yami Yugi (11:17-13:40) Fifth eliminated; No eliminations

7). Spawn (13:25-21:58) Eighth eliminated; Two eliminations – Yami Yugi, Strider Hiryu

8). Boba Fett (14:43-24:48) Ninth eliminated; One elimination – Spawn

9). Cobra Commander (16:50-20:59) Seventh eliminated; No eliminations

10). Guile (18:57-27:09) Eleventh eliminated; One elimination – Cobra Commander

11). Darth Revan (21:03-25:05) Tenth eliminated; One elimination – Boba Fett

12). Ultron (23:11-39:49) Seventeenth eliminated; Six eliminations – Darth Revan, Guile, Skeletor, Jiren, Ghost Rider, Bizarro

13). Voldemort (25:17-30:12) Twelfth eliminated; No eliminations

14). Ghost Rider (27:27-32:55) Fifteenth eliminated; One elimination – Jiren

15). Jiren (29:33-32:31) Fourteenth eliminated; One elimination – Voldemort

16). Skeletor (31:41-32:15) Thirteenth eliminated; No eliminations

17). Bizarro (33:13-35:13) Sixteenth eliminated; No eliminations

18). Predator (35:20-40:58) Eighteenth eliminated; No eliminations

19). Bandit Keith (37:26-43:25) Nineteenth elimination; One elimination – Ultron

20). Apocalypse (39:33-) Last man standing; Two eliminations – Predator, Bandit Keith




Longest time – Ultron (16:38)

Shortest time – Skeletor (:34)

Most eliminations – Ultron (6)

Least eliminations – Too many to list

Biggest surprise – Ultron’s surprise entrance/going on a tear of the roster

Biggest disappointment – Mainly one-on-one fights throughout the Royal Rumble

Breakout star of the night – Ultron


This was a lot slower paced Royal Rumble than what I was anticipating. With that being said, this pacing showed the strengths and weaknesses of many of the wrestlers involved. Since the action was primarily one-on-one, it was easy to see how these men preform in singles bouts. The final two entrants, Bandit Keith and Apocalypse, both put up a heck of a fight at the end of the rumble. Shout outs to Strider Hiryu, Ultron, Bandit Keith, and Apocalypse for having some amazing spots and great eliminations.


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