TMN Green, [Ep #95] – Show Review

Green 95 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Cooler (C) vs. King
(Hardcore Championship Title Match)


Cooler starts the match off with a slam followed by a headlock. King; however, counters with a Hurricanranna followed by two DDTs and a Suplex. King then slams Cooler shoulder first into the turnbuckle and continues the onslaught with a Sitdown Powerbomb followed by a chair shot to the face. King gets the first cover of the match, but Cooler kicks out with ease at one. Cooler then punches King to the outside of the ring. Cooler continues the onslaught outside the ring. Cooler grabs a baseball bat and smacks King across the stomach with it. King has enough and felinely attacks Cooler. Finn Balor goes after Cooler. Balor lands a Brainbuster onto Cooler, but King is unable to capitalize on it. Cooler connects on a Swinging Neckbreaker. That seals the deal for the Space Emperor.


It was a pretty cool match. No one saw Balor coming out to help King. Maybe he’s a Tekken fan or just hates anime. Cooler looked indestructible as he took numerous shots from both Balor and King.

Symbiosis vs. Five Knuckle Shufflers
(Tag Team Qualifying Match)


Carnage and Saitama lead off for their respective teams. Carnage has the early momentum as he delivers a furious offense to One Punch Man. He also lands Shining Wizard only a few minutes into the match. Saitama; however, manages to fight off Carnage long enough to tag in Skeeter. Carnage also lands a Greco-Roman style takedown. He then clotheslines Skeeter off the apron. Skeeter brings the action back inside the squared circle and tags in Saitama. He lands a Springboard Frog Splash onto Carnage, who hasn’t tagged out yet. Saitama tags in Skeeter, who preform a sick team maneuver. Carnage finally tags in Venom. Skeeter tags in Saitama who immediately connects on a Hurricanranna. Venom lands a Suplex, but Saitama prevents him from gaining much momentum off of it.

Skeeter gets tagged in. Venom tags Carnage back in. Carnage busts Skeeter open courtesy of a big boot. Carnage tags in Venom who helps him preform a Double Powerslam. Venom goes for the cover, but Skeeter breaks out at two. Skeeter then covers Venom, but Carnage is there to break it up. Skeeter shows his frustration by punching Carnage off the apron. Skeeter then connects on the Patty Mayonnaise. Venom kicks out of the following cover with fractions of a second left. Skeeter tags in Saitama. Saitama forces Venom outside of the ring. He then jumps over the top rope to keep Venom down. Carnage wastes no time and surprises Saitama with an elbow across the forehead. Venom, who is still the legal man, unleashes a devastating DDT followed by a Tombstone Piledriver.

Venom hot tags Carnage back in. Saitama tags in a bloodied Skeeter. Carnage targets the gash on Skeeter’s head. Skeeter connects on a guillotine-like clothesline. Skeeter tags Saitama back in. Saitama goes for the pin after connecting on a 450 Splash, but Carnage kicks out at two and a half. Carnage then tries to cover Saitama, but it’s just a one count. Carnage then Powerbombs One Punch Man into the turnbuckle. Carnage gets the W off that Powerbomb. Venom runs interference, just to make sure Skeeter can’t break it up.


Symbiosis managed the upset in this match and it feels good to see the underdogs win. The number one contender’s match next week is shaping up to be a good one. After Venom’s impressive March M4Gness match against Goku, the sky seems to be the limit for Symbiosis.


Raiden vs. Captain Planet
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Captain Planet slams Raiden’s face into the turnbuckle ten or fifteen times before landing a Reverse Suplex. Raiden climbs to the top rope and connects on an elbow drop. Raiden continues his offense by landing a Reverse Spinning Neckbreaker, followed by the Cumulo Nimbus. This wins it for him!


Did someone say squash match? Raiden looked like a god because he was basically untouchable. At the same time tough, I’m glad to see the former Solar Society won’t have to fight each other in the Elimination Chamber.


Yusuke Urameshi vs. Darth Maul
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Maul overpowers Yusuke and forces him into the turnbuckle. Raditz is there to break it up. Yusuke lands a DDT. Maul goes for the first cover of the match, but Yusuke grabs the rope immediately. Maul lands a splash that covered almost the entire length of the ring. Yusuke connects on Double Underhook Backbreaker, followed by a Springboard Frog Splash. Yusuke goes for the cover, but it is just a one and a half count. Maul connects on a Float-Over DDT. He goes for another cover, but Yusuke kicks out immediately.

Maul clubs Yusuke off the apron. Yusuke Powerbombs Maul onto the exposed concrete outside the ring. Maul then whips Yusuke into the steel steps. Yusuke then returns the favor and punches Maul off the apron. He then connects on a Scoopslam. Maul regains momentum and lands a Snap Suplex. Yusuke tosses Maul back into the ring. He goes for another cover, but the Sith kicks out easily at one. Maul then plans the Spirit Detective with a DDT. Yusuke then locks in the Walls of the Demon Realm. He fights out of it. Maul goes for the cover, but it is just a near-fall. Maul connects on a Cutter. Again, Maul gets just a near-fall. Maul then locks in a headlock, but Yusuke easily fights out of it. Yusuke again tries to lock in the submission. Yusuke isn’t able to lock it in fully.

Maul regains momentum with a Russian Leg Sweep. He again goes for the cover, but it is just a near-fall. Yusuke goes for the pin after landing a Running Bulldog, but it still isn’t enough. Yusuke connects on a Springboard Lionsault. He then lands the Spirit Gun. That puts the Sith Lord away.


This was such an entertaining match! Yusuke and Darth Maul were so evenly matched. There were awesome spots, too. There was action outside the ring, death-defying acrobatics, submissions, literally the whole nine yards of everything you could want in a match. The Elimination Chamber in the upcoming weeks is going to be a helluva match.


Raven vs. Juliet Sterling vs. Misty vs. Harley Quinn
(Fatal Four Extreme Rules Match)


Raven and Juliet go after each other while Harley Quinn and Misty go at it. Juliet and Raven take it to the outside at the start of the match. Raven whips Juliet back in the ring. Misty attacks Harley. Misty turns her attention to Raven. Misty misses a Flying Crossbody. Raven grabs a baseball bat and nails Misty with it. Harley Quinn takes advantage by landing a Flying Crossbody. Misty is forced to take a breather after taking a huge Suplex. Lollipop Chainsaw takes out both Harley and Raven. Harley is forced to take a breather. Juliet grabs a table. Juliet goes for a cover over Misty, but the resulting pin is just a one count. Raven and Harley take the action to the outside.

Misty hits the Hydro Pump onto Juliet. She goes for the cover. Raven breaks it up at two. Misty turns her attention to Harley. Misty then forces Raven away after a DDT. Raven retaliates with a Bulldog. Juliet and Misty go at it. Juliet turns her attention to Harley but is forced out after a Suplex. Misty lands a Running Bulldog onto Harley. Juliet returns to attack Raven. Misty is forced to use Rest outside the ring. Raven drops Juliet neck-first onto the ropes. The following cover is just a near-fall. Misty lands another DDT.

Misty the connects on a second Hydro Pump. Harley is there to break up the cover. Juliet locks in a submission onto Misty, but Raven is there to break it up. Harley delivers a huge kick onto Juliet. Juliet goes for the cover on Harley, but it is just a two count. Raven lands a Smash Bros. inspired butt bomb onto Harley. She doesn’t capitalize on it. Misty lands a Spinebuster onto Harley. Raven goes for the cover on Misty. Again, it is just a near-fall. All four wrestlers are back in the ring. Juliet clubs Raditz, as per is tradition. Juliet locks the submission again on Misty. Harley dillydallies and isn’t able to break up the submission. Juliet now improves to 3 and 12.

It was a surprisingly entertaining match, given the records of all four combatants. It was also cool to see some lower-card women Main Event the night. While there are no title implications or anything in these ladies’ futures, it was still a good, fun match.

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