TMN Green, [Ep #94] – Show Review

Green 94 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Civil War (Mr. Meeseeks/Darth Malak) vs. Dark Matter(Jiren/Spawn)
(Tag Team Title Qualifying Match)


Meeseeks hits a Neckbreaker onto Spawn to kick things off. Spawn gains momentum thereafter. Meseeks tags in Malak. Spawn hot tags in Jiren. Malak wastes no time continuing his fury. Jiren drops Malak onto the ropes. He then hot tags Meseeks back in. Jiren goes for the first pin attempt, but Meseeks kicks out at two. Jiren tags Spawn back in. Meseeks goes for a cover, but Spawn kicks out easily at one. Malak gets tagged back in. Spawn connects on a Tombstone Piledriver, but it is just a near-fall. Jiren takes Meseeks out of the picture. Jiren gets tagged back in. Jiren pins Malak after landing a bone-shattering slam. The following cover again is just a near fall.

Jiren tags Spawn back in. Malak tags Meseeks back in. Meseeks hits a series of clotheslines against Spawn. Meseeks counters Spawn’s attempted Chokeslam. Meseeks goes for a cover but Spawn kicks out at two. Jiren breaks up another cover. Malak then takes out Meseeks. Meseeks hot tags Malak back in. Spawn hits a devastating DDT onto Malak. Malak then goes for a cover on Spawn, which seals the deal for Civil War.

The biggest component of this match was Malak attacking Meseeks. Was it heat of the moment accident, or is there something going on in the locker room? It looked like Dark Matter could have pulled off the upset, but they could not compete with the onslaught of Civil War. Overall, there were some good spots, but honestly it was kind of a squash match.

Goku vs. Moon Knight
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Moon Knight starts with a series of punches followed by an axe handle. Goku manages to fight back for a little before Moon Knight takes over again. Goku gets the first cover of the match, but Moon Knight kicks out before Raditz can count to one. Moon Knight then goes for the pin, but Goku kicks out easily at one. Moon Knight lands a Superplex onto the Super Saiyan. Moon Knight then lands a Stun Gun.  Moon Knight then goes for another pin, but Goku again kicks out at one. He also lands a clothesline knee combo. Moon Knight busts Goku open with a Piledriver. He almost scores the win, but Goku kicks out with mere fractions of a second left.

Goku finally manages some offense by landing a Stunner. Moon Knight kicks out at two. Moon Knight connects on a DDT. Moon Knight then drops Goku face-first into the turnbuckle. Goku goes for another cover, but it is just a near-fall. Goku elbows Moon Knight, which makes him bleed. Moon Knight lands an Angle Slam, but it still is not enough to put the Super Saiyan away. Moon Knight lands a second Piledriver. That is enough to send Moon Knight to the Elimination Chamber.


Moon Knight has quickly become one of my favorite superheroes and wrestlers, and it’s all thanks to Green. This was a great match, with both competitors putting everything on the line.


Static Shock vs. Joey Wheeler vs. Ryu Hayabusa
(Atom Weight Number One Contender’s Match)


Static Shock takes out both competitors out early on, but Joey punches him off the turnbuckle as he tries to climb it. He focuses on Static as Ryu sits in the middle of the ring. Ryu then goes after Static. Joey forces Ryu out of the ring. Ryu and Joey go at it. Static helps Joey out by preforming a double DDT. Joey thanks him by beating him up. Ryu turns his attention to Static. Static goes for the first cover, but Joey is there to break it up at one. Joey lands a Graceful Dice onto Ryu. He goes for the cover, but it is just a near-fall, as Ryu kicks out at two. Joey then turns his attention to Static. Joey lands a Superplex onto the superhero.

Ryu manages to cover Joey, but Static breaks it up immediately. Static goes for another pin on Ryu, but he kicks out easily. He goes for another cover after taking Joey out, but it is just a one count. Ryu lands a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a Spear. Ryu goes for a cover on Joey as Static just lies there. Joey kicks out easily at one. Ryu covers Static, but it is just a near-fall. Joey Wheeler forces Static out of the ring. Wheeler covers Ryu, but he kicks out at two and a half. Wheeler then lands another Skull Dice on Ryu.

He then turns his attention to Static. Ryu is the only man standing. He covers Static, but he still can’t seal the deal. Ryu then lands another Spear. Static kicks out of the following pin with fractions of a second left. He then rolls Joey up, but it is just a near-fall. Ryu then turns his attention back to Static; ramming him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He goes for another pin, but Static is still able to muster enough strength to kick out. Ryu lands yet another Spear. Joey breaks up the following cover at two.

He then covers Ryu, which is unsuccessful. Static tosses Joey off the turnbuckle, then covers Ryu, but it still is not enough. Static elbows Ryu, which busts him open. Joey covers Static, but Ryu is there to break it up. Ryu takes out Joey, too. He goes for the cover, but Joey kicks out almost exactly at two. Joey connects on an Insect Queen onto Ryu. To be safe, he takes Static out of the equation. He covers Ryu and it is finally a three count.


It’s getting kind of boring seeing Joey in the Atom Weight picture every match, but kudos for him for winning a taxing triple threat match. There were so many good spots in this match, but I feel like it dragged on a little too long. Each competitor showed they had the grit and determination to win in a one-on-one setting, but this free-for-all proved too much for Static and Ryu.

Android 18 vs. Nina Williams
(Supernova Number One Contender’s Match)


Android 18 has the early momentum in the match. Nina; however, gets the first cover. 18 kicks out easily at one. Nina continues the onslaught. Nina takes the action outside the ring. 18 gets back in the ring and lands a hard headbutt to the back of Nina’s head. 18 lands a Sit Down Powerbomb. She also lands a Norther Lights Suplex that she bridges into a cover, but it is only a near-fall. 18 then lands a cutter, but it still isn’t enough to put Nina away. Nina gains some momentum by connecting on a Belly to Belly Suplex. The following cover is not enough to win her the match. Nina rolls up 18, but 18 counters and rolls up Nina. Both covers are unsuccessful. 18 lands a Twist of Fate, which earns her the W.


This wasn’t the best match on the card, but it was okay. Nothing much happened to really give it a higher score. The razzmatazz wasn’t there for me. It’ll be interesting to see how a fresh Android 18 does against Hawkgirl.

Hulk vs. Vegeta
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Hulk starts things off by tossing Vegeta around. Vegeta is able to counter with a shoulder block. Vegeta lands a nice slam onto Hulk. Vegeta then lands what almost looks like a reverse or backwards Coup de Grace off the middle rope. Vegeta lands a Cutter but misses a Springboard Splash. Hulk then drops the Prince of all Saiyans onto the top rope. Vegeta connects on a Hurricanranna on a Hulk that is perched on the turnbuckle. Vegeta goes for the cover, but Hulk kicks out at one. Vegeta lands a Step-Up Dropkick.

Vegeta goes for the Galick Gun, but Hulk is able to sidestep it. Hulk then takes Vegeta on a one-way trip to Suplex City. Hulk goes for the cover, but Vegeta manages to kick out at two. Hulk drops Vegeta face-first onto the turnbuckle. Vegeta sets Hulk up on the top rope, but Hulk fights back. Vegeta goes for another cover, but it is just a near-fall. Hulk sets Vegeta up on the top rope and lands a drop. Vegeta kicks out of the following cover, and not a second too soon. Hulk sets Vegeta up again on the top rope. The following slam seals the win for Hulk.


It was a pretty solid match. Vegeta and Hulk both looked strong in the match. Besides some botches on Vegeta’s part, it was a pretty textbook Main Event. The Elimination Chamber is shaping up to be a good one, although both upper card Saiyans are out of it.


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