TMN Thunder [Ep #8] – [Show Review]

TMN Thunder, Ep #8
by BrazillDazzle
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Dark Matter (Spawn and Jiren)
June 6, 1944 (Bandit Keith and Guile)


Jiren and Bandit Keith start off the match for their respective teams. Jiren gets the first move in with a series of backbreakers. Keith gains momentum and tags in Guile. They leg drop splash combo onto the lifeless Jiren. Jiren is having none of Guile and tags in Spawn. Guile tags Keith back in. Spawn flips Keith over the ropes and then tags in Jiren. Keith lands a gut buster. Keith absolutely demolishes Jiren. Keith goes for a cover, but Spawn is there to break it up. Jiren tags Spawn in. Guile is tagged back in. They preform a Russian Leg Sweep clothesline combo. Spawn; however, regains momentum for a bit. Guile tags Keith in. Guile throws Keith like a lawn dart at the defenseless Spawn. Spawn tags Jiren in. Jiren lands a flying body splash. He tags Spawn back in. Keith tags Guile back in. Guile connects on a piledriver, then follows it up with a running knee to Spawn’s head. Guile locks in a Sharpshooter, which causes Spawn to tap out.


What a debut for Bandit Keith! He went on a solid rampage for most of the time he was the legal man. Guile looked good, too. I think tag team matches might be Guile’s forte. Dark Matter, who has a really cool name, needs to find their footing, because both wrestlers are slipping down the ladder.


Ghost Rider vs. Yusuke Urameshi (Falls Count Anywhere)


Ghost Rider comes out swinging with an immediate cover on Yusuke. Kareem Abdul Jabbar doesn’t even have enough time to get down before Yusuke kicks out. Ghost Rider grabs a chair from under the ring, but Yusuke grabs it away from him. Ghost Rider goes for another pin outside, but Yusuke kicks out. Ghost Rider delivers a punishing offense outside the ring He goes for another pin, but Yusuke again kicks out at one. Yusuke manages some offense, which consisted of a bulldog. Yusuke goes for a cover, but Ghost Rider kicks out at one. Yusuke then grabs the chair and punishes the lifeless body of Ghost Rider. Yusuke whips Ghost Rider out into the crowd, but Ghost Rider brings the fight to ringside. He goes for another cover on the Spirit Detective, but it was another one count. Yusuke locks in the Walls of the Demon Realm, but Ghost Rider kicks out. Yusuke whips Ghost Rider into the turn buckle, and follows it up with an elbow drop form the top rope. Yusuke lands a codebreaker, which wins it for him.


This was definitely a much-needed win for Yusuke. Both wrestlers looked strong, but the Spirit Detective managed out outlast the demon motorcyclist and delivered a punishing offense in the latter half of the match.


Captain Ginyu vs. Captain Nemo (TMN Tryout Match)


Ginyu starts the match off by unleashing a flurry of moves on Nemo. Nemo; however, gains some momentum and lands a powerslam. Nemo spears Ginyu outside the ring. Ginyu isn’t having any of it. He drops Nemo onto the edge of the ring and lands a punishing kick. Ginyu sets up a tree of woe and chokes Nemo out with the sole of his boot. Nemo lands another slam onto Ginyu. He goes for a cover, but Ginyu kicks out at one. The fighting goes back outside of the ring. Ginyu throws Nemo against the steps. Nemo goes for another cover, this time Ginyu kicks out at two. Nemo lands another devastating Powerslam. And he connects on a spear. He goes for another cover, but Ginyu kicks out with mere fractions of a second left. Nemo lands a jackhammer, but Ginyu still won’t go down.

Nemo lands another jackhammer and goes for the cover yet again. Ginyu still will not go down! Ginyu locks in a headlock. Nemo now sets Ginyu into the tree of woe. Nemo goes for yet another cover, but Ginyu again kicks out at two. Ginyu lands a falcon arrow. Ginyu goes for a cover, but Nemo kicks out at two. Ginyu sets Nemo into the tree of woe again, but Nemo reverses out of it. Nemo goes for yet another pin. Ginyu again shows his determination and grit by kicking out. Nemo lands another spear. This finally puts the leader of the Ginyu Force down for the count.


Great debut for Nemo! He started the hunt and didn’t finish until he had Ginyu harpooned and mounted on his wall like the Kraken. Remember, if you vote no for Nemo, it’s ageism and P.C. Principal is not okay with that.


Satsuki Kiryuin vs. Jinx


Momentum is pretty even at the start of the match. Jinx quickly takes over, slapping Satsuki down. Satsuki recovers and hits an electric chair powerbomb. She tries to wrap it up into a cover, but Jinx kicks out immediately. Satsuki lands an elbow drop from the second rope. She connects on yet another powerbomb. Jinx finally manages to slow down the onslaught of Satsuki. Jinx connects on a lion moonsault and goes for the pin, but Satsuki kicks out. Jinx then lands a superkick. Jinx hits Satsuki outside the ring. Instead of hitting a dazed Satsuki, Jinx taunts the crowd. Jinx manages to stun Satsuki outside yet again. Satsuki runs in right before Kareem Abdul Jabbar counts her out. Satsuki drops Jinx onto the top rope and wraps her up. Jinx kicks out at two. Jinx goes for a cover, but Satsuki kicks out at one. Jinx goes for a senton, but Satsuki kicks out. Satsuki then lands a crossroads on her opponent, followed by yet another powerbomb. Satsuki goes for another cover, but Jinx kicks out with mere milliseconds left. Jinx then connects on a spear. Jinx pulls the upset off by connecting on another superkick.


Jinx shows that she doesn’t need a Kendo stick and sneak attack to hold her own in a match. The former Supernova champion is sliding down the slippery slope down the card.


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