TMN Green, [Ep #90] – Show Review

Green 90 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Captiain Ginyu vs. Ash Ketchum vs. Ryu


Ash starts off the match by taunting the crowd while Ginyu and Ryu go at it. Ginyu spears Ash outside the ring. He then turns attention to Ryu. Ash clotheslines Ryu so hard that both him and Ginyu feel the effects of it. Ash connects on an atomic drop onto Ginyu. Ryu hits a falcon arrow while Ginyu taunts the crowd. Ginyu lands a snake eyes onto Ash. Ash retaliates by pummeling Ginyu. Ryu goes for a cover on Ash, but the Pokémon trainer kicks out at one. Ryu then locks in the submission, but Ash kicks out of it. Ginyu then clotheslines Ash outside the ring again. GInyu then goes for a cover on Ryu, but Ryu kicks out at two. Ginyu lands a facebuster, but Ash is there to break up the ensuing cover. Ginyu goes for yet another cover on Ash. He covers Ryu yet again, but Ryu fights out of it. Ryu lands a flying knee onto Ash. Ash then turns his attention to Ginyu after forcing Ryu outside the ring. Ash lands a flying elbow drop. Ryu breaks up Ash’s submission attempt on Ginyu. He then wins it with a knee to Ash’s face.


Honestly it was a pretty bland triple threat match. Shout out to Ryu because he looked pretty strong. Ginyu and Ash both managed to land some powerful moves, but this loss isn’t helping either of them gain any momentum for a long-term push.


Skeeter vs. Scorpion
(Part one of the Tag Team Number One Contenders Match)


Skeeter starts things out by hitting a Suplex and bulldog onto Scorpion. Scorpion lands a Neckbreaker on Skeeter. Skeeter then pummels Scorpion’s face. Scorpion connects on a sidewalk slam. He then preforms an elbow drop from the top rope onto the defenseless Skeeter. Scorpion then drops Skeeter onto the ropes. He goes for a quick cover, but Skeeter easily kicks out. Skeeter then tries to push Scorpion outside the ring, but Scorpion reverses out of it. Scorpion then connects on a Hurricanranna from the top rope. He goes for another pin, but Skeeter emphatically kicks out. Skeeter then clotheslines Scorpion outside the ring. He whips Scorpion a few times against the stairs. Skeeter tosses Scorpion back into the ring when the ref gets to a six count. Scorpion lands a back suplex, but Skeeter easily kicks out of the pin attempt. Skeeter lands a DDT. The ensuing cover has Scorpion kicking out at two. Skeeter lands the Patty Mayonnaise, which seals the deal for him.


Solid singles competition to try to determine the tag team number one contenders. I think this is a cool way to determine the contenders. Having both wrestlers go individually shows how strong they are as singles competitors and shows how they contribute to their respective teams.


Super Android 13 vs. Saitama
(Part two of the Tag Team Number One Contenders Match)


Momentum is pretty evenly matched at the start. Saitama whips 13 into Raditz. Saitama then rolls out of the ring to regain his composure. Android 13 wrenches at the neck of his opponent yet again. Saitama goes for a cover, but 13 immediately kicks out. 13 sets up the tree of woe and chokes Saitama with the sole of his boot. He goes for the cover, but Saitama kicks out easily. 13 goes for a powerbomb, but Saitama reverses out of it. Saitama hits a nice hurricanranna. 13 drops Saitama on the top rope. 13 then lands a powerbomb. He goes for another but Saitama punches out of it. 13 locks in a headlock. Saitama hits a 360 splash and goes for the cover. 13 kicks out at two. 13 then connects on a spear. He goes for the cover but One-Punch Man kicks out at two, it was only a near-fall. 13 wins it driver.


The series is all tied up at two. 13 unleashed a devastating onslaught of moves that Saitama simply could not overcome. I think Saitama hit more moves overall, but 13’s moves showed he was out for blood.

Optimus Prime vs. Yusuke vs. Jesus vs. Leonidas
(Solar Flare Title Number One Contender Fatal Four-Way Match)


Optimus and Yusuke go at it while Jesus and Leonidas go at it ancient-style outside the ring. Jesus connects on a DDT outside the ring. All four competitors are inside the ring for a brief moment. Yusuke then hits Optimus outside the ring. Jesus and Yusuke both end up outside the ring to catch their breath. Optimus then turns his attention to Jesus while the Spirit Detective and King of the Spartans go at it. Yusuke tries to lock in the Walls of the Demon Realm, but Optimus is there to break it up. Yusuke goes for a cover on Optimus. It’s a three-count so Optimus is the first one eliminated. The King of Kings takes it to the King of Sparta. He locks in the Sharpshooter, but Leonidas kicks out of it. Yusuke and Jesus both go after Leonidas. Yusuke hits a super hurricanranna onto Leonidas.

Yusuke then connects on a DDT. The ensuing cover has Leonidas kick out at two. Jesus then turns his attention to Yusuke as Leonidas rolls outside the ring. Yusuke drops Jesus face-first onto the edge of the ring. Leonidas connects on a driver. Leonidas then drops Yusuke. Yusuke tries to cover Jesus, but it’s only a near-fall. Leonidas hits a big boot onto Yusuke. Yusuke is the second one eliminated. Leonidas drops his knee onto Jesus’ face, busting it wide open. Jesus lands another DDT. Jesus lands a reverse DDT and a spinebuster. Jesus wins it with a rockbottom.


Yusuke, Leonidas, and Jesus all get eliminations in this match. Leonidas had an impressive return, but Jesus shows why being the King of Kings is better than the King of Sparta as he wins this Fatal Four-Way. Optimus looked pretty weak in this match-up. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt him long-term.


Sailor Moon vs. D.Va
(Supernova Title Number One Contenders Qualifier Match)


D.Va has the early momentum over the Sailor Scout. D. Va misses a splash. Sailor Moon capitalizes on this mistake. Sailor Moon lands a suplex and goes for the cover. D. Va kicks out before Raditz can even get to one. Sailor Moon connects on two spears while D. Va is draped on the turnbuckles. D. Va regains momentum. D. Va goes for a chokeslam outside the ring, but Sailor Moon reverses out of it. Sailor Moon goes for another cover, but D. Va kicks out at one. Sailor Moon misses splash. D. Va lands a stun gun and goes for a cover. Sailor Moon kicks out at one. D. Va locks in a submission, but it was unsuccessful. D. Va sets Sailor Moon on the top turnbuckle for what looked like a super piledriver. Sailor Moon fights out of it. D. Va then drops Sailor Moon and goes for another cover. Sailor Moon kicks out at two. Sailor Moon connects on a moonsault. The ensuing pin is only a one-count. Sailor Moon hits an acrobatic inseguri. Sailor Moon misses a frog splash. D. Va goes for another cover, but Sailor Moon grabs the rope to break it. D. Va connects on a devastating DDT. That seals the deal.


Both wrestlers went for the win with those high-risk maneuvers. Few, if any, of these worked. It was a solid match overall, if not somewhat formulaic. Let’s see if this W carries over for D. Va next week when she fights for the Supernova Title Number One Contenders match.

Darth Maul vs. Kazuya


Maul hits a suplex onto Kazuya. He then drops his knees on Kazuya’s head. Maul lands a Russian leg sweep. Kazuya gains momentum. He preforms a dropkick off the middle rope. Kazuya lands a DDT. The fighting goes outside the ring. Kazuya keeps his momentum by hitting a bulldog and pummeling Maul’s face. Kazuya whips the Sith Lord back into the ring. He goes for a cover. Maul kicks out at one. Maul lands a strong suplex onto Kazuya. He also hits a neckbreaker through the middle and top rope. Maul puts him in a headlock, but Kazuya punches out of it. Kazuya drops Maul. Maul lands a right hook onto Kazuya, but Kazuya rebounds with a clothesline. Maul goes for a pin, but Kazuya kicks out at one. Maul lands a diving elbow from the middle rope. Kazuya goes for a pin. It’s a near-fall as Maul kicks out with a fraction of a second left. Maul wins it with a cutter, that also busts Kazuya’s forehead wide-open.


It was an entertaining match, but again, it wasn’t super strong for either competitor. I’m wondering how this match will impact both Maul and Kazuya, who have both been pretty quiet for much of 2018.


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