TMN Green [Sep 15th, 2018] – Show Review

 TMN Green, Episode #112
by BrazillDazzle
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Carnage vs. Killmonger
(Tables Match)


Carnage knees Killmonger in the face and then hits him with a Suplex. Killmonger responds with a huge kick and then drops his knees across Carnage’s forehead. Carnage then hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to the outside. Carnage then grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. Carnage whips Killmonger into the table and then chops him. Killmonger responds with a Lariat. They then take turns slamming each other into the table. Carnage then lands a Springboard 450 Splash. Killmonger hits a DDT. Killmonger whips Carnage into the table and then chops him. Killmonger kicks Carnage and then sets the table up in the middle of the ring. Carnage counters him with a Reverse DDT. Carnage then lands a huge Dropkick. Carnage tries to set up a Cutter but is denied. He instead hits a Dropkick. Carnage then drives Killmonger spine-first into the turnbuckle. Carnage lands a Back Suplex. Carnage busts Killmonger open with a Superkick. Carnage then drops the table. Killmonger lands a Haymaker but cannot keep momentum. Carnage hits a Full Nelson Suplex. Carnage then sets the table up in the corner of the ring. Carnage whips him into it. Carnage Powerbombs Killmonger through the table.


This match was basically one giant combo for Carnage. It wasn’t close in any way, shape, or form. Killmonger proves that he is better in tag matches than in solo competition, whereas Carnage looked like he could have destroyed anyone who was unlucky enough to have been in the ring.

Candy Cane vs. Dark Magician Girl


Candy Cane and Dark Magician Girl start off this match with a grapple contest. Candy Cane unleashes a huge punch to DMG. Candy Cane then lands a Headscissors. DMG responds with a DDT. She then lands a Cross-Body Splash off the top rope. She then takes down Candy Cane with a Leaping Clothesline. Candy Cane retaliates with a Jawbreaker. She then tries to hit a Hurricanranna but DMG catches her and Powerbombs her down to the mat. DMG lands a Suplex. DMG climbs up to the middle rope and connects on a Flying Splash. She then lands a DDT. She goes for a cover. It’s just a one-count. Candy Cane stretches and pulls at DMG’s arms. DMG fights out of it. Candy Cane misses a Swanton Bomb. DMG then pulls at Candy Cane’s hamstring. DMG lands a running Bulldog. Hook of the leg. Again, it’s only a one-count. DMG then locks in a submission. Candy Cane lands a Package Piledriver. Candy Cane then punts DMG. Candy Cane then hits the Spanish Fly! She goes for a cover but DMG kicks out just in the nick of time. Candy Cane misses a Knee Drop off the middle rope. DMG connects on a Roundhouse Kick. She goes for the cover. That earns her the W.


I think this was a standard women’s match. Nothing too intense happened. It also continued to add layers to the feud between these two tag teams. DMG earned some momentum heading into the upcoming Pay-Per-View.

Guile (C) vs. Tien
(Hardcore Title Match)


Guile lands a Snapmare on Tien. Guile whips Tien over the top rope. Tien whips Guile into the barricade. Guile responds with a Northern Lights Suplex. Guile then whips Tien into the barricade. Tien counters a Float-Over Neckbreaker. Tien takes the action back into the ring. Tien hits a Flying Overcastle Neckbreaker. Guile counters Tien and then hits a Flying Shoulder Block. He goes for a cover. Tien kicks out with emotion at one. Guile lands a Reverse DDT. Guile clubs Tien off the apron. The fighting goes back to the outside. Tien counters Guile’s Suplex with a Suplex of his own. Tien covers Guile. It’s only a one-count. Tien whips Guile across the outside. Guile guides Tien to the barricade and then gets tossed into the steel post. Guile goes for a cover. Tien immediately kicks out of it. Guile again whips Tien into the barricade. Guile lands a Piledriver. He then connects on a DDT. Guile then locks in the Sharpshooter. Tien fights his way out of it.

Tien tosses Guile into the steel post. Tien then Elbows Guile and then does push-ups on him. Guile pushes Tien off of him. He goes for the cover. Tien kicks out at two – it was only a near-fall. Tien counters Guile with a Reverse DDT. Tien then locks in the Torture Rack. Triple H then comes out and attacks Tien. He lands a Pedigree on Tien. Guile cannot take advantage of this. Guile lands a devastating kick on Tien. Guile then covers Tien. It still isn’t enough to put him away. Tien grabs a baseball bat and then smacks Guile with it. Tien then covers Guile. This was a near-fall. Tien lands a DDT. Tien hits a Springboard Moonsault back to the outside of the ring. Guile gains momentum by hitting a Northern Lights Suplex. Guile busts Tien open with a Piledriver. Guile lands the Float-Over Neckbreaker. Guile goes for the cover but it still isn’t enough to put Tien away. Guile then locks in the Shaprshooter. Tien taps out within seconds!


Who would’ve thought Guile would end up second on the all-time defense list for the Hardcore Title? I think Guile definitely cemented his spot on Green with this win.

Vegeta vs. Space Ghost vs. Ash vs. Captain Planet vs. Captain Ginyu vs. Scorpion
(Money in the Bank Ladder Match)


Vegeta and Captain Planet tussle while Ash and Space Ghost exchange blows. Ginyu and Scorpion go at it, too. Vegeta and Captain Planet take their brawl to the outside. Vegeta lands a Canadian Destroyer on Planet. Vegeta and Scorpion trade opponents. Ash clubs Space Ghost to the outside. Ash connects on a Running Bulldog on an unsuspecting Vegeta. Scorpion Suplexes Space Ghost. Vegeta continues his onslaught on Ginyu by landing a Jawbreaker. Captain Planet lands a Rolling Thunder on Ash. Ash lands a Float-Over Neckbreaker. Ash and Vegeta then trade opponents. Vegeta grabs the ladder ad sets it up in the ring. Vegeta is all alone in the ring. Space Ghost climbs up to the opposite side and punches Vegeta off the ladder. Space Ghost then tries to unlock the briefcase. Captain Planet then tries to unlock the briefcase. Vegeta and Ginyu push the ladder over. The friendship is short-lived as Vegeta turns on Ginyu. Vegeta sets the ladder up again. He grabs the briefcase. Ash, Scorpion, and Space Ghost try to run interference. Ash Powerbombs Vegeta off the ladder. Ash climbs to the top rope and connects on the Elbow Drop. Ash climbs up the ladder. Scorpion and Space Ghost run interference. Space Ghost grabs the briefcase. Vegeta punches Space Ghost in the back of the leg. Space Ghost unlocks the briefcase!


I’m sorry but that was terrible. I’ve seen great ladder matches on the various TMN shows but this was definitely not one of them. There were no good spots besides Ash Powerbombing Vegeta. It’s nice to see Space Ghost getting a much-needed push.


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