TMN Green [Sep 8th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode #111
by BrazillDazzle
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Cloud vs.  Seto Kaiba


Cloud hits a Monkey Flip to start off this episode. Kaiba responds with an Uppercut and a Brainbuster. He then drops a knee on Cloud. Kaiba goes for a quick pin. It was barely a one-count. Cloud dodges a Dropkick but cannot keep momentum. Kaiba responds with a Reverse DDT and then connects on a Springboard Frogsplash. Kaiba then hits a Snake Eyes. Cloud retaliates with a Neckbreaker. He then connects on a Springboard Plancha. Kaiba regains momentum with a Fireman’s Carry. He hits a Forearm Smash off the middle rope. The fighting moves to the outside where Kaiba still dominates. Kaiba elbows Cloud, which busts him open. Kaiba then hits the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! He goes for the cover and gets the win!


Cloud might have to go to developmental because that wasn’t the best showing. However, Kaiba looked strong in this squash match. It’s nice to see him earn a W on the main roster after appearing on TMNXT.

Joey Wheeler (C) vs. Ryuk
(Non-Title Match)


Joey Wheeler hits a Neckbreaker and then connects on a Splash. Ryuk follows it up with a huge Roundhouse Kick. This forces Joey to roll out of the ring. Ryuk follows and tosses Joey into the announcer’s table. Joey then takes control by whipping Ryuk around the outside of the ring. Ryuk counters with a Reverse DDT and then gets introduced face-first into the steel ring post. Ryuk goes for a cover. It’s only a one-count. Ryuk then nails Joey with an Inverse Suplex and a Springboard Plancha. He misses a Dropkick, which swings momentum into Joey’s favor. Joey locks in the Walls of Flatbush Avenue. Ryuk kicks out and tries to get a quick pin on the current champion. Ryuk sets Joey on the top turnbuckle and hits a Back Superplex! He climbs back up and tries to hit a Flying Roundhouse Kick. Joey catches him and turns it into a Powerbomb. Joey climbs up and connects on a Flying DDT! He goes for the cover on the newcomer but it’s just a near-fall. Joey hits a Pele Kick, but soon gets busted open with an Elbow Strike. Ryuk lands a Senton and then hits a Side Backstabber. He then connects on a Shining Wizard! Joey gets momentum and goes for a cover but cannot put Ryuk away. Ryuk hits a Death Drive and puts the champion away!


Both wrestlers looked fantastic! Joey proved why he’s the champion – he can maintain an offense while still putting over new talent. I don’t mean to take any credit away from Ryuk, though. He looked amazing in his debut. This was a high-flying match with great spots. It is definitely worth a watch if you’re trying to catch up on matches.

Guile vs. Jack-6 (C)
(Hardcore Title Match)


Guile starts off with some punches and then hits an Inseguri. Guile then Suplexes Jack-6. Guile rolls out to grab a steel chair. Jack-6 knocks it out of his hands but Guile hits a Sunset Flip. Guile climbs up to the top rope and connects on a Flying Elbow. He then connects on a Twisting Neckbreaker. Jack-6 responds with a Slam and then nails Guile with the chair. Jack-6 Clotheslines a defenseless Guile. Guile soon responds with an Irish Whip and a Dropkick. Jack-6 hits a huge German Suplex. He climbs up to the middle rope and connects on an Elbow Drop. He Clotheslines Guile over the top rope. Guile kicks Jack-6 off of him. Guile then works on his opponent’s legs before Suplexing him. Guile whips Jack-6 into the steps and goes for a cover. Jack-6 kicks out easily at one. Guile introduces him to face-first to the apron. Jack-6 then rams Guile spine-first into the barricade. He then locks in a Camel Clutch. Guile manages to kick out and go for another cover. It was just another one-count. Guile hits a Piledriver and busts Jack-6 open. He goes for the cover but Jack-6 just kicked out in time. Guile locks in the Sharpshooter and wins the Hardcore Championship!


Guile pulled off one of the biggest upsets in TMN Green’s history! He locked in a Sharpshooter and almost immediately made the champion tap out. On a subtler note, Guile did target Jack-6’s legs throughout the match. I have to wonder if Jack-6 is injured or if the constant abuse to his legs got the best of him.

Android 13 (C) vs. Raiden
(Non-Title Match)


13 immediately goes after Raiden. He hits a devastating Powerbomb. He whips Raiden into the turnbuckle. Raiden briefly fights back. 13 connects on a huge Boot and then clubs Raiden off the apron. Raiden responds with a Jawbreaker and a Bulldog. Raiden whips 13 into the ring. Raiden hits a Flying Knee off the middle rope. Raiden locks in a submission but 13 quickly fights out of it. 13 sets Raiden up in the Tree of Woe and kicks him really hard. 13 goes for a cover but it’s only a one-count. 13 then lands a Stun Gun. The champion hits a huge Suplex. Raiden sets 13 on the top turnbuckle and hits a Superplex! He goes for a cover but the android kicks out at two. Raiden locks in another submission but 13 again fights out of it. Again, 13 Clotheslines Raiden over the top rope. Raiden gains momentum briefly before getting caught in a Reverse DDT. 13 whips him into the ring and then gets countered going for a Spear! Raiden hits a Corkscrew Neckbreaker! 13 responds with a Clothesline and then connects on the Spear. Raiden locks in another Submission but gets called off due to a rope break. Raiden connects on the Thunder Clap but still cannot put the champion away. 13 hits the Jackhammer and goes for the cover. This puts Raiden away.


I took a little bit of points off because some spots were repeated throughout the match.  It was a decent match though. I thought Raiden might pull off the third upset of the night, but 13 is just too good.

Tifa Lockhart vs. Black Widow
(Supernova Number One Contender Match)


Black Widow takes down Tifa and then stomps on her forehead. Tifa responds with a Judo Flip. Tifa nails Natasha Romanoff with a huge Uppercut. Momentum sways as the wrestlers seem evenly-matched. Tifa climbs up to the middle rope but misses the Flying Knees. Black Widow retaliates with a Suplex. She then hits the Twist of Fate. She goes for the cover but Tifa kicks out with emotion at one. Tifa gets set up on the top turnbuckle. Black Widow then drives her knees through her. She goes for the cover but again it’s only a one-count. The Avenger then hits a 450 Splash! Widow then hits a Stun Gun. This time she gets a near-fall. Tifa responds with an Uppercut but immediately loses momentum. Black Widow hits another Twist of Fate. Tifa hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex. Tifa then lands a huge punch to Widow. Widow responds with a Suplex. She then hits a Springboard Moonsault. This puts Tifa away!


This was a fast-paced match but I thought there was something missing from it. It didn’t seem like the culmination of a mini-tournament. It felt like a normal Women’s Division match. I think the women Tifa beat out look weak now due to getting essentially squashed by Black Widow. The match itself was good enough though.





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