TMN Green [Sep 1st, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode #110
by BrazillDazzle
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Android 16 vs. Ironman (Relegation Match) 2.25/5


Ironman and 16 exchange blows without anyone gaining clear momentum, until 16 hits a Standing Dropkick. Ironman counters with a Jawbreaker. He climbs up and connects on a Flying Elbow Drop off the top rope. 16 retaliates with a Fireman’s Carry. 16 then locks in a submission but Ironman easily fights out of it. Ironman hits a DDT and then lands a Trio of Suplexes. 16 repeatedly counters Ironman’s attempts. Ironman sets 16 up on the top rope and hits a Sidewalk Slam. The Avenger climbs up and hits a Moonsault. He goes for the cover. He almost pins the android. It was just a near-fall. Ironman then hits a huge Uppercut to 16. This earns him the W!


Ironman looked pretty strong in this match. He got to show more of his moveset, which is really growing on me. I think Thunder is going to be a good place for 16. Staying down in developmental won’t hurt his growth or momentum.

D.Va vs. Sombra vs. Jyn Erso vs. Tifa Lockhart
(Supernova Number One Contender Qualifying Match)


Jyn and D. Va exchange blows while Tifa attacks Sombra. Jyn punches D. Va off the apron. Tifa climbs up and connects on a Flying Crossbody on to Sombra. D. Va whips Jyn back in the ring. D. Va tosses Jyn into the turnbuckle. Jyn goes for a quick cover on a downed Sombra but it is only a one-count. Tifa then destroys Jyn, who has to roll out to take a breather. Tifa hits a Reverse Suplex onto D. Va. Sombra takes her fight with Tifa to the outside. Somrba then whips her back in. Jyn and D. Va exchange blows. Jyn hits a Splash on D. Va. Tifa is down and out of the ring. Tifa hits D. Va off the apron. Jyn goes for another cover on Sombra. Again, it’s only a one-count. Tifa rolls D. Va up with a Sunset Flip. D. Va kicks out at two. Sombra is forced out. D. Va hits an Electric Char Drop on Tifa but cannot capitalize on it. Jyn Clotheslines D. Va over the top rope. Sombra then Punts Tifa. Jyn climbs up to the top rope and connects on a Flying Elbow Drop onto the outside on D. Va! Sombra goes for a cover on Tifa after hitting an Inverse Muscle Buster but it is only a near-fall. Jyn tries to cover D. Va but Sombra breaks it up immediately. Sombra hits a Backstabber on Jyn. D. Va and Tifa are both downed outside. Sombra covers Jyn but she kicks out at two. Tifa uses this to roll-up Sombra and win the match!


This match had such a dramatic ending! My only wish is that these four got more time to wrestle because it was a really good match! Tifa, who has been a mainstay for years, finally gets the dues she deserves.

Zamasu vs. Cell
(Best of Three [Zamasu up 1-0)]


Zamasu unleashes some clubbing blows on Cell but Cell quickly reverses momentum. Zamasu counters with a Neckbreaker. Zamasu grabs a baseball bat from underneath the ring. Cell Slams Zamasu down onto the baseball bat and then pummels him with it. Zamasu hits a Float-Over-Jawbreaker onto Cell. He goes for a cover but it is only a one-count. Cell retaliates with a German Suplex. Cell unleashes furious blows to Zamasu’s face. Zamasu goes to the outside to grab the bat. Cell fights it out of his grasp but gets tossed into the steel ring post. Zamasu then beats Cell with the bat. Cell Slams Zamasu down onto the pavement outside the ring. Cell rests Zamasu on the top rope and then Knees him repeatedly before tossing him to the outside. Zamasu regains momentum outside. The action returns to the ring. Zamasu climbs up and lands a Flying Elbow Drop! Cell counters with a Shoulder Block.

Cell misses the Solar Kamehameha! Zamasu tries to capitalize but momentum stays with Cell. Cell hits a series of Rib Breakers. Zamasu busts Cell open with a DDT. Cell Suplexes Zamasu into the turnbuckle. He goes for the cover and is fractions of a second away from tying the series up. Zamasu regains momentum but misses a Superkick! Cell retaliates with a Powerslam and a Kamehameha. He doesn’t go for the cover! Zamasu misses another Sweet Chin Music! Zamasu locks in a Headlock. Cell fights out of it. Cell locks in an Armrake. Zamasu fights out of it. Zamasu hits another DDT. He goes for the cover but cannot put the android away. Zamasu locks in a Sharpshooter. Cell taps out!


This might have been their best match yet. Both men put on a methodical wrestling match. These two proved why they are two of the best in the company right now. I feel bad for saying this, but just check out this match! I don’t think my review and play-by-play write-up do this match justice.

Vegeta, Ash Ketchum, and Captain Ginyu vs. Scorpion, Captain Planet, and Space Ghost


Ash and Captain Planet kick things off. Planet hits a Snap Suplex. Ash retaliates with a Crucifix. Ash lands a Double Axehandle off the middle rope. Planet hits a Corkscrew Neckbreaker and then tags in Scorpion. Ash hot tags Captain Ginyu in. Ash took a Facebuster before tagging in his team member. Scorpion tags in Space Ghost. Ginyu hits a Reverse DDT on Space Ghost. He then tags in Vegeta. Space Ghost welcomes him with a huge Dropkick. Space Ghost connects on a Splash off the middle rope. Space Ghost hits a Whisper in the Wind! Vegeta counters with a Hurricanranna. Vegeta tags Ginyu back in. Space Ghost covers Ginyu after hitting a Helicpoter Swing Throw Thing. It’s only a two-count. Space Ghost tags in Scorpion, who hits a Splash off the top rope. Scorpion hits the Unprettier.

He goes for a cover. Vegeta breaks it up at two. Scorpion makes him pay for it with a Stun Gun. Ginyu hits a Driver on Scorpion. Ginyu covers Scorpion. He kicks out at one. Ginyu tags Ash back in. Scorpion hits a Dragon Wheel Kick and then tags in Space Ghost. Ash welcomes him with a DDT. Ash connects on a huge Elbow Drop off the top rope. He then drives his knee through Space Ghost’s skull. Space Ghost hot tags in Planet. Ash hits a Crucifix on Planet. Planet retaliates with a Clothesline. Planet hits a Falcon Arrow and goes for the cover. Ash kicks out easily at one. Planet and Scorpion take turns stomping on a downed Ash. Scorpion is then thrown feet-first into Ash. Scorpion lands an Elbow Drop. Scorpion goes for a cover. This time, it’s a two-count. Ash tags in Vegeta. Vegeta busts Scorpion open with a Step-Up Dropkick. Vegeta tosses Scorpion to the outside. He lands a Suicide Dive DDT. Space Ghost makes Vegeta pay for his aggressiveness.

Space Ghost drives his elbow through Vegeta’s forehead. Scorpion hits a Spear! He tags in Planet. Planet hits a Boom Drop on Vegeta. Vegeta whips Planet into Raditz. Vegeta hits a Double Knees. Vegeta lands a Neckbreaker. He tags in Ash. Planet tags in Scorpion. Ash counters Scorpion with a Suplex. He then hits a Superkick! He locks in a Figure Four Leglock. Ash releases the hold. Ash wins it! Ginyu prevents Space Ghost from interfering.


Scorpion, Planet, Vegeta, and Ash carried their respective teams. Ginyu hadn’t done much besides the late interference. If this match serves as any form of indication, this upcoming Money in the Bank match is going to be a great one!


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