TMN Green [July 14th, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 104
by BrazillDazzle
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Ash Ketchum vs. Cooler
(MitB Qualifying Match)


Cooler starts with a series of Irish Whips. Ash counters a Suplex and hits a Neckbreaker. He then drops the knees on Cooler. Cooler dodge rolls a slap. Ash quickly regains momentum. Ash repeatedly elbows Cooler in the spine. He goes for the quick pin, but it’s just a one-count. Ash then locks in a submission. Cooler punches out of it. The space pirate knocks Ash out of the ring. Ash, however, counters with a reverse DDT and whips Cooler back into the ring. He goes for another pin, but it’s still a one-count. Ash sets Cooler on the top rope and hits an Arm Drag. Ash clotheslines Cooler over the top rope. He then connects on a Flying Clothesline. Ash whips Cooler into the steel post.

Ash whips Cooler back into the ring. He immediately goes for a cover. This time it’s a near-fall. Cooler goes for a pin after hitting Ash. The pin is immediately broken up by a rope grab. Cooler then busts his opponent open. Cooler goes for another pin. This time, it’s a near-fall. He then PowerBombs Ash into the ring post. Cooler drops the elbow on Ash. He goes for the cover but it’s just a two-count. Ash hits a Sweet Chin Music which puts Cooler away.


This was definitely a much-needed win for Ash. He needs to stay up for that title shot. I don’t think this loss necessarily hurts Cooler. He went up against one of the mainstays of TMN Green and lost in a close bout. There is nothing for him to be ashamed with.

Jin Promo

Cooler asks for forgiveness from Jin. Jin tells him not to worry and that he’ll grow from the losses.

Captain Ginyu vs. Raiden
(MitB Qualifying Match)


Ginyu hits an early Powerslam. Ginyu continues his early onslaught. Raiden uses a shoulder block as a counter. Raiden preforms a series of kicks then ends it with a clothesline. Raiden hits a Reverse Suplex. Raiden scurries to the middle rope and hits a Flying Double Knees. Raiden then shoulder blocks Ginyu to the outside of the ring. Raiden then lands a devastating Powerbomb. He then tosses Ginyu head first into the steel post. This wakes GInyu up as he hits a Suplex. Raiden brings the action back into the ring. Ginyu takes command once the fighting returns to the ring. He lands a Bubba Bomb Flapjack combo. He goes for the pin, but it’s only a near-fall. He then lands the Ginyu Driver. He goes for another pin. One, two, three. Ring the bell!


Ginyu needed this win. Hopefully this is a good spark for his career. Raiden, who is a storied veteran, can easily rebound from this win. There may be some cause for concern as he had a fairly poor showing in the Elimination Chamber a few weeks back.

Hawkgirl Promo


She simply says the Triple Threat match will be the Main Event. Yay.

Candy Cane vs. Nina Williams
(Last Man Standing Match)


Nina starts with a Hurricanranna. Candy Cane retaliates with a Suplex and then Spears Nina off the apron. Nina, however, takes control briefly outside. Candy Cane regains her edge by hitting a Hurricanranna and whipping Nina into the announcer’s table. She misses an Inseguri, which Nina capitalizes on. The count begins on Candy Cane. She gets up at an eight-count. Nina continues the onslaught. Raditz starts up another count. She got up at five. The fighting returns to the ring. Nina tosses Candy Cane by her hair. Raditz starts the count again. This time, she gets up at five. Nina again forces Candy Cane down. Raditz counts yet again. Candy Cane sits up at around nine-and-a-half. Nina hits a devastating Suplex. Raditz counts yet again. Candy Cane sits up again at nine. Nina welcomes her with a kick across the face. This again forces Candy Cane down. She stands up at seven.

Nina then locks in a Mexican Surfboard. Candy Cane kicks out of it and knocks Nina off the apron. Nina stays down outside, which forces Raditz to start counting. She gets up at seven. Candy Cane then hits a Snake Eyes and follows it with a Standing Frankensteiner. This forces Nina to take a breather. She gets up at seven. Candy Cane chokes out Nina and then lands a Package Piledriver. Raditz immediately starts the count. She gets up at eight. Nina retaliates with a Crucifix. Candy Cane retaliates with a Jawbreaker. Candy Cane hits the C4 but isn’t done yet. She then hits a Guillotine in her opponent! Raditz starts the count. Raditz gets the whole way to ten, which means the Slaughter Sisters get their title rematch!


There were some surprisingly good spots in this bout. I didn’t think Candy Cane had it in her to beat the former Supernova Champion, but she showed she can take some bumps and give some bumps in order to give her team the rematch they deserve.

Ryu vs. Goku


Ryu hits an early Suplex on Goku. Goku retaliates with an Armdrag. They go into some chain wrestling spots. Ryu gains momentum and hits a Luthesz Press. He then hits Goku with a clubbing blow. Goku hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. Ryu then regains momentum and hits a huge Powerbomb. He goes for a knee drop, but Goku rolls out of the way. He slams Goku’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. Ryu locks in a submission. Goku fights out of it. The Super Saiyan hits a clothesline but cannot keep momentum. Ryu hits a Suplex and follows it up with an uppercut. He then lands the Hadouken! It connects and he goes for the cover afterwards. Goku kicks out with fractions of a second left. Ryu then puts the exclamation point on as he hits a Running Sit-down Powerbomb! Goku fights back with his own Luthesz Press. He goes for the cover but it’s only a two-count. Goku then hits a Stunner! He goes for another pin. It’s still just a near-fall. Ryu lands a Superman Punch which busts Goku open. He then lands another uppercut.

He goes to the turnbuckle to taunt instead of going for the cover. It doesn’t affect his momentum as he connects on another Hadouken. He covers Goku again, but he still can’t put his opponent away. Goku lands a Piledriver. This forces Ryu to roll out and take a breather. He lands a huge boot to the side of Goku’s head and follows it up with another uppercut. He covers the Saiyan but it still isn’t enough. He goes for a third Hadouken, but Goku is there to break it up with a Neckbreaker. Goku hits another Stunner! He covers Ryu yet again but he can’t earn the W. Goku hits an elbow drop and again goes for the cheeky cover. It still isn’t enough to put Ryu away. Goku hits his third Stunner. He covers Ryu but he still manages to kick out. Goku hits a Guillotine. Ryu shakes it off and hits another Running Sit-down Powerbomb. He then follows it up with the third Hadouken of the match. The cover is successful!


Ryu is looking really good heading into Galactic Throwdown. Both men put up a great fight, but in the end, Ryu earns the victory. Goku might need to ascend past Super Saiyan if he wants to climb back up to a title shot. He hasn’t looked the same in a while.

Hawkgirl Promo

She says Raven was injured backstage and will be unable to compete in the upcoming match. Instead, someone from last week will take her place instead. Jinx is the one who will take her spot!


I wonder how Raven got injured backstage. Was she attacked by Jinx, or were there other forces at play here?

Jinx vs. Tracer vs. Sombra
(Triple Threat, Supernova Number One Contender)


Sombra immediately dives under the ropes. Jinx follows, but they both run back into the ring. Sombra attacks Jinx and then sets Tracer up in the Tree of Woe. Jinx hits Minchinoku Driver onto Sombra. She then turns her attention to Tracer. Tracer counters a kick with a Dragon Screw. Tracer and Sombra go back at it. Tracer hits a Russian Leg Sweep onto Sombra and then hits a Frankensteiner onto Jinx. Tracer locks in an Armbar on Jinx. Jinx takes out Tracer but meets an offense from Sombra. Jinx is forced to take a breather outside, leaving Sombra and Tracer to duke it out. Jinx hits a Package Piledriver onto Sombra, but Tracer is there to attack Jinx. Jinx manages to counter and climbs up to the middle rope. She lands a huge Tornado DDT onto Sombra. She then clubs Sombra off the apron. Tracer then punches Jinx off the apron. Jinx regains momentum by hitting a Superkick onto Tracer. Sombra hits a Monkey Flip onto Jinx. Sombra covers Tracer. It’s just a near-fall.

Sombra again covers Tracer. This time, it’s only a one-count. Jinx hits another Minchinoku Driver. Sombra retaliates with a DDT. Sombra and Jinx go at it while Tracer gets back on her feet. Sombra takes Jinx out with a Crucifix. Tracer sets Sombra on the top rope and hits her with a Hurricanranna. She goes for the cover, but it’s a two-count. Jinx repeatedly taunts while Sombra takes out Tracer. Sombra hits a Gorybomb onto Jinx. All three women are done. Tracer limps over and breaks up a cover. Tracer tries to steal one, but Jinx kicks out at one. Tracer grabs a table from underneath the stage. Sombra knocks it out of her grip. Tracer hits a Suplex onto Sombra. This forces her out. Jinx hits another Famouser onto Tracer. She goes for the cover but it’s only a two-count. Sombra hits a Snake Eyes onto Jinx. She then goes for the cover. Jinx kicks out at two. Sombra climbs up to the middle rope and hits a Flying Hurricanranna. She goes for another pin. It’s just a two-count. Jinx hits a Superkick onto Sombra and earns a shot for another title!


I’m still not sure why Jinx got the call for this match, but she made the most of it! She could be a dual-champion, which is cool to think of. Sombra and Tracer both put up great offenses and had awesome spots. I hope Source Code doesn’t break up because of this match.


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