TMN Green [June 2nd, 2018] – Show Review

TMN Green, Episode 98
by BrazillDazzle
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Captain Planet and Tien vs. Raiden and Master Chief
(Strange Bedfellows Tag Team Tournament)


Captain Planet and Master Chief kick things off to start the match. Planet immediately lands a Gutbuster on the Spartan and follows it with a Springboard Plancha. Master Chief counters with a right hook and follows it up with a Piledriver! After changing momentum and moves, Master Chief tags in Raiden, who connects on a Guillotine. Planet tags in Tien. Tien manages to start an offense by landing a Running STO. However, Raiden doesn’t let him keep this momentum for long. Raiden covers Tien after hitting the Cumulonimbus, but it’s just a two-count.

Raiden tags in Master Chief. Tien then covers Master Chief after landing a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. It’s just a near-fall. Tien and Planet then take turns stomping on a downed Master Chief. Planet then goes for a cover on Master Chief, but Raiden is there to run interference. Tien punishes Raiden for that while Planet keeps his offense. Captain Planet lands a Forest of Illusion. He goes for the cover and ring the bell! Planet and Tien move on to the next round!


Planet and Tien had some innovative teamwork. I think Planet, who has been a long-running Tag Team Champion, can make the most out of anyone he’s paired with. Not to take anything away from them, Raiden and Master Chief looked good, too. In this match, the team with the stronger teamwork came out on top.

Hawkgirl Promo


Hawkgirl tries to gain the respect of the M4gNation by issuing an open challenge. Commissioner Bojack will create a 12-superstar tournament to find the next number one contender for the Supernova Title.


It’ll be interesting to see the competitors and how the tournament will go.

Jinx vs. Morrigan Aensland
(Supernova Number One Contender Qualifier Match)


Morrigan opens with a Crucifix onto Jinx. Jinx, though, quickly retaliates. Jinx lands a nasty Superkick to the face of Morrigan. Jinx then lands an RKO! Morrigan finally wakes up after taking a beating; mustering an offense of her own. Morrigan locks in a submission, but Jinx is able to break out of it. Morrigan goes for the first cover of the match. It’s just a one-count. Jinx counters Morrigan’s offense by landing a Reverse DDT and a Standing Moonsault. She then shoulder-blocks Morrigan off the apron. Jinx takes the wrestling to the walkway. Jinx runs back into the ring as Raditz makes it to nine. Morrigan stays down on the ramp as Raditz counts to ten.


It was pretty back-and-forth until Jinx took the action outside the ring. She proved her dominance there by forcing a count-out victory. There isn’t too much to say about this match: it was fast-paced and had kind of an anticlimactic ending.


Moon Knight Promo


Moon Knight establishes himself as the face of TMN Green.


Cooler vs. Captain Falcon vs. Venom
(Triple Threat Tables Match)


Venom and Cooler duke it out as Captain Falcon grabs a table. Venom connects on a Jumping DDT on Falcon. This forces him to take a breather outside. Falcon grabs another table and tosses it aside. Venom forces Cooler out. Cooler and Falcon toss each other into the aforementioned table. Falcon then whips Venom into the table. Falcon Superkicks Cooler. Venom then clubs Falcon, forcing him to take a break outside. Venom turns his attention back onto Cooler. Venom lands a Tombstone Piledriver onto the corner of a downed table. Falcon takes advantage by Powerbombing Venom through it.


The match was slow until the final two minutes or so, once the table was set up in the corner. The ending was pretty cool, especially when Venom landed the Piledriver.

D.Va vs. Nina Williams

(Solar Flare Number One Contender Qualifier Match)


Nina starts with a Running Bulldog. D. Va locks in a Half Boston Crab a minute or so into the match, but Nina Williams easily kicks out of it. Nina regains momentum by clubbing D. Va off the apron. D. Va takes advantage the new environment by slamming Nina’s head off the TMN Blue announcer’s table. D. Va then takes the action back into the ring. She goes for the first cover, but Nina kicks out as soon as Raditz counts to one. D. Va lands a Flying Crossbody. Nina finally manages to counter by hitting a Dragon Screw. She goes for a cover but D. Va immediately kicks out. D. Va lands an Electric Chair Drop.

The following cover is just a near-fall. D. Va follows it with a DDT. Again, the ensuing cover is just a two-count. D. Va keeps momentum by landing a Flying Monkey Flip. Nina finally manages to muster a comeback by hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. She goes for a cover, but it is just a near-fall. Nina lands a Suplex, but again, it results in a two-count. D. Va goes for a cover after stomping on Nina’s back. It’s just a near-fall. Nina retaliates with a Crucifix. D. Va hits another Electric Char Drop and holds it for a pin. Ring the bell!


Both wrestlers had some amazing offense, but in the end, the Gamer Girl put up too much for Nina Williams. Ever since she lost the belt, Nina hasn’t looked the same. You have to hope she finds her groove before it’s too late. This is another title shot where she’s out of the picture.

Zamasu Promo

Zamasu retaliates to Moon Knight’s promo by saying that he’s better than the TMN Green Champion and that he’s been a solid worker and face of the company for some time now.


All I can say is bold moves coming from a mid-carder.


Darth Maul vs. Cell vs. Goku vs. Ryu
(Solar Flare Number One Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Match)


Maul flips Goku over the ropes while Cell and Ryu go at it. Cell then forces Ryu outside. Maul whips Goku back in the middle of the ring. Cell deadlift slams Ryu multiple times on the concrete surrounding the ring. Ryu manages to whip Cell back into the ring. Goku forces Maul over the ropes. Cell forces Ryu to take a breather. He then turns his attention to Darth Maul. Goku and Maul team up against him. Ryu reenters the ring and takes it to Cell. Maul thanks him by hitting him with a couple of clotheslines followed by a Powerslam.

Cell whips Ryu over the ropes again, seconds before Maul does to Goku. Ryu has the momentum over Cell, who reenters the ring. Goku and Cell again team up, this time unleashing it onto Ryu. Maul hits a middle-rope DDT onto Cell. Goku hits the Stunner on Ryu. The following cover is just a two-count. Maul then covers Cell, but it is a two-count, too. Cell sets up the Kamehameha, but Goku breaks his concentration. Ryu hits the Hadouken on Goku. Goku kiks out of the following cover. Cell lands the Solarflare Kamehameha onto Maul, ring the bell! Maul is the first eliminated. Goku takes the action outside, where he manages to beat both Cell and Ryu.

He takes Cell back into the ring. Cell hits a Sunset Flip onto Goku and holds it for a cover. It’s just a two-count. Cell hits a devastating Powerbomb onto Goku. Goku retaliates by hitting a Stunner on Cell. Cell is the second one eliminated. Ryu hits the Shoryuken! Goku lands a Running Bulldog on Ryu. Ryu was trying to steal Goku’s Kamehameha but Goku tries to counter with a DDT, but Ryu counters that with a Suplex and bridges it for a cover. Ryu wins it in spectacular fashion!


There were amazing spots to this match! Each wrestler poured their hearts out and let it all hang out in the squared circle. Ryu showed that it’s never wise to sleep on him, because he steals the win in one of the coolest turn of events I’ve seen in the M4gNation. This was a much-needed win for Ryu, who hasn’t had much success so far in 2018. Maul also could use a win, who has been on a pretty steep slide down the card since he lost the Solar Flare title back in 2017. Like Steve said, it seems to be the year of the underdogs in the M4gNation!

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