TMN Green, [Ep #93] – Show Review

Green 93 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Yugi Moto vs. Joey Wheeler
(Patreon match)

Joey kicks this match off with a Neckbreaker, then follows it up with a Splash and a dropkick. Yugi gains some momentum; however, Joey quickly regains his momentum and dropkicks Yugi again. He goes for a cover, but Yugi kicks out with ease. Yugi hits a Flying Elbow onto Joey, but Joey kicks out at only a one-count. Yugi then punches Joey and takes the action outside the ring, connecting on a Moonsault off the apron. He also lands an Enziguri. Yugi tries again for the cover, but Joey kicks out at one. Joey then counters Yugi. He also lands a Flying DDT from the top rope. He then connects on a Swordsman of Landstar. Joey goes for the cover but Yugi kicks out at two and 7/8s. Yugi calls upon the Heart of the Cards because he unleashes a devastating offense that culminates in a near fall followed by another Flying Elbow. That seals the deal for the King of Games.

Solid back-and-forth match to kick things off this episode. I think Joey could have won after hitting the Red Eyes Black Dragon. I think the premature taunting is what sealed his fate.

Master Chief vs. Jack-6
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Master Chief has an early offense over Jack-6. Master Chief locks in a submission, but Jack-6 breaks out of it. Jack-6 has none of it and unleashes an emphatic Powerbomb. The big man then punches the Spartan off the ring and takes the action outside. Master Chief regains some momentum, including a DDT on the ground. Jack-6 puts Master Chief into the Tree of Woe.

Master Chief responds by wrenching on the neck of his opponent. Master Chief gets the first cover of the match, but it is only a one-count. Jack-6 unleashes a flurry of devastating punches across Master Chief’s face. He then takes the Spartan on a ride. Master Chief isn’t done though, he manages to get another cover. This time, it is a near-fall. Master Chief connects on a Pedigree. But again, the ensuing cover is just a near-fall. Jack-6 responds by chucking Master Chief into the turnbuckle. He surprisingly kicks out of the following pin attempt.

Jack-6 goes for another cover, but Master Chief kicks out immediately. Master Chief regains momentum, but Jack-6 breaks out of a pin attempt with mere fractions of a second left. He lands another Pedigree, but it still isn’t enough to put his opponent away. He also locks in an Armbar and DDT. Again, Jack-6 lands clubbing blows against Master Chief and follows it up with a series of Suplexes. That seals the deal.

Phenomenal match! Both competitors showed their grit and determination. In the end, the size and strength of Jack-6 proved too much for Master Chief. I have to give some props to Bojack for creating this match. It was a lot better than many of us expected!

Ash Ketchum vs. Kylo Ren
(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)


Ash gets things started with a slam. Kylo Ren reciprocates with a Suplex. Kylo Ren continues his offense. Ash drops the knees onto Ren from the middle rope. Kylo then locks in a Figure-Four Leglock. Ash gains momentum but overshoots Kylo on the outside of the ring. The Sith Lord misses a dropkick from the top rope. Ash capitalizes and goes for the cover, but his opponent kicks out at two. Ash then locks in a headlock, but Kylo fights out of it. Ren hits a Sunset Flip and holds it for a pin, but Ash reverses it at two. Kylo reverses it, then Ash reverses it again. Kylo reverses it yet again, but this time Ash kicks out at two. Kylo rolls up Ash as he taunts, but the Pokemon trainer grabs the rope to break it. Kylo connects on a powerful kick, but again Ash is able to break the cover by a rope break. Kylo lands a splash from the top rope. He bridges a Suplex into a pin, but Ash kicks out with milliseconds left. Ash connects on a Superkick, followed by another Figure-Four Leglock. That seals the deal.


I was really disappointed with this match. I’m not sure why Kylo Ren was given a sliver of a title opportunity, let alone a pipedream for the TMN Green Title. To my surprise, he looked strong in this match. Ash; however, did not. The best thing in this match, besides Ash’s botch, was Darth Malak smacking Ash upside the head with the Atom Weight Belt. That alone gave this match a quarter of a star.

[D.Va and Android 18] vs. [Hawkgirl (C) and Black Widow]


Android 18 and Hawkgirl lead off their respective tag teams. Things start evenly matched with both wrestlers getting in some solid moves. After landing a suplex, Hawkgirl tags in Black Widow. Android 18 also tags in D. Va. Black Widow hits a devastating Springboard Elbow. D. Va retaliates with a Bulldog. Black Widow goes for a cover, but D. Va kicks out at two. D. Va hot tags 18 back in. 18 goes for a pin, but it is only a near fall. After a furious offense, Widow goes for a cover but 18 is able to kick out.

Natasha Romanoff tags Hawkgirl back in. 18 hot tags D. Va in after taking a Hurricanranna from the middle rope. D. Va goes for the cover, but Hawkgirl kicks out easily. D. Va goes for another pin, but again the champ kicks out easily. Hawkgirl bridges a suplex into a cover, but D. Va kicks out at two. D. Va lands a DDT, but Black Widow breaks up the following cover. Hawkgirl lands a Gorybomb onto D. Va and then follows it up with a Texas Cloverleaf. D. Va manages to survive that onslaught. She tags in 18. Hawkgirl tags Widow back in. Widow reverses a suplex into a roll-up cover, but 18 kicks out at two. 18 counters mere seconds later with a neat looking pin of her own. 18 lands a Twist of Fate, but Hawkgirl breaks up the cover. 18 lands another Twist of Fate, but Widow manages to kick out with milliseconds left.

Black Widow manages to hot tag Hawkgirl back in. Hawkgirl then takes 18 for a ride. D. Va breaks up the ensuing cover. Hawkgirl forces the fight to the outside, where her and D. Va go at it while 18 recovers. They then team up for a Double DDT on Hawkgirl. 18 bridges another suplex into a cover. The cover is unsuccessful, so she runs over and spears Natasha into Avengers 4. She lands a Twist of Fate onto Hawkgirl. Again, 18 can’t seal the deal! Hawkgirl hits a devastating Powerbomb, but 18 manages to kick out of the following cover. Hawkgirl uses a dirty pin to end the match, but 18 kicks out yet again. 18 tags in D. Va, who immediately goes for a dirty pin, too. It is unsuccessful.

D. Va lands an Electric Chair and holds it for the cover, but it is only a near fall. D. Va lands a DDT, but it still isn’t enough to put the champ away. 18 gets tagged back in. 18 lands yet another Twist of Fate. That finally seals the deal for former Supernova Champion.

There were some really good spots in this match, but I felt it just dragged on too long. Each wrestler looked really strong, but their finishers looked like jokes. I think this is Natasha Romanoff’s first match in 2k18, and she looked pretty good in it.

Cell vs. Captain Falcon
(Solar Flare Title #1 Contender Match)


Cell starts things off with a devastating German Suplex. Cell goes for a cover within the first two minutes of the match. Falcon easily kicks out at one. Cell continues his onslaught as Falcon looks helpless. Cell goes for another cover, but again, Falcon kicks out at one. Falcon manages to score a cover, but it is just a one count. Cell pummels the side of Falcon’s head, unleashing clubbing blows. Cell lands the Kamehameha, but it is not enough to put Falcon away. Cell goes for another cover, but Falcon kicks out with no time left to spare. Captain Falcon manages some offense, which results in a pin attempt. It is just a near fall. Both wrestlers manage to try to pin his opponent, but they are both unsuccessful attempts.

Falcon lands a series of dropkicks. He goes for the cover, but Cell kicks out. Cell goes for another Kamehameha, but Falcon blocks it! Falcon goes for another cover, but it was this close to scoring him the win. Falcon locks in a Choke-Hold, but Cell manages to outlast it. Cell rolls outside, where Falcon lands a Reverse DDT. Cell covers Falcon after landing a Snake Eyes, but Falcon fights out of it. Cell lands another Kamehameha, but he does not go for the cover. Cell connects on a Flying Shoulder Block. And he hits another Kamehameha. This one puts Falcon away.


This was a solid match to end the episode on. Both wrestlers fought their heart out, but in the end, the Perfect Being won. Falcon had many chances to put Cell away, but in the end, he couldn’t conquer the towering android. I think Cell could give Zamasu a run for his money.


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