TMN Green, [Ep #92] – Show Review

Green 92 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Skeeter Valentine vs. Ash Ketchum (Patreon match)


Skeeter kicks the episode off with a Fisherman’s Carry into a Facebuster onto the 10-year-old Pokémon trainer. Ash immediately retaliates with a flurry of punches onto Skeeter. Ash climbs up to the top rope and lands an impressive Moonsault. Skeeter counters with a Dragonscrew, and shortly thereafter goes for the pin attempt. Ash kicks out before a one count. Ash then goes for pin after mounting some offense. Skeeter kicks out at one. Ash again climbs to the top rope, but this time he lands an elbow drop across Skeeter’s gut. Ash goes for a powerbomb, but Skeeter counters it into a DDT. Skeeter lands another DDT and goes for the cover. Ash kicks out at two. Skeeter sets up the Patty Mayonaise! He goes for the cover, but again it is only a near-fall. Ash regains momentum. He locks in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, which forces an exhausted Skeeter to tap out!


Donny picked a solid match to start out the show! I think Skeeter’s patented Patty Mayonaise didn’t look weak, although this non-canon match did not help Skeeter’s cause any.



Static Shock vs. Kakashi Hatake
(Static Shock’s Main Roster Debut)


Static Shock kicks things off with a furious offense. Static Shock reverses a Powerbomb into a roll-up pin. Kakashi kicks out at one. Static lands a Standing Moonsault and then spears Kakashi outside the ring. Kakashi gains momentum outside the ring, but once the fighting returns to the squared-circle, Static takes control. Static lands the Static Splash, but Kakashi is able to kick out at two for the ensuing cover. Static lands a Powerbomb from the top rope, followed by a Moonsault, and Rolling Thunder. He also connects on an unknown Pedigree-type Facebuster. Static wins it with another Static Shock.


Static looked amazing in his debut. He took bumps and sold Kakashi’s moves, while still coming off like a beastly high-flier. Maybe an Atom-Weight Title shot is coming?


Voldemort vs. Captain Falcon vs. Spawn


Voldemort lands a Crucifix onto Falcon, then turns his attention to Spawn. Falcon then gains some momentum; forcing Voldemort to roll outside. Spawn, then takes out both competitors. Spawn throws Voldemort into the turnbuckle. Spawn counters a Suplex attempt by Falcon. Falcon and Voldemort then double-team Spawn. They then attack each other. Spawn sets up a Piledriver from the middle rope, but Falcon counters it. Voldemort forces Spawn outside. Falcon then goes after Voldemort’s shoulders. Falcon lands a Flying Crossbody, which hits both opponents. However, Falcon takes the most damage from it. Spawn goes for a cover on Voldemort, but it was only a near-fall. Spawn connects on a Tombstone Piledriver and goes for the pin, but Falcon is there to break it up. Falcon forces Spawn outside.

Falcon then goes for a cover on Voldemort, but again it was only a near-fall. Voldemort goes for a cover on Spawn. It was just a one count. Voldemort then lands the Deathly Hollows on Spawn. He goes for the cover, but Falcon is there to break it up immediately. Falcon takes advantage of a downed Spawn by going for another cover. Spawn kicks out easily. Spawn lands a Sidewalk Slam onto Falcon. Voldemort lands a Flying Elbow onto a downed Falcon outside the ring. Falcon then unleashes a furious offense onto Spawn. Spawn kicks out of a pin attempt. Voldemort connects on a Brainbuster onto Falcon. Falcon kicks out of the cover with mere milliseconds left.

Voldemort then destroys Spawn. Falcon capitalizes on a taunting Voldemort by hitting a Falcon Arrow. Voldemort kicks out at two and a half. Voldemort locks in a submission on Spawn. Spawn punches out of it. Falcon takes out both wrestlers again. Falcon goes for a cover on Voldemort, but again he kicks and out not a hair too soon. Falcon lands a Falcon Arrow on Spawn, then goes for a submission move. Spawn kicks out of it. Falcon wins it by covering Spawn.


This match had some great one-on-one spots mixed in with some good three-way action. Like Andy said, Falcon no-sold Voldemort’s Flying Elbow. Other than that, it was a great triple threat-match.

Cell vs. Ash Ketchum vs. Kazuya


Cell starts by kicking Ash in the gut, but Ash gains momentum and attacks both wrestlers. Kazuya lands a Double-Underhook Top Rope Suplex on Ash. Both wrestlers land on a downed Cell. Cell forces Kazuya to take a breather outside the ring. Cell then tosses Ash outside. Kazuya unleashes onto Cell. Ash then re-enters the fray. He connects on a Flying Crossbody. Ash then lands a DDT onto Cell. Kazuya clotheslines Ash over the top rope. The fighting moves outside the ring. Cell grabs a bat but tosses it in the center of the ring. Ash taunts on the middle rope while Kazuya watches. Cell forces Ash outside. Kazuya goes for two covers on Cell. Cell could not seal the deal. Ash goes for a cover on Cell, but the Android kicks out at two. Ash tunes up the Sweet Chin Music. Cell kicks out with a fraction of a second left. Ash counters Kazuya into a DDT. Again, the ensuing cover is just a near-fall. Another cover on Kazuya is only a one count. Cell sets up a Solar Kamehama on Kazuya. This wins it for him!

I think the first triple-threat match was better-paced than this one. I really got into the story-telling in that match. For this one, there were spots where it seemed to drag on. The fighting near the steps was good.


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